Reese Max was just a simple computer programmer off to visit his sister in the city of Motashe.

He had been putting off visiting her for a while, but only now decided to do so after her marriage some time ago, eager to see her again and to know her new husband better.

Of all the time to choose though, he had chosen the wrongest one, and are soon to be caught in the middle of a chemical war that threatens the city's existence, if not the whole world.

Remod is a HD mod for Chemical Existence that brings :

- HD models.
- Detail textures.
- HUD changes.
- Music changes.
- Sound changes.
- Text changes.
- Map entity changes.
- Map texture changes.

Remod already includes CE, so you don't need to need to install the older version, just install this one on your HL installation and you're good to go!

Ambient.Impact - Various models
Blackfire - Machine Gun skin
Blind5 - Uzi animations
Cliffton_Vlodhammer - Machine Gun/Tommy gun animations
Darkstorn - Sniper model/skin
Day of Defeat Team - Jeep
EMDG - Uzi skin
End Of Days - Rocket model
EvilMr.Lee - Sniper animations
GSC - Skeleton
GamingLord - Gib models
Ghoul [BB] - Bottle 3
Greg Boyington - Machine Gun skin
H4wk - Rocket skin
HoENE Team - Boss addons | Mutant | Wolf
Kimono - Machine Gun skin
Kitteh - Tommy gun
KylerAdams - Pistol
Liquidator - Cop skin
Lt.Kjilgore - Minigun
Malignant - Machine Gun model
NC Furious - Machine Gun skin
Napoleon - Detail texture
Nopsa - Spike edit
Norman The Loli Pirate - AgentF body | AgentM model | Player addons
Pete3D - Syringe
Poke646 Team - Dart gun
Red Slug - Dart shot
Resident Evil CB Team - Wood animations
Romka - Femme | HGrunt
SW Test Mod Team - Laser gun
Schmung - Uzi model
Snap - Machine Gun model
Sporkeh - Machine Gun model
Sven Coop Team - Bare arms
TS Team - Cop visor/radio/ear piece
Team Psykskallar - Cop nightstick | Black Sledgehammer | Bottle 2 | Glass cups
TehSnake - Assault Cannon | Grenade | Plasma Rifle
Thanez - Machine Gun/Sniper skin
The Wastes Team - Bottle 4
Trusty Crowbar - Engineer | Heli | Radsuit | Turret
Turtle Rock Studios - Punk | Spike base
Twinke Masta - Machine Gun model/skin
Water-Phoenix - Various skins
ZikShadow - Remod author
fat_al - Gib models
renard - Bhealth & Shealth bottles | Bottle 1
xVox-Bloodstonex - Cop reskin | Punk reskin

Extract the remod_ce folder that is inside the .7z into your Half-Life installation folder (Where hl.exe is located, NOT inside any of the other folder such as "valve" or "valve_hd").

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life".

There should now be a "remod_ce" folder inside you Half-Life installation folder along with any other mod/steam-related folders you may have inside.

Restart Steam, Chemical Existence | Remod should be inside the Games list.

If that doesn't work somehow, create a shortcut of hl.exe, open it's Properties, add " -game MODNAME" to the end of the target bar.

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\hl.exe -game remod_ce"

The mod also adds simple detail texturing, if not activated yet, type "r_detailtextures 1" and its counterpart into the console.

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Chemical Existence | Remod

Something that's been bugging my mind for quite some time, but only finished now.

Chemical Existence | Remod Screenshots

This mod was something alright, I remember finding the installation executable in a disk a long time ago when I was searching for Half-Life related stuff a while back, and found out that I can't get past the first couple of maps due to an error relating to a soldier.mdl missing (despite the fact that the .pak is not at all damaged in any way, weird, I know).

Later on, once I finally learned the basics of HL modding (and its paks), I finally managed to get it to run right the whole way, and boy what a journey it was for young me.

Chemical Existence | Remod Screenshots

There's a whole bunch of new stuff for this mod, making it pretty much a total conversion, almost nothing of HL was left in this unless you REALLY paid attention. Most of them works well, though others are quite the bugger.

They have this new endurance system (shown by a bar in the middle of your HUD) where you can't shoot/jump around/take drugs too much or suffer from some sort of shaken shock. An interesting mechanic, though its implementation might make things go a lil' iffy when you try to use weapons like the tommy gun or the plasma rifle.

The weapons themselves are pretty alright, most of the weapons here are useful in the start as they are useful in later parts, though finding ammunition for the more nicer weapons is quite the challenging task, heck, early enemies are set to not drop their weapons due to how powerful they are, gibbed enemies also have their weapons disintegrate with them, so be careful with those explosives and laser weapons!

Chemical Existence | Remod Screenshots

The level design itself is quite alright, I didn't get lost too much or found myself stuck in some areas. I only find myself getting unnerved by the smaller stuff when I did the Remod, noticing doors z-fighting into the walls, or doors not having sounds when opened, or that one door in ce02_01 that goes up above the building, that kind of stuff.

Combat's alright, nothing too overwhelming, I've played this thing on Hard multiple times and still managed to keep a high ammo and health count, so in terms of balancing stuff, the mod got it right in some areas.

There's a lot of scripted sequences in this mod, and they are made nicely, the whole intro cutscene lets you know what brought you to the chemical problem in Motashe, and there are bunch of cool stuff that happens later on, like the vehicle chase and the whole dream sequence.

Chemical Existence | Remod Screenshots

There are some things that does bother me though that not even I can fix, like how the black clothed girl with the dart gun that helps you just comes out of nowhere and doesn't explain herself, multiple times even! She just comes out of nowhere here and there to give you a ride to wherever it is you need to go to, and then just disappears afterwards. Even her death just comes out of nowhere as well!

A rather interesting nitpick I've seen from someone pointed out that the yellow water that you often see in this mod ranges from being toxic to not being toxic, an interesting way to avoid such a problem is by reducing the damage taken in specific areas using the radsuits while upping it in areas you really want the players to not go to.

And how about that too, the radsuit that you pick up at the beginning areas of the mod is never used again ever, a special slot in the weapons just for that radsuit to be only used once (never seen a weapon slot made so useless after a part in the game/mod since Half-Life 2's bugbait), I'm guessing that they were planning to add another area that utilizes the radsuit, but ran out of spark or something. They could've done something like AMC/Underhell where you travel through an area filled with enemies that you couldn't attack from the radiation until you turned the leak down/off, that would've been interesting.

Chemical Existence | Remod Screenshots

The ending was kinda random as well, you bombed the chemical plant where all the toxic stuff came from, and somehow Motashe and the WHOLE EARTH got blown up in the process as well.


And don't get me started on the flaws that came out when I tried remodding the thing, the amount of doors that went into walls and have no sounds started to grate at me the more I replay this mod, this was supposed to come out a week ago, that's how much the doors bother me.

Chemical Existence | Remod Screenshots

The dream sequence itself was also broken, having the trigger to open the door be a counter (between the faces, walk 3 times), then having the creature speak behind the walls (remember the 15-20 seconds of awkward staring between you and the monster, that was meant for the creature to speak his words).

There's also a severe problem with audio with this mod, for some reason, gunfires from NPCs other than the soldier/the cop/the boss just doesn't fire at all, making their weapons silenced while yours loud.

And how about that SEVERE lack of QC events for the NPCs, huh? Not having sounds when they die is quite the nuisance when you're relying on their bodydrop sounds to indicate their deaths, or movement sounds when they run.

Chemical Existence | Remod Screenshots

I could spend the rest of the article ranting about every little thing that I found bothering me, but my hands hurt now and I think this page has gone long enough.

Tried my best to fix them, but I'm not the original devs, so I couldn't do much.
Hope you enjoyed the remod.
Thanks for reading this rambling of mine.

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Chemical Existence | Remod

Chemical Existence | Remod

Full Version 1 comment

1.0 release of Chemical Existence | Remod. This Remod already includes the original files, so you don't have to install anything else. Enjoy!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 13)

Is it suppose to be THAT dark? I did not even know there was a broken ladder on the wall and took that movable crate all the back where I had started to jump over the fence, only to find a dead end. I tried to raise the brightness some, but it looks hard coded. Like seriously it is dark.

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Can you do a wanted remod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Sorry´╝îbut this work for STEAM Half-life?

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ZikShadow Creator

Yes, it can work for the Steam version. I'm not quite sure about WON or any other versions, you're gonna have to confirm that with someone who has them.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks for the efforts, but I STILL get the "soldier.mdl" msising error. Is there a cheat available in order to avoid this?

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ZikShadow Creator

That is odd. Considering unlike the original, the soldier.mdl model is actually properly placed in the models folder.

Are you sure that it's the Remod that you're playing? And if so, have you made sure that the download isn't corrupted or broken?

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Is this compatible with Xash3D?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It works. However, in ce05_02 when you break the window with the technicians inside they don't scream. Just a "No such sentence group SC_SCREAM" message pops up.

Judging by your comments, this is only a fault from the original creator, not yours or the Xash3D engine.

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Here is some gameplay from this mod, feel free to use the footage for whatever!

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nice. I just finished it. The original models were ugly as %#&# and a remod of this was the best idea. Could not play in WON due to crashes. I noticed that there was also a converted MP level added on. That's pretty cool too. Anyway I remember the original being criminally easy so I played on hard now and found soldiers could tank a half clip worth of bullets from their own rifles. Health was stingy at the beginning especially since its easy to get sprayed by the helicopter and all you had was a pistol. At some point you are fed full of drugs and health never becomes a problem anymore. So basically, the beginning was harder than the end. The boss was interesting too, if you get into a spraying contest with him using the machine gun you will loose. The machine gun and uzi were extremely weak, but their ammo was the most consistent. Like before, I never tried out any of the fancier weapons because I knew there was little ammo down the road for them. The sniper rifle was op anyway due to noscope perfect accuracy. Then at the final boss I found out why the punk girls never seemed to drop their thompsons. Because it was OP. I just sprayed the boss with it and he went down before the second clip was used up...

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