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Rusted Warfare

If you haven't heard of Rusted Warfare and would like to try it out, a link to the Steam URL will be linked below.

A long long Story...

So I was already familiar with the game Rusted Warfare and I had noticed this game had modding capabilities. So when I went to google to check for some good mods that might be available, I soon found out that there weren't that many! So Instead of looking for mods I decided to create my own and this is what I came up with. Now now... It's not completely done I'm still working out the kinks, but I am releasing a public beta to this community for players of Rusted Warfare to enjoy, and I do hope you enjoy it in its current state.


I'm going to try to make this as simple as possible, just follow the instructions carefully and you'll do fine:

Note: This is only for the latest version of Rusted Warfare and will not work on older versions!(1.14)


  1. Download the .zip
  2. Extract the .zip
  3. copy the 2 files (from where ever you have it downloaded) to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rusted Warfare\mods\units


Extract the zip first then do the below

Screenshot 20191014 194258 Ruste

Import the mod .rwmod files and tap reload then save

Don't forget to delete ANY previous version of the mod before installing!(Both android & PC)

Download Link:

What to be expected in future updates

  1. Aqua Droids
  2. More Clone Divisions
  3. More Droids
  4. Different Types of Wookies
  5. Space Alpha Update (new ships)
  6. Vehicle Factorys
  7. New Sprites for every unit ( might be a while )

Change log

Since the first upload...


  • Added the Frigates Back to Landing Pads
  • Lots of balance changes
  • Added Turrets to both sides
  • Removed a lot of limitations to units


  • Added all fighters back to landing pads
  • Added B3 Droid
  • Added Blaze Trooper
  • Added more elaborate descriptions of what every units stats
  • Fix some bugs


  • Removed the Arcs from the Republic landing pad
  • Removed the Vultures from the CIS landing pad
  • Put a limit on the Acclamator
  • Put a limit on the C-9979 dropship
  • Put a limit on CreditGenerators


  • Added All of the star wars clone wars heroes and villains back in the game as a separate extension that comes with the mod
  • Tweaked the heroes and villains to match the current state of the Main mod


  • Added the Coruscant Guard with the shield to the Republic Outpost
  • Tuned the AI even more to enhance gameplay
  • Added credit resource deposits to Geonosis as a means of alternate and faster income generation
  • Fixed some issues with stap speeders with the AI
  • Fixed the glitch with AI stacking buildings
  • Fixed the fact you could'nt build B2's as CIS


  • Added the juggernaut as the equivalent of the MTT
  • Added turrets to the MTT
  • Resized the MTT to scale
  • Fixed some issues with AI and creditgens
  • Added the Speeders so AI can actually use them
  • Added and tuned effects on Jedi and Sith
  • Added and tuned some stats for Jedi and Sith
  • Made it so force users shields only show on deflection
  • Made the max transports on the MTT to match the Juggernauts
  • Resized the C-9979
  • Made it so Jedi Masters can Ride BARC speeders
  • Made it so Sith Lords can Ride STAP Speeders


  • Added a LAATC
  • Added a separate faction for AI so that the can operate under certain conditions not associated with the player
  • Added the AT-RT to the Republic Outpost
  • Added the LAATC to the Republic Landing Pad
  • Removed all restrictions from the player and moved them to the AI faction
  • Made it so the AI now runs mostly off of infantry but it can still use alot of air units
  • Removed the Spider Droid Death image for bug fixing
  • Made it so the LAAT (not the LAATC) can only pick up Clones
  • Improved AI difficulty

DOF Hotfix

  • Made it so both type of speeders are built from engineers instead of the bases
  • Made the restrictions on units magically disappear
  • fixed some bugs and balanced some of the units that weren't originally balanced to begin with (2nd Airborne)
  • Fixed some music soundtrack issues
  • AI for the missions below only work best in single-player

Dual Of Fates

  • Added Coruscant Guard with Shields
  • Made Jedi not so overpowered
  • Made the Jedi fighters not so overpowered
  • Added Missions Such as Attack on Kamino and Battle of Geonosis to the map pack
  • Added music to the base mod


  • Removed the Venator from ground combat and moved it to Space Alpha
  • Removed the CIS Frigate from ground combat and moved it to Space Alpha
  • Removed the Dreadnought from ground combat and moved it to Space Alpha
  • Removed the Invisible Hand from ground combat and moved it to Space Alpha
  • Made the maps auto importable on android
  • Added the jedi temple back
  • Decreased cost of some units
  • Fixed the spider droid and At-te (again)
  • Made it so clones have armor
  • Made it so droids are better in numbers
  • Made it so that you can pick "StarWarsPicker" in the starting units menu
  • Tanks are now your best friend
  • Added the mods own currency so that it no longer runs off of base game credits
  • Added planets that you can garrison to earn income in Space Alpha
  • Added the AT-RT


  • Fixed a major issue in the progression update with the limits
  • Updated some of the code on the last update
  • Resized every single unit in the mod to scale
  • Added projectile images to some of the flying vehicles
  • Made it so 442nd and Rancor troopers can enter the republic barricade
  • Made it so the Heavy B1's can enter the CIS barricade
  • Changed the heights of the CIS Frigate and Republic Cruiser
  • Change the height of most flying vehicles
  • Removed Star Wars Heroes for resizing
  • Changed the Spider Droids sprite image
  • Added back turrets to the AT-TE
  • Made shield only appear when deflecting on the CIS Frigate, Republic Cruiser, Invisible Hand, and dreadnought
  • Changed some limits around from Progression


  • Replaced Ground turrets with barricades for both sides that only clones and droids can get in
  • Made some changes to the amount of units you can build for, just about everything
  • Made some changes to the anti air
  • Changed the credit gens income and price
  • Made some adjustments to some units


  • Added the auto import feature


  • Made even more improvements for the use of AI
  • AI can use the CIS Frigate and the Invisible Hand


  • Changed the size of the TX-130 to normal
  • Changed some of the old code to match the new game version (1.13.3)
  • Added Move and attack sounds to some units
  • Added Wookies
  • Added CIS Frigates to the B1 Engineers build menu as well as the Spider Droids, CIS Dropships, and the smaller CIS Frigates
  • Made it so AI can only have a max of 4 Spider Droids
  • Made it so AI can have a max of 5 HMP Gunships
  • Made it so AI can only have 1 CIS Frigate
  • Made it so AI can only have 4 smaller frigates
  • Made it so AI can only have 4 CIS Dropships
  • Vanilla builders are replaced with B1 Engineers, Scouts are replaced with Clone Engineers (so when playing against other players or AI its easier to choose a side)
  • Improved both sides Anti-Air range just above the Venator and CIS Frigates Range
  • Made adjustments to build speeds


  • Added the Hellfire tank to the CIS base
  • Added Aayla Secura
  • Added Shaak Ti
  • Added V wing
  • Resize improvements


  • Added the Hellfire Tank
  • Added saves for custom and vanilla maps
  • Tweaked some stats with units
  • Removed the sith Marauders unknown ability


  • Added Razor Squadron
  • Added Coruscant Balconies


This is mainly just a fix update for a lot of things like AI usage with the units.

  • Added new images for the Ground turrets


  • Added magna guards to CIS base
  • Added Dooku to the hero Factory
  • Made the MTT more heavily armored
  • Made all Flying units only shoot other Flying units except the ones that carry units, the Venator, the CIS Frigate
  • Added the Landing pads to the Engineers
  • Fixed some stats with units


  • Added Geonosis
  • Added CIS and Republic Landing pads (used to build all air units)
  • Changed B1 and Clone Engineers build time
  • Changed CIS and Republic bases textures


  • Added Flying B2's
  • Added the 2nd Airborne (dont judge me about it)
  • Added Kit Fisto
  • Added Ki-Audi-Mundi
  • Added Ploo Koon
  • Added Mace Windu
  • Added Jango Fett
  • Added Count Dooku
  • Changed Some stats around in heroes
  • Upgraded Super overpowered developer units
  • Added a new tank to the republic(TX-130) and replaced the old one


  • Added 5th Fleet with shotguns
  • Added B1 Shock with shotguns
  • Added Magna Guards
  • Added General Grievous
  • Added Soulless one
  • Added Yoda's Fighter
  • Added Boba Fett (which can fly, shoot wrist rockets, and his EE-3)
  • Made the MTT unable to shoot from its mid-section
  • Made the Dreadnoughts self regeneration rate lower
  • Made the Invisible hands self regeneration rate lower
  • Made the CIS frigate be able to heal units on board
  • Made the Republic Cruiser be able to heal units on board
  • Made B2 droids shoot wrist rockets
  • Made Clone and Droid commandos throw thermal detonators
  • Made the Ai only be able to spawn CIS troops and buildings (supposedly)
  • Changed the Hero factory image


  • Added the first ever, rusted warfare clone wars map to the mod
  • Added star wars heroes back with a couple new additions
  • Added General Greviouses Fighter (Cannot be built YET, can be spawned)
  • Added Yoda's Fighter (Cannot be built YET, can be spawned)
  • Added a Credit Generator to BOTH sides with 2 tiers
  • Added a B1 Repair Droid
  • Added a Clone Medic
  • Added Commander Neyo (leader of the 91st)
  • Added Commander Cody (leader of the 212th)
  • Added Captain Rex (leader of the 501st)
  • Added Anakin Skywalker
  • Added Yoda
  • Added Secret Super overpowered developer units... I've said too much
  • Fixed Some coloring on Obi-wan
  • Fixed the Y-wing and Hyena droids bombing issues
  • Removed Healing from the Clone/B1 Engineers
  • Adjusted Some build times
  • Fixed Some issues with the AT-TE and Spider droid


More stuff, yay!

  • Added the Dreadnought
  • Added the Invisible Hand
  • Fixed Turret Positioning on the invisible hand, republic cruiser, and the CIS frigate
  • Expect Star wars heroes next update...


So I have added and fixed alot so if I forget something feel free to notify me in the comments

  • Added Commandos to both sides'
  • Added wreck images to every vehicle
  • Added Jedi Star fighters which are obtained through a tier 3 enclave
  • Added Droid Tri Fighters
  • Added MTTs
  • Added V-19s
  • Added sounds to some but not all units
  • Made both speeders faster
  • Fixed the vultures image
  • Fixed Selection circles on most vehicles
  • Fixed some Sizing comparisons
  • Fixed the sniper droid and 91sts fog of war range
  • Touched up on the spider droid some more
  • Fixed up the acclamators image
  • Fixed turrets positioning on the C-9979, the HMP Droid Gunship, LA-AT, and the MTT
  • Removed Clone Wars Heroes for edits and revisions


  • I have resized the CIS Frigate and the Republic Cruiser's selection circle
  • Made the shields visible on both the CIS Frigate and the Republic Cruiser
  • Added Barricades to divert fire (effective against snipers)
  • Re-textured the CIS Factory, Jedi/Sith enclave, and the Republic base
  • Made the Spider Droid NOT utterly and completely useless (Now it actually does something)
  • Many bug fixes
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Posible Solucion: Crear un archivo de TEXTO VACIO llamado MOD-INFO asi tal cual

Este archivo lo crean EN LA CARPETA DEL MOD

Soluciona: no mod info at /storage/emulated/0/rusted warfare /units/star_wars_AI(1)/units/starwars/ mod might have beenextracted with an extra folder)


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LemonSqueezy Creator

Ha extraído el mod en otra carpeta, asegúrese de tener una carpeta en unidades con el archivo mod-info.txt dentro. ¡Espero que esto ayude!

debe ser

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