Combining the aura of Stonekeep with the critical thinking of Zork and the magic of Strife, Dark Realms is sure to please any die hard Hexen fans with a sweet spot for puzzles and quests in a role playing environment. Set in a post-apocalyptic world of devastation and scorched earth, you are, to your knowledge, the last human alive on this planet. Your mission, at first, is simple: avenge your species and obliterate the evil dudes! But, as you quickly learn, the MOD becomes far more involved and complex as you journey deeper into the heart of Dark Realms. This is no dungeon hack - it's a flat out revolution in the long obsolete Doom engine!

Curently, DR has 16 levels, divided into 3 hubs. It also has 3 different endings, depending on how you choose to play. Gameplay in this mod is open-ended and non-linear.

The end product will have 4 hubs. If possible, the 3 classes will be merged into one, who will bear all their weapons and then some (ideally as many as 40!). As the game progresses he would improve his four basic stats (Speed, Armour, Magic, Strength - after all, why complicate a simple and logical system? ;) But, by far the most ambitious dream of this project ... is to create an enormous battle scene of 1000's of enemies - half of them fighting against you, the other half your courageous army. This will require a lot of skill (both on your and my part), and sadly demands the kind of programming skills I currently lack. But it's that passion, that flickering flame that powers my engine, to continue to the best of my abilities.

However, that's not to say the current release of Dark Realms is lacklustre: there's plenty to find in this 10 meg blockbuster! 16 exciting levels; numerous alliances to make (or break); hard puzzles to solve that will surely change the way you think about how ACS can be run (without running to the aid of a source port for extra special effects); and a chilling epic music score written by yours truly. I guarantee it will put an angry smile on your face every time you fail to solve a puzzle, thus making it impossible to win, when you get the message, "FOOL! Your quest must be aborted" ;)

So, without further ado, I will stop talking and give my project the floor. Dark Realms: Critical Thinking In The Hexen World!

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Ten years ago, after having released version 3.0 of my Hexen mod, I quietly shelved it for a variety of reasons. Now I have decided to revive this old project and complete it once and for all. Hexen remains one of my all-time favourite games, and the fact that, 20+ years after its release, a sizeable community is still modding with it, testifies to its status as a classic. In fact, seeing all these new Hexen mods coming out definitely inspired me to return to modding.

Today's release, version 3.1, sees substantially improved map design, more direct and mature dialogue, and some major bug fixes. One of the maps has been entirely redone from scratch, making it much more exciting. Many other maps have been expanded.

Fans can absolutely expect further releases in the future. I can cautiously predict a version 3.2 towards the end of this year, which will feature more advanced coding that takes advantage of ZDoom's capabilities. Following that, a version 4.0 would include, at long last, the fourth hub which will wrap up the project. Fans can expect that around mid-2018, but hey, maybe you will get lucky and see it sooner.

From now on, all future releases of Dark Realms will also include a bonus mini-mod: The Elven Gathering, the official prequel. Today's release thus includes version 1.1 of TEG, its first update in almost 11 years. This mod was feared to be lost forever, but miraculously I was able to recover it. Aside from some minor texture and dialogue tweaks, it remains nearly identical to the previous 2006 edition. The next edition will be much bigger.

Take care everyone!

31 August 2007: There will be a 3.1 before a 4th hub


While playing the third hub again, I encountered a critical crash and so am compelled to investigate it to ensure the stability of the existing maps...

20 June 2007: Fourth Hub is in progress!


As promised, Dark Realms will contain four hubs, three of which are complete, and the last of which is now under construction. Of course plans may change...

10 May 2007: At long last, DRv3.0 is released!


Ah, the sweet smell of glory. The Third Hub is finally done, and I am very pleased to share it with you all. As promised, you will find all of the "teasers&quot...

1 May 2007: Trailer up and running!


I just finished mastering the promotional trailer for the next release, and it's now available on YouTube! To watch the trailer, click this link...

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DARK REALMS v3.1 (latest release)

DARK REALMS v3.1 (latest release)

Full Version 8 comments

Latest version of Dark Realms (v3.1), following a 10-year silence since the previous release. Dark Realms has risen from oblivion! This release contains...

DRv3.0 Walkthrough

DRv3.0 Walkthrough


Stuck? Well, hopefully this walkthrough will be of some use. Based on the UHS format, it presents hints one by one, at the pace of the user. And because...

DARK REALMS v3.0 (previous release)

DARK REALMS v3.0 (previous release)

Full Version 2 comments

This release features the long-awaited new hub (the project's third), with 6 new levels, and many new puzzles and twists in the storyline. And, to revolutionize...

Dark Realms v2.3 (previous release)

Dark Realms v2.3 (previous release)

Full Version

This release boasts the complete revolution of the Eaute's Hideout level, with a glorious new design that event allowed the birth of some new puzzles...


Hi! Hey guys how can I set the mod's wad file to work with gzdoom?? I put this DRv3-0.wad into the folder of gzdoom but it doesn't recognize it. Furthermore I use ZDL3.1a for multiplayer and I want to set this mod or other mods for it too.

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Try ZdoomGL
it works great with Doom, Doom II, Hexen, and Heretic!
You can play all 4 games with high resolution, mouse-look and ingame menu for options and controls. Very cool!

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Really great wad. The thing I like most is the mood it creates similar to one in Max Payne (your girl, parents, siblings and all your friends are dead and you are going to avenge them). At least it looks so on first two maps (hadn't got further yet).
I don't know if it's my inattention or bug in the script but I killed that cleric and "declared" victory, but there is no portal in the newly opened room with two death knights. Maybe I should do something else to make it appear?

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can you do anything about the rocks knocking me off the invisible bridges on the oscarian city map?

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man, i have a problem in the underground.

ihave to put the two planets to activate teh portal.I place one on the right and then another apears but i cant put that on the left thing.

pd:nice mod, exellent storyline.

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Angelic_Anchovies Creator

Hey guys, it's great that people are actually downloading this project! Hopefully you're playing it!!! XD

But, I must make a kind request: PLEASE report ANY suspicious behaviour that you experience in the maps. Chances are it may be an urgent bug that hinders proper progress to your victory. And trust me, everybody hates those.

Also, I've got a few new polls up on the Freewebs site. All input is appreciated and respeced.


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I bet you can use dosbox to play hexen.
its free off the internet and it will play almost any dos game.

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Hi. I've seen you're about to release the second hib of Dark Realms mod and I admit that news blew me away! Your mod sure is the most innovative i've ever seen for this kind of game and it'd be a true pleasure for me to betatest it for you. My e-mail is Thanks.

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Darn, it has to run on the old DOS format, huh? I only play Hexen and mods with Doomsday. I can't stand the dos pixels anymore. Oh well.
Good to see another mod for Hexen.

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