Hear me, hear me!

This weekend a new PVP server will open!
Bring your friends, form a guild and rule the server!



- Connect by using the 8.6 tibia client (either download from internet and use an IP changer, or download our client from the download page here at MODDB.)

- IP: www.coldwinter.se

- Login without filling account and password
- Create you character with the account manager.

-The server will open at friay the 11th of october, at 6:00 PM (18:00) CEST (GMT +2)

-Coldwinter is an 8.6 Open tibia server, but revamped with older features to get the feeling and the fun of oldschool PVP. We have still kept some of the good features introduced in later versions.
Some of the changed features are the following:

  • No binding potions and runes to hotkeys.
  • Old spells, with magic level requirements. (poison storm, undead legion, exura for knights and so on)
  • Stacking potions and runes.
  • No redskull/blackskull. Only whiteskull!
  • Full Real Map. (Everything is scripted and handmade by us, except for the tracked map. This is no map/server that's just been snatched from the internet)

Some additional features are:

  • Boats in minor villages like Greenshore, Northport, Outlaw camp, Fibula and so on.
  • Loads of new quests and questlines to keep tibia-veterans busy.
  • Low experience rate. This is because tibia was not designed for level 500+ characters back in the days.
  • Very few immersion-breaking features. Tibia was all about RPG in the old days, and we want to keep it that way.
  • Training dummies (see: Screenshots)
  • All houses are buyable.
  • Mini world-changes and huge events (both custom and some familiar) almost every day.

If you have never played tibia before, there are good tutorials in the begining of the game, so don't be afraid even if you've never tried it before!

There are a lot of features and areas that will be introduced later, like Darama (WIP) and a website (www.coldwinter.se) to keep track of your account and deathlists/frags and such (also WIP).


I.imgur.com <---- Training dummies


Just to list it:
Realtibia quests currently in game:
Spike Sword Quest
Black Knight Quest
Fanfare Quest
Noble Armor Quest
Purple Tome Quest
Crystal Wand Quest
Draconia Quest
Longsword Quest
Iron Ore Quest
To Outfox a Fox Quest
Crusader Helmet Quest
Elvenbane Quest
Power Ring Quest
Griffin Shield Quest
Silver Brooch Quest
Blood Herb Quest
Isle of the Mists Quest
Panpipe Quest
Circle Room Quest
Iron Hammer Quest
Steel Helmet Quest
Small Ruby Quest
Geomancer Quest
Scale Armor Quest
Voodoo Doll Quest
Explorer Brooch Quest
Orc Fortress Quest
Giant Smithhammer Quest
Iron Helmet Quest
Power Bolts Quest
Ornamented Shield Quest
Dragon Tower Quest
Minotaur Leather Quest
Life Ring Quest
Kingdom of Kormarak Quest
Ghoul Room Quest
Six Rubies Quest
Throwing Star Quest
Naginata Quest
Battle Axe Quest
Dead Archer Quest
Thais Silver Amulet Quest
Into The Bone Pit Quest
Triangle Tower Quest
Skull of Ratha Quest
Orc Shaman Quest
Time Ring Quest
Obsidian Knife Quest
The Sweaty Cyclops Quest
To Blind the Enemy Quest
The Ultimate Booze Quest
Sam's Old Backpack Quest
Devil Helmet Quest
Mad Mage Room Quest
Thais Lighthouse Quest
Mintwallin Cyclops Quest
Alawar's Vault Quest
The Outlaw Camp Quest
The Paradox Tower Quest
The White Raven Monastery Quest
Emperor's Cookies Quest
The Queen of the Banshees Quest
Deeper Fibula Quest
The Exterminator Quest
The Desert Dungeon Quest
Behemoth Quest
Fire Axe Quest
Edron Goblin Quest
Double Hero Quest
Demon Helmet Quest
The Annihilator Quest
Strong Potions Quest
Ring Quest
Parchment Room Quest
Vampire Shield Quest
Wedding Ring Quest
Adorned UH Rune Quest
Berserker Treasure Quest
Barbarian Axe Quest
Dark Armor Quest
Poison Daggers Quest
Shaman Treasure Quest
Troll Cave Quest
And a lot more custom quests, and small quests not worthy of listing ( chests and such)....

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Server opens today at 6:00pm CEST!

Join us by downloading the client and logging in without filling in any password or accountname.

Coldwinter is an oldschool Open-Tibia server designed to bring back the good PVP that Tibia had in the earlier days. If you've never tried Tibia before, there are good tutorials in the begining of the game. So don't be afraid!

If you're a veteran Tibia-player, You'll still enjoy our server as there are loads of new features that will encourage you to explore the game once more.

See you at 6:00pm TODAY!

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Coldwinter Client

Coldwinter Client

Full Version

Just extract the files to any directory and run Coldwinter.exe

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