Just like Kane's Vision, this mod aims to perfect the gameplay experience of Kane's Wrath. With countless new faction unique upgrades and units, this is a comprehensive overhaul of this already great game. Every change that was introduced in this mod was with quality gameplay in mind and do justice to the lore of the factions. Furthermoe, One Vision is keen on maintaining the game's high visual level and improve upon it wherever possible.

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This news has information about the current status of the mod and how long it will need to be released. Details regarding further development and upcoming changes are includedas well.

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Despite the lack of recent updates, the new version of One Vision is on the best way to hit its final phase. As of now, I'm reaching the point where I am satisfied with the amount of tweaking, bugfixes, balancing and new content.

I'm confident that 0.7 will provide a much smoother experience and features a noticeable difference to 0.6. Depending on how fast things work out, version 0.7 can be expected to be released at the end of May or the first week of June.
In terms of innovation, the upcoming version of One Vision will surpass all previous versions and is intended to serve as great setup for the version coming.

However, for the future, I plan doing smaller updates, focussing on a selected range of factions and improved balance. My ideal goal is to make every unit and upgrade a valid choice and as such my focus shifts now to revaluating existing content.
While I'm still eager to create new units, upgrades and special powers, I simply want to have a closer look at what has been done so far and improve them.

What I can tell already that a faction centred update is already planned as a follow up to 0.7, revolving mainly around Reaper-17. In its current form, Reaper-17 is a difficult faction with little reward and as such, a huge reconstruction for this faction is scheduled.
A Reaper-17 rework was originally intended to be part of 0.7 but it would delay the upcoming release by another two, three or even four weeks.

That being said, I want to announce that every interested person can join our beta tests to speed up progress of the mod. If you want to participate and have some influence on the mod, simply write me a personal message and if possible, tell me your Skype name.The mod is still in a flexible state and as such, constructive feedback is very valuable.

To compensate for the long wait, I will post some bits of information what you can expect from the new version. This is only a teaser and doesn't sum up all changes. Also, everything is still work in progress and might change.

Global changes:

  • Increased speed of all Surveyors/Emissaries/Explorers from 60 to 80
  • Adjusted all tank defensive structures, buffing GDI and Nod, slightly nerfed Scrin.

GDI Factions:

  • Slingshots can now be upgraded with Sensor Pods and all Slingshots have the Sonar Scan ability.
  • Zone Troopers, Zone Raiders and Echo Troopers cost less and have slightly more HP.
  • The Commandos can now spot for juggernauts (RRF)
  • Added the "Bulldog" machinegun Pitbull (RRF)
  • New Armor Upgrade for Surveyors and Rigs (ZOCOM)
  • Sonic Grenadiers (ZOCOM)

For Steel Talons, I suggest you have a look here

Nod Factions:

  • Militants move faster and reach their first veterancy faster
  • Combat Drugs Support Power to increase effectiveness for infantry temporarily (Renegades).
    Lasts for 20 seconds, affected units will die once the effect wears off.
  • Added the Dawnbringer Device, a nuclear bomb truck (Renegades)
  • (Hopefully) balanced Scorcher Buggies (Black Hand)
  • A reworked Aggressor Tank (Black Hand)
  • New Skin for all vehicles and aircraft (Marked of Kane)
  • The Avatar can be upgraded with one of three different segments (Marked of Kane)

Scrin Factions:

  • Void Energy Lances to improve Devourers and Tripods (Messenger-8)
  • Ionizing Hulls upgrade to make buildings benefit from ion storms (Messenger-8)
  • Balanced the Advanced Blink Packs (Traveler-59)
  • Tiberium Agglutinogen slowly heals vehicles and makes them slightly faster (Traveler-59)
  • Manhunters replace Seekers (Reaper-17)
  • Shard Packs Upgrade for Disintegrators, Shock Troopers and Manhunters (Reaper17)

And of course many other changes not listed here :)


Thank you for the update! Im really looking forward for that and of course the future versions of this mod. :) I like how you make the factions more unique that for example Zocom or Steel Talons aren´t just all GDI anymore. This is how Kane´s Wrath should be!

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Interesting update I look foreword to trying it out!

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What is the name of the 3 MoK Avatar upgrade choices? Did you use any of my options, cause I still think Myrmidon, Templar and Crusader would be awsome names for them. :D

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Zocker4ever Author

I took a lot of thought for giving the MoK Avatar the best names but decided to rename Avatar to Myrmidon, as you suggeted.
However, as it is a Greek Temple Guard I took a different direction and chose 3 ancient deities as upgrade names, which are: Anuket (Aegypt), Erebus (Greek) and Aurora (Roman).

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Nice men now is not real rts coming
so all mods like this are very welcome .....

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