Castle Dorian v1.2

Whiteville, 1423

A peaceful village, famous for its beautiful landscape, turned into a deserted place where no one dares to enter because of the plague. Recent eye witness accounts claim that people have been spotted standing at the mountain side, and lights turning on at night Many say the place is cursed and none should enter, or they might not return. Many villagers were evacuated to the castle when it all happened. The rest moved across the land.

In 1428, a message was sent from Whiteville and handed to the young William Cromwell in London. The letter was from his mother, still hiding in the castle, but there was one problem: the letter was sent 4 years before. There was no confirmation that she would still be alive. William decided to travel to Whiteville as the plague was over for a year there. Ignoring all the warnings, he still entered the forsaken place...

Game Info

  • Game will be 20-50 minutes long depends on your choice of gaming.
  • Beauty full indoor and outdoor envroiment.
  • Scary atmosphere in the entire game.
  • Scares are soft but will get you on your seat (No flying naked guy's)
  • There will be small puzles, As I wanted it to be completed sooner I Deleted the Puzzle room.
  • Dont ferget to play it in the dark with you brightnes settings on 0.8 to 1.0!
  • Last, Have fun!
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Castle Dorian v1.1 Update

2 daye's ago I added a new download for the custom story. It was a little buggy from the start on so I gathered up some information on frictional games, Moddb and the review section. And Fixed them shortly after. It took me a couple of minutes. It where really bugs that I would not have noticed. I hope you will enjoy my Custom Story and a next update is comming soon.

What is fixed in v1.1?

  • Removed 50% Of the oil in the game.
  • Removed the lantern + Oil in the "Castle_Entrance" map.
  • Eddited the note in the abandoned house that tells that there is a key under it while its not.
  • Able to go back inside the mansion when left back to the main hall incase you missed somting.
  • Removed the extra Mansion key in the main hall.
  • Added Coliders to protect you from the evil tree's!
  • Removed all map cache's for a more compact file, (And brings decals back to life).

Castle dorian v1.2

The last update is on its way, It will include some map changes and some minor bugs like the shuttering textures, path nodes. after the update I will be working on another Custom story with more puzzles and a lot more fun! If you have requests or have some good ideas I would really appreciat it if you share them in the comment section.

Castle Dorian - [Full Version Out Now!]

Castle Dorian - [Full Version Out Now!]

News 3 comments

Finaly the time has come, It took me a while and I'm sorry but here it is! I really hope you enjoy and would like to see players get scared, It's priceless...

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Castle Dorian - Russian Translation

Castle Dorian - Russian Translation


Перевод на русский выполнен через yandex\google translate.Установка внутри.Перевод для версии...

Castle Dorian - Czech Translation

Castle Dorian - Czech Translation

Patch 1 comment

Jedná se o vynikající hradní mód, který si nyní můžete užít v češtině.

V1.2 Castle Dorian -  [Final Bug fix! Full Mod]

V1.2 Castle Dorian - [Final Bug fix! Full Mod]

Patch 3 comments

The final patch for the mod. It was fun to work on, But its time to move on and try creating an even better CS!

V1.1 Castle Dorian -  [Full Mod & Bug fix!]

V1.1 Castle Dorian - [Full Mod & Bug fix!]

Patch 10 comments

As many had problems from the start on I decided to do a quick update with all the problems fixed so smaller bugs could wait for a big "bug fix patch".

V1.0 Castle Dorian -  [Full Mod]

V1.0 Castle Dorian - [Full Mod]

Full Version 8 comments

It took me a while and I'm sorry but here it is! I really hope you enjoy and would like to see players get scared, It's priceless for us Modders! Upload...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 84)
SwankestCZ - - 1,136 comments

I say 7/10. My full walkthrough:

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Guest - - 698,658 comments

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conallseaton - - 19 comments

I just completed a play through of this mod. I rate 8/10 as it is a little short, pretty linear but a couple of the scares got me good and it had an intriguing story.

If you'd like to watch my playthrough the link is here:

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Echo_Yeti - - 94 comments

This was my first time playing Castle Dorian, I just finished this custom story. And I must say, I really liked it. It was interesting, scary, and had perfect monster encounters, and the mapping was beautifully done. I enjoyed playing, but I didn't get the ending, though. I thought I was gonna use something I found, but the game ended so weird. I can't say I liked the ending. Grammar could be better, but the most important thing to me, is that I could understand what the notes said, and I did. The atmosphere was eerie throughout the entire game, and there were no place where I felt safe, I never knew what to expect around the corners. Castle Dorian is totally worth downloading in my opinion. Are you gonna make more? If you do, I'll play it with fear like I did tonight. 9/10

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ApocalypticADHD - - 1 comments

How do i download and install this?

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HeRo-Snacky - - 99 comments

´Great custom story overall.

+ Nice mapping
+ Good and interesting storyline
+ Pretty scary

- Bad grammar
- Ending was quite weird(?)

Overall, one of the best I've played. I rarely give ratings up to 7, but I have to give this 8. I was impressed.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TroHea - - 972 comments

I'll be playing it. But why is it so high on the list right now?

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thomthom44 Creator
thomthom44 - - 38 comments

Just some minor page updates, be sure to check out Amnesia: City of souls being worked on again since a long time!

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jj_pheonix - - 7 comments

just a heads up, but when one of the grunts spawn and you hide, he never goes away, at a certain point he stood right next to me and did nothing, i was able to pass right by him without any reaction. dont know if it was just ware i was hiding or what, but i just wanted to let you know. other than that, it is a great custom story.

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StonerHate - - 1 comments

Alright. Don't know if I've played the actual FULL version or if I played just the 'demo' (shall have to download the full version soon to find that out), but so far. This was a damn fine story.

It all looks really good and refined, both the story and the surroundings. Only remark I have... would be the grammar. It'd be really nice if you'd check your grammar one last time before releasing your story. Might seem like a small detail to you, but it really takes away part of the atmosphere in thruthfulness.

Overall, though, I'd give you an 8 (you see? Lost 2 points just because of the grammar alone) ;)

Nice work.

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