You wake up in a forest without knowing why. You are injured and it's cold outside so you decide to go into a mansion nearby. You recognize the house for some reason but you can't tell if it's from a dream or memories.

Before playing:

Before playing, please notice: This story is supposed to be really scary! You will NOT hear music if a monster is nearby. They can spawn at any locations at anytime and you will not be warned about their arrival. This story focus alot on scares and puzzles. It will inlcude a story line, but it's mostly focused on getting you scared.


- The mansion is really dark and oil is rare so use your lantern and tinderboxes wisely

- A few quests require you to grab objects and put/throw them at the right position

- It has a story put into it even if it isn't impressive

- Will have 3 endings depending on your actions + one "you faild" ending

- No flying naked guys

- Justine DLC is recommended

- Scares very few/no mods have used before

- Athmosphere and monster scares

- Alot of classic puzzles but also some new/creative puzzles


Map 1: (Intro) 100%
Map 2: (Forest/intro) 100%
Map 3: (Haunted Mansion) 100% (but open for updates)
Map 4: (Horror cellar) 100% (but open for updates)
Map 5: (Underground) 100% (but open for updates)

Story: 100%
Scripting: Just as far as the maps

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Walkthrough - Cursed Souls



Please, do NOT un-censor the text if you havn't played the story yet! This walkthrough is here to help you if you get stuck in the story. Only read further if you need help with puzzles or other challanges in the story! It will spoil it for you otherwise.

To un-censor it, move your mouse on the text.

Map 3 (Mansion)

It's a library on the first floor. A shelf is blocking a door in there. To move the shelf, you need to find the 4 buttons. One button can be found in a bedroom. Follow the blue spots on the floor into a bedroom with a lantern and a note and the button will be located right next to a fireplace on the wall.

A second button can be found at the attic. You need a ladder to get up there. The ladder is located under the stairs on the first floor. Pick it up, go to the attic entrance (located on your right side when you walk up the stairs at the ceiling), open the hatch and place the ladder there. Then climb up and the button will be located on the other side of the room on the wall.

A third button can be found in the kitchen (AKA the "bloddy" room). It's blocked by wooden planks. To remove them, you need a saw. Go back to the bedroom where you found the lantern (follow the blue dots on the floor) and remove the painting on the wall. It's a key in there. Pick it up and go out of the room. Go to the left and then left again and a door there is locked. Unlock it with the key and pick up the saw in the room. Then go to the wooden planks and use the saw on it. The button is located on the left side of the level door.

You can find the last button in the livingroom on the right side if you walk out of the bloody room. Walk to the other side of the room and you can't miss it.

Go to the library and the shelf have now moved. Enter the room, destroy the weak wall with a chair or some other objects and enter the room. Pick up the orb, then pick up the key, go back to the blood room and use the key on the level door and you will enter the cellar

Map 4 (Cellar)

A huge web is blocking the path in the flooded cellar. To remove it, you need to create acid. Pick up something heavy (a box for exampel) and throw it on a sponge down at the flooded cellar untill you find the poision gland. Pick it up, go to the lab located on the right corridor, open up the oven and put the gland in it. Then go to the room across the lab and pick up a container located at a shelf. Put it at the oven and use the lever. Wait untill it's done, then pick it up, turn on the heater and put the acid container on it. Then, once it's done, pick it up again and use it on the web to remove it

It's a missing lever in the machine room. It's located at one of the rooms down at the flooded cellar on a shelf. The door to the room the lever is in is locked. Go to the storage room located right across the machine room and pick up the drill. Use it on the locked door to unlock it. Pick up the lever and replace it with the missing lever in the machineroom. Use the lever and the metaldoor in the middle of the center area (where all the hallways meets) will be open. Go to the level door and it's done

Map 5 (Underground)

Go downstairs and enter the room on the left side and you will be caved in. Move the bookshelf to find the secret path out of there

Door at the end of the left corridor and the middle corridor are locked. Go to the right corridor, use the lever on the wall and run to the room (you must run becasue the door will auto close itself after a few seconds). Pick up the key in there and use it on the door at the left corridor. It's a knife in there. Pick it up and use it on the door at the end of the middle corridor to lockpick it.

The story will have three endings. If you decide to try to "run away" ending, make sure you run to the level door at the start as fast as possible. If you die, it's over ("fail ending"). When you are back at the cellar again, run as fast as you can to the flooded cellar part again and run to upstairs to the left. Use the knife on the door to lockpick it and you have escaped the building.




A changelog for Cursed Souls --------------- Story and progress

Amnesia - Spawning monsters

Amnesia - Spawning monsters

Mapping/Technical Tutorial 12 comments

A tutorial for Amnesia. How to spawn monsters, how to make them walk around and how to remove them.

Amnesia - Key Quest

Amnesia - Key Quest

Mapping/Technical Tutorial

A tutorial about how you create a simple key quest in Amnesia level editor.

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Prop Model 1 comment

Downloading the Silent Grunt is only necessary if the monster won't show up in the story or if you wish to use the silent grunt in your own stories. Download...

Cursed Souls - Updated Original Version

Cursed Souls - Updated Original Version

Full Version 4 comments

Same as the old version but much better! A lot of things has been fixed and added.

Cursed Souls - Full version (Outdated)

Cursed Souls - Full version (Outdated)

Full Version 25 comments

The complete, finished version of Cursed Souls. Changes for Version 2: -Added Justine entites in the story folder. This will hopefully fix the ladder...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 102)

Hi. I made czech translation of your mode. Du you want to publish it? Btw my full walkthrough:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Loved it up until the part where it glitched and the water monster started chasing me out of the water. Couldn't even get past him with the lever. Shame I didn't get to finish it no matter what I tried. Should probably get around to fixing it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
KrustiClawn Creator

I have never heard of the water monster chasing anyone out of the water. Never seen it myself either. Could potentially be a glitch with the game itself. I don't really know what caused that or how to fix it, if I can fix it. Sorry I don't really know what to do about that. Shame you couldn't finish it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The review ahead may contain spoilers and the same text from now on will also be featured in the reviews section.

Very nice custom story!

-Mapping was great
-Very scary. I quit few times, because I was too scared to play it. Silent monsters surely scared me a lot

-Puzzles were way too easy (for me, at least)
-Writing / grammar and word spelling wasn't the best at some points (that isn't such a big deal, however)
-Story was a little complicated. I never got a grip on it

Mansion area was one of the scariest Amnesia areas I've been in. I quit various times, due for being way too scared
Cellar part wasn't as scary as mansion part, but it still gave me the creeps from its atmosphere.
No clue what to write anymore! This CS deserves strong 8.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Good custom story, but although I could not hear the monsters spawn, I was easily able to hear them walk and make noises. Some good jumpscares tho.
Here is my playthrough:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have started playing this story! AMAZING so far!
watch me play it :)
tell me what you think!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Oh...Sure? I disagree i jumped in another maps and i dont bug the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KrustiClawn Creator

Why did you jump on a barrel 3 times to begin with?

First you said you bugged the map and now you say you bugged the game? I really don't know what to belive, but if you mean you glitched through a floor, YES, you can do it in other maps. It's possible to glitch through doors and some walls/floors in most maps if you use the barrel correctly.

Reply Good karma0 votes

Well i was jumping on the barrels and at the 3 jump i was bugged on the map...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KrustiClawn Creator

You can do that in every map

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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