Developed by Blizzard following the sucessful WarCraft series, Starcraft is undoubtably one of the most innovative and popular RTS games to hit the market. Introducing for the first time three races all completly unique yet perfectly balanced, this made for some fantastic gameplay with zergling rushes, to siege tank massacres.

With starcraft having such a cult following there are bountiful mods available from simplistic character changes to new scenarios, and challenges to face. The fact that Starcraft has been game of the year sums up just how good this game is, so crank it up if you are not already playing it!

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It was originally intended to catch only a small bug, but I did update it largely because it gave me the source (neomail12543, jun3hong, Kysxd). I hope you have fun.

(Bug reporting, feedback is welcome)

Kysxd : GPTP Code support

neomail12543 : Baneling GRP, Oracle Grp, BroodLord GRP, Cocoon GRP, Graphics is just amazing.

Jun3hong : Oracle Portrait, BroodLord & Cocoon wireram

It is not possible to run in the remaster. You must either downgrade to 1.16.1 or install and run the Rib version. The 4.5.2 Zip file contains the 1.16.1 patch file

4.5.2 FIX Change Log (12/27)

Version 4.5 had some unstable problems. I have solved many problems through sufficient testing. And I adjusted the balance a bit. i recommend download it again.

1. Shield battery overlay crush has been fixed.
2. 'Pylon' Lo file crush has been resolved.
3. 'Oracle' bug has been fixed
4. 'Valkyrie Boomber Mod' Tooltip Crush has been fixed
5. 'Larva Spawn' time has been reduced.
6. Add 'Roach' production image ..
7. Added 'Robotic, Citadel' production animation.
8. 'Gateway' script crush has been fixed.
9. Some other balance adjustment.

Starcraft SOR 4.5 Patch Note

<1> System

1. The background screen of the map selection window has changed.
2. At the start of the mlee game, the map will be displayed like Starcraft 2.
3. Most ICONs remained natural.

ex) :


<2> Protoss

1. "Chrono Boost" will be automatically cast at mlee game first.
2. 'Gateway' has production animation.
3. The attack function is added to "Sanctum (Shield Battery)".

4. Some of the "Corruptort" and "Void Archon" technologies will be exchanged.
"Corruptor" can no longer use "Plague" and "Spawn infested Terran", you can use "Frenzy".

5. The population of "Arbiter" will decrease.
6. The attack judgment of "Tempest" will be better.
7. Cool time is given to rush technique of "Zealot".
8. "Stalker" attack graphic and impact judgment will change. 1 x 1 -> 2 x 1
9. The name of "Pylon (Obelisk)" graphics has changed.

10. The graphics of "Oracle" has changed. "Aurgus Combustion" changed to
"Stasis Reveal". Paralyze buildings and late

Oracle Graphic by neomail12543,Portrait by Jun3hong

11. The "Oracle" attack method has changed.
"Smart Targeting" is applied and attack without delay is possible.

Oracle Graphic by neomail12543,Portrait by Jun3hong

Oracle Graphic by neomail12543,Portrait by Jun3hong

12. "Scout" graphics and attack methods have changed. Moving shots like StarCraft 2 phoenix are possible.
13. "Scout" dedicated upgrade "Anion Pulse - Crystals" has been added to "Fleet Beacon".

<2> Terran

The terran is almost downgraded.

1. "SCV" speed upgrade has been deleted.
2. "Voyager" graphics have been changed. The way of attack, the sound has changed. The moving speed has decreased.
3. "Voyager" dedicated speed upgrade has been added to "Control tower".
4. The 'Mod Change' ability of 'Valkyrie' requires an upgrade.
5. The "Valkyrie" mode switching time will be longer. (0.4 sec -> 1.8 sec)
6. The population of 'Siege Tank' will increase to 3.
7. The attack speed in "Siege Mode" decreases. (70% of Default -> 94%)
8. The Siege Tank attack sound has been changed.
9. The movement speed of "Anaconda" has increased, the attack sound has changed, and the graphics have been slightly changed, and the air attack has been slightly changed.
10. The "Viper" graphics have been changed, and the traditional attack method has been deemed to be very powerful, greatly altering the method of attack, allowing for airborne attacks, with populations ranging from 2 to 3 Increase.
11. When upgrading the "CMC 375", all existing marines will also gain strength.
12. "Nano Suit" requires "Ghost Compound" and has reduced resilience.
13. Requested price of "C-141AC Rifle" increased to 300/300.
14. "Missile Launcher" in "Sience Vessle" has been removed, "Hive Mind Divergence" has been added, and all the units within the scope are collected in one place.
15. The price of "Spider Mine" has been changed to 200/200, and the development time will be longer
16. "Adjutant" energy bug has been fixed.
17. "Comsat Station" space has decreased slightly.

<3> Zerg

1. "Larva Boost" of "Queen" has been changed to "Spawn Larva", Larva is generated directly after a certain period of time.

2. "Hatch Nydus" can be used only once.
3. 'Baneling Nest' has been added.
4. "Baneling" graphics, the way of attack changed. The base Armor has increased by 1.
5. I was able to upgrade the speed of "Baneling".
6. The base Armor of "Hydralisk" has increased by one.
7. "Decimator" name, graphics, attack method changed. I do not consume energy every attack..
8. The attack of "Venomous" has been deleted.
9. "Kill Count" will go up to the enemies who died in "Poisonous Swarm".
10. "Spawn Infested Terran" energy increase to 150.
11. The time of "Unstable infested terran" is reduced to 13 seconds.
12. "Infested Terran" attacks suicide bombs without shooting guns.
13. "Roach" attack speed upgrade was changed to Armor upgrade.

Initial Release

Initial Release

StarCraft: Field Command 2

StarCraft Field Command 2 - Initial multiplayer beta now available!

SOR Mod 4.4.1 Updated

SOR Mod 4.4.1 Updated

Starcraft SOR MOD

This is the second update since the 'stabilization project'. A lot of time was invested and the mode was much more 'stabilized'. It is not possible to...

Starcraft SOR MOD 4.3.2 Update (10/29 Hot Fix)

Starcraft SOR MOD 4.3.2 Update (10/29 Hot Fix)

Starcraft SOR MOD

Starcraft SOR 4.3 Update So, starting with 4.3, I focused on fixing bugs and instabilities, and I tried to add as much additional elements as possible.

Inconsummate is released!

Inconsummate is released!


It's finally here! Download Inconsummate, and experience the fall of Aiur through a unique perspective!

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[Experimental]18 05 17 Dark Antiquity

[Experimental]18 05 17 Dark Antiquity

Dark Antiquity Full Version 1 comment

[update list] 1. Campaign mission select ui(backgnd.pcx) change 2. Infested command center layout(infest03.grp) position correction

[Experimental]18-05-07 Dark Antiquity

[Experimental]18-05-07 Dark Antiquity

Dark Antiquity Full Version 1 comment

[Update list] 1. bldg graphic (Author: SCIPCION) Terran command center, refinery, bunker, missile turret / protoss pylon 2. terrain (Author: SCIPCION...

War to the Liberty 2017

War to the Liberty 2017

Starcraft : War to the Liberty Full Version

War to the Liberty 2017 Release is now available!!

Liberator, V. 2.0

Liberator, V. 2.0

Liberator Demo 1 comment

My computer had a virus, so I couldn't work on Liberator for a long time. However, there have been some small updates to the project that I want people...

Starcraft: GAG Mania Draft v2.7.2

Starcraft: GAG Mania Draft v2.7.2

Starcraft: GAG Mania Draft Patch

Fixed Unknown crash Issue and balance edited

Starcraft SOR 4.5.2 (Fixed Reupload)

Starcraft SOR 4.5.2 (Fixed Reupload)

Starcraft SOR MOD Patch

4.5.2 FIX Change Log (12/27) Version 4.5 had some unstable problems. I have solved many problems through sufficient testing. And I adjusted the balance...

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how to install ? I dont understand??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You need SC 1.16.1 to play this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello, I want to create my campaign and I have a question: How to make your character not changing old ones? For example I need a hero on Valkyrie...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Guys! StarCraft Remastered will be out this summer.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

i was wondering if anyone could help me fix this issue on empire wars 0.6

more details in the pic description

any reply or pm would appreciated regarding this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Maybe if you could share the original files (the source) or if you ask to the original developers.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

anyone alce see that there are 0 mods under the mod tab??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
feillyne StaffSubscriber

There are 163 SC mods in the database.

You probably clicked a wrong platform filter like PS3 or Web or something else - there are no SC mods for any of those platforms, so it says there are 0 mods - and you see nothing.

You have to click the "HOME" platform at almost the topmost part of the page:

Reply Good karma+1 vote

No other mod has been updated for a week right now...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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