Just like Kane's Vision, this mod aims to perfect the gameplay experience of Kane's Wrath. With countless new faction unique upgrades and units, this is a comprehensive overhaul of this already great game. Every change that was introduced in this mod was with quality gameplay in mind and do justice to the lore of the factions. Furthermoe, One Vision is keen on maintaining the game's high visual level and improve upon it wherever possible.

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KW NEEDS more mods like this.


MegaZ says

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Yes the 1st completed KW mod!!!I juz register for give you full support ^^

Nice Beta so far, if could modify the apearence of some units (like the aggressor looking like the stealth tank concept for Tiberium Wars wits its 6 heavy rockes instead of the pods) It would be a little nicer. Liking your work so far, hope you can get a modeller, I'll advertise on C&C Paradise group if you want.


good ****

A great mod that brings more refined faction diversity to the game while maintaining the Kanes Wrath atmosphere.

Great mod, great concept. Thoroughly enjoying myself with it and looking forward to it's future.


This mod makes every Faction and sub faction very Unique! And their texture are so beautiful and well designed!
Each faction is very well diverse from eachother and their special abilities
This mod is excellent please continue this amazing work you do! :D


M.P says

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Very nice mod. I'm enjoying it a lot. Unique mechanics, factions, gameplay, it's all i want.

I say good job to the developer(s). You are awesome.

Great for competitive play, tweaks a lot of stuff in fun ways. Pick it up if you can, you have nothing to lose.


Shi- says

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Mod basically does what is promised in summary and it's still only 0.75ver. The only downside in my opinion is Steel Talons basic infantry - mutants. For reapers it's lack of artillery and in traveler faction teleportation of tripods.

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KW NEEDS more mods like this.

Sep 28 2013 by SunShining