Combining the aura of Stonekeep with the critical thinking of Zork and the magic of Strife, Dark Realms is sure to please any die hard Hexen fans with a sweet spot for puzzles and quests in a role playing environment. Set in a post-apocalyptic world of devastation and scorched earth, you are, to your knowledge, the last human alive on this planet. Your mission, at first, is simple: avenge your species and obliterate the evil dudes! But, as you quickly learn, the MOD becomes far more involved and complex as you journey deeper into the heart of Dark Realms. This is no dungeon hack - it's a flat out revolution in the long obsolete Doom engine! Curently, DR has 16 levels, divided into 3 hubs. It also has 3 different endings, depending on how you choose to play. Gameplay in this mod is open-ended and non-linear. The end product will have 4 hubs. If possible, the 3 classes will be merged into one, who will bear all their weapons and then some (ideally as many as 40!). As the game...

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This release features the long-awaited new hub (the project's third), with 6 new levels, and many new puzzles and twists in the storyline. And, to revolutionize Hexen even further, this new hub has 3 different endings, meaning there are 3 different paths you can choose to play - and ultimately beat. But this release can effectively be called a beta, as there are no doubt many undiscovered bugs. Now, for those of you who have played the first 2 levels before in previous releases, to save yourself the repetition of going through them again, I have included a hidden corridor in the first level which, when found, will warp you straight to the third hub with all the items you would have gotten had you played the first two hubs throughout. More info in the included readme file. You do not require a source port (Vavoom, JHexen, etc.) to run this mod. In fact, it is recommended that you do NOT use a source port, and instead run it in a true DOS environment, emulators; DOSBox are satisfactory.

DARK REALMS v3.0 (previous release)

Dude, this mod rocks! took me forever to figure out some of the early levels, which were not only designed with obvious skill, but also the puzzles seem to be subtly integrated with the maps themselves. Great job, can't wait to see the 4th hub! A bit of advice, on the Oscarian map, the invisible bridges seem to be blocked by the rocks underneath, can you fix that?

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So wait how do you run the mod if you're not supposed to use the likes of Zdoom etc.?

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