A realism and expansion mod for Blitzkrieg. Basically, BK done right. 4 Campaigns (Commonwealth, United States, Germany and Soviet Union) consisting of 14 to 20 chapters per campaign. Covers the entire war from 1939 to 1945 including Norway, the Winter War and eventually Khalkin-Gol, the Philippines, Wake Island etc. Also features some "what-if" elements, such a the M26A1E2 Super Pershing, YP-80 Shooting Star and Focke-Wulf Ta183. As for the realism element, the entire gameplay system has been overhauled with new, calculated values for 'damage', armour penetration and range. Vastly expanded and reconfigured infantry squads (now composed of realistic numbers, weapons and ranks) and to round it all off, new higher quality textures, sounds and effects.

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Progress Update


So, what's new?

Well, I've started adding (in a small way) some Far Eastern maps. Rather than supply a very comprehensive selection of units and then build my maps around them, as I have with the European/Africa Theatre, for the Far East I decided to focus on what maps I would require, and then add the units those maps require. This does unfortunately limit unit availability for map makers in the future, but for now it keeps filesize reasonable.

With that in mind, here is a summary of the campaign structure and how far I am towards completing those campaigns. A small note; Blitzkrieg has 4 seasons by default. Summer, Winter, Spring and Africa. When I mention "Tropics" I am using the summer season with tropical objects. For those not familiar with Blitzkrieg, the Spring seasons is used to represent both the spring thaw on the Eastern Front and late Autumn time in other theatres. I have also used autumnal trees on a summer map to represent early Autumn (for example, Arracourt and Market Garden)

Commonwealth Campaign - 100% Completed

Norway 1940: First Blood Winter April 1940
France 1940: The Dyle Plan Summer May 1940
Western Desert 1940: Operation Compass Africa December 1940
Libya 1941: Operation Crusader Africa November 1941
Malaya 1942: The Fall of Singapore Tropics February 1942
Egypt 1942: Operation Supercharge Africa October 1942
Tunisia 1943: Breaking the Mareth Line Africa March 1943
Burma 1943: Chindits and the Irrawaddy Tropics April 1943
Sicily 1943: Operation Husky Summer July 1943
Italy 1944: Operation Shingle Summer February 1944
New Guinea 1944: The Battle of Shaggy Ridge Tropics March 1944
Normandy 1944: Operation Overlord Summer June 1944
Normandy 1944: Operation Goodwood Summer July 1944
Pas-de-Calais 1944: Assault on Todt Battery Summer August 1944
Holland 1944: Operation Market Garden Spring\Summer* September 1944
Ruhr Valley 1945: The Final Drive Spring March 1945

* Chapter random missions are spring, whilst the chapter historical mission is (more correctly) summer. Short of redoing MANY patch maps, the random maps will have to remain as spring season maps.

United States Campaign - Complete except for Pacific Theatre Maps

Wake Island 1941: Sweat and Tears Tropics December 1941
The Phillippines 1942: Last Stand at Luzon Tropics January 1942
Solomon Islands 1942: The Grinder on Guadacanal Tropics August 1942
North Africa 1942: Operation Torch Africa November 1942
Tunisia 1943: The Battle of Kasserine Pass Africa February 1943
Sicily 1943: Operation Husky Summer July 1943
Gilbert Islands 1943: Attack at Tarawa Tropics November 1943
Italy 1944: Operation Shingle Summer February 1944
Normandy 1944: Operation Overlord Summer June 1944
Normandy 1944: The Battle of Cherbourg Summer June 1944
Normandy 1944: Operation Cobra Summer July 1944
Holland 1944: Operation Market Garden Summer September 1944
Lorraine 1944: Clash at Arracourt Summer September 1944
The Ardennes 1944: The Battle of the Bulge Winter December 1944
The Rhineland 1945: Drive to the Elbe Winter February 1945
Iwo Jima 1945: Slaughter in the Sand Tropics March 1945

German Campaign - Complete but requires a thorough playtest

Operation Fall Weiss: The Invasion of Poland Summer September 1939
Operation Weserubung: The Invasion of Norway Winter March 1940
Operation Fall Gelb: The Invasion of France Summer May 1940
Operation Fall Rott: The Push for Paris Summer June 1940
Operation Sonnenblume: Das Afrikakorps Africa February 1941
Operation Merkur: The Invasion of Crete Summer May 1941
Operation Barbarossa: The Invasion of the Soviet Union Summer June 1941
Operation Typhoon: The Battle of Moscow Summer September 1941
Operation Sonnenblume: The Battle of Gazala Africa May 1942
Operation Trappenjadg: Army Group South in the Crimea Summer June 1942
Operation Frederikus: Kharkov 1942 Summer July 1942
Operation Fall Blau : Stalingrad 1942 Summer August 1942
Operation Morgenluft: Tunisia 1943 Africa January 1943
The Donets Campaign: Kharkov 1943 Spring March 1943
Operation Zitadelle: The Battle of Kursk Summer July 1943
The Gustav Line: The Defence of Italy Summer November 1943
The Korsun–Shevchenkovsky Offensive: The Korsun Pocket Winter January 1944
Normandy: Stemming the Tide Summer July 1944
Operation Wacht am Rhein: The Ardennes Offensive Winter December 1944
Operation Sonnenwende: The last gasp of the Reich Spring February 1945

Soviet Campaign - 40% done (up to Korsun). I have not yet decided on the maps and therefore season of some chapters (hence Spring/Winter depending on what I can find)

The Battle of Khalkhin Gol, August 1939 Summer
The Battle of Summa, February 1940 Winter
The Battle of Smolensk, August 1941 Summer
The Siege of Leningrad, September 1941 Summer
The Defence of Moscow, December 1941 Winter
The Rzhev-Vyazma Strategic Offensive Operation, February 1942 Spring
The Battle of Voronezh, June 1942 Summer
The Battle of Stalingrad, January 1943 Winter
The Battle of Kursk, July 1943 Summer
The Orel Salient Counteroffensive, August 1943 Summer
The Korsun-Shevchenkovskoye Strategic Offensive Operation, January 1944 Winter
The Crimean Offensive, May 1944 Summer
The Belorussian Strategic Offensive Operation Spring
The Jassy-Kishinev Strategic Offensive Operation, August 1944 Spring
The Budapest Offensive, October 1944 Spring/Winter
The Vistula-Oder Offensive, January 1945 Spring/Winter
The East Prussian Offensive, February 1945 Spring/Winter
The Battle of Berlin, April 1945 Summer
The Prague Offensive, May 1945 Summer
The Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation, August 1945 Summer

Obviously for the Pacific Maps above I have added the Imperial Japanese Army. The Commonwealth and Soviet Campaigns will see most action against them, with the United States Campaign seeing the involvement of the Imperial Japanese Navy instead (since their Marines and such were the primary combatants in the Pacific, the IJA being stationed in mainland Asia and the South Pacific for the most part, naturally there is some overlap)

I shall add some new images to the galleries to reflect these additions and changes made to existing units.

Until next time!

Squire James

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That would be an awesome mod, hope it will be released!

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SquireJames Creator

Certainly hasn't died. There just wasn't a great deal of interest here so I never posted. It's in an internal beta stage at the moment and has been sent out to a few trusted testers

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Please release... I'm dying to have this one!!!

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SquireJames Creator

Oddly enough I've been working on this again recently. I have a few places to go today, but I'll upload some screenshots and further updates later :)

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I actually think SquireJames is still working on it on Blitzsrbija, but the last update there was a few months ago, but he is still active. -Last Guest.

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Nice mod...but why thats die?

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