Years after the events of End War, a new sentient robotic race called the Central Independent Systems (C.I.S.) entered and invaded the Korprulu Sector to strip mine the system's resources. With the Protoss being defenseless and assimilated by these cybernetic war machines, the Terrans and the Zerg must react quickly to a new threat. Which side will prevail?

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CIS Origins and Units


A race of sentient robotic beings originating from a planet outside the Korprulu Sector called Vendixus. Vendixus is once an Earth-like planet, before being transformed into a space station. After the Central Independent Systems consumed much of the planet's resources, they conquered new planets for their survival, then they reached the Korprulu Sector at full force. The Protoss were defeated and Aiur was cyberformed, gaining the C.I.S. new powers. With the Terrans and Zerg the remaining powers of Korprulu, the C.I.S. must assimilate them and download their strengths in favor of these cybernetic beings.

Here are the units and their info for the Central Independent Systems.

Megacortex Units:
Probe - A worker class droid that can harvest resources and warp in structures.

Droid Factory Units:
Sentry Droid - Basic ranged attacker that is able to kite and attacks ground units. It's speed can be upgraded.
Spider Droid - Core unit that attacks both ground and air units. It's attack range can be upgraded. Requires Matrix Core.
Cruiser Droid - Support unit with a weak ground attack. Can use Missile Barrage, Hallucination and can combine with another Cruiser Droid to become the Tempest. Requires Future Institution.
Nightshade Droid - Permanently cloaked unit with a ranged ground attack. Can combine with another Nightshade to become the Phantom. Requires Future Institution.

Cybernetics Factory Units:
Trition - C.I.S. answer to the Terran Vulture that can attack ground units.
Anaconda - Dual role aircraft that can transport units and attack ground units. It's speed can be upgraded.
Oracle - Cloaked air unit that detects hidden units. It's speed and sight range can be upgraded. Requires Observatory.
Bastion - The ultimate war machine that plays the Reaver Role. It's scarabs can create wormholes that can tear armor and remove enemies from existence. It's scarab damage and it's capacity can be upgraded. Requires Warhead Depot.

Aeronautics Gate Units:
Mirage - Light interceptor that is effective against light air units. Can use Disruption Web to prevent ground units and structures from attacking.
Raptor - Primary attack fighter that can attack ground and air, but is very effective at quickly destroying large air units. It's speed and sight range can be upgraded.
Silencer - Aerial stealth harass unit that can attack ground units and burn air units with it's plasma flamethrower. Requires Future Institution.
Warden - Similar to the Protoss Carrier, but sacrifices much armor in favor of increasing it's interceptor's attack power. Requires Fleet Control Quarters.
Interloper - The C.I.S. own War Satellite that can use Recall and the Stasis Field stolen from the Arbiter. It can also attack units with it's Quantum Tesla Cannon and can cloak nearby the Interloper's allies. Requires Stratos Altar.

Other Units:
Tempest - Combined from two Cruiser Droids, their weapons were sacrificed to create a powerful weapon that can lay waste to it's enemies from afar.
Phantom - Combined from two Nightshade Droids, the Phantom has new upgrades without sacrificing much. It gained the ability to attack air units and use Dark Archon abilities downloaded from the Protoss Archives.

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Central Independent Systems Conversion Release

Central Independent Systems Conversion Release

Full Version 2 comments

The full version of the Central Independent Systems Convertion mod. Requires StarCraft Broodwar version 1.16.1 to play. Remastered is not supported. Please...

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