The goal is to add as much content and fun as possible.
While this mod is based on "cnc" it does not change anything from the existing content at all but adds a lot of stuff like a huge addon.
Here are the details what awaits you as of “Cameo v1.0”:

10 (+1) Playable Factions:

  • GDI & Nod- from the original "cnc" mod, untouched
  • Allied & Soviet - imported from "ra", small changes have been done to Powerplants & Refineries to balance these faction more, because "ra" stuff costs less and does more. Also Minigunner and Rocket Soldiers are used from "cnc" because "ra" Soldiers are stronger.
  • Alpha- AlphaTeam from Warzone2100, units are drawn by hand and buildings have been screenshot and added to the game. This faction has a strong defence with Repairable walls and many defensive turrets.
  • Scavengers- from Warzone2100. (all Credit goes to: Elpollo315)
  • Terran, Protoss & Zerg- from SC1, all units and sound files are exported from SC1 and added to the game. Some changes have been done to ensure an easy cnc-like gamestyle.
  • SimCity- from the SNES port, a support oriented faction, able to buff and upgrade allied units as well as allied power providing buildings, in addition the faction gains more money than others to assist allied players with money.
  • Custom- you choose your building options for each queue from one of the existing 8 factions.
    (for practical reasons this faction does not work with bots)

10 Choosable AI's:

  • Cabal, Watson & HAL 9001- from the original "cnc" mod, untouched
  • EasyAI- Builds all Buildings once except Refineries, easy allround AI.
  • MediumAI- Builds more Refineries and Vehicle Construction buildings than EasyAI.
  • HardAI- Build more of each vital building and even more Refineries and Harvesters, strong allround AI.
  • InfantryRush– Focus on Infantry Production.
  • VehicleSteamroll- Focus on Vehicle Production.
  • AirForce- Focus on Aircraft Production.
  • XXLrandom– Builds every Structure twice and even more which produce Units, easily the strongest AI.

5 AI only "Challenge" factions:
AI's in OpenRa work by telling them what to build and to what maximum number.
these factions have only one main building and their respective buildings to build units.
different AI mainly affect the army size that is built before attacking, these are:
- 8 - HAL 9001
- 15 - Cabal, Watson
- 20 - EasyAI
- 25 - MediumAI
- 30 - HardAI
- 35 - AirForce
- 40 - InfantryRush
- 50 - VehicleSteamroll
- 90 - XXLrandom

  • X_Infantry- All Infantry Units from all available factions. no Vehicles and Aircrafts at all!
  • X_Vehicles- All Vehicles from all available factions. no Infantry and Aircrafts at all!
  • X_Aircrafts- All Aircrafts from all available factions. no Infantry and Vehicles at all!
  • X_All- All Infantry, Vehicles and Aircrafts from all available factions.
  • X_Monsters- Zombies, Viceroids, Ants & Dionosaurs attack in huge swarms.

Other things included:

  • Game Options:
    - Kill Bounties - originally only available in RA, gain money by killing enemy Units.
    - Heroes - gain access to a new building "portal of heroes" and choose one of 7 different well known game Cameos
  • 20 Custom made Maps that are also playable in vanilla "CnC".
  • 9 Custom made Maps with mod only content (all Credit goes to: Nadertader2004)
  • Map Editor - Additional Tilesets from RA, such as Ores, Gems and Water Cliffs.
  • 66 Custom made Tiles for all 5 Map types, consistent of Street, Stone, Gras & Pond Tiles.
  • Scripted AI behavior for SimCity Faction that allows the AI to assist other players.

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*RELEASE* Cameo v1.0

News 1 comment


Cameo v1.0 has been released, i won't include a changelog because there were so many small changes, but here is a overview of the major changes:

  1. Cameo v1.0 is now Standalone - no more downloading OpenRA CnC and replacing the folder, just start the "launch-game.cmd"
  2. Protoss and Zerg enter the Battle!
  3. “Single Player” button in the Main Menu has been changed to directly enter “Skirmish” since there are no Missions in this mod.
  4. All Sprites have been recolored so they now look also good in Desert Tilesets
  5. Alpha faction Oil Derricks have a new sprite and all sound effects of the original game Warzone2100 have been added.
    Mortar Range down from 15 to 14 but also MinRange down from 3 to 2
  6. Terran complete rebalancing overhaul, also MissileTurret is spinning as in SC.
  7. SimCity FireTruck Missiles -50% Damage VS Air but are now homing.
  8. Heroes rebalanced:
    • All Heroes when selected display their current Upgrades regarding damage output increases and damage reduction (when maxed out the number turns from white to yellow.
    • most Armor changed from "None" to "Light"
    • VicViper and Axelay from "Light" to "Heavy"
    • Contestant (SmashTV) Base Attack Range increased by 1
    • Link and Blazer 1. and 2. Armor Upgrades Increased from 20% to 30% and 15% to 20% (meaning Link has a max total damage reduction of 50% and Blazer 60%)
    • Link and Blazer Base Damage reduced by 30%
    • Link and Blazer, since their splash damage radius is huge they CAN NOT attack friendly and allied units anymore!
    • Jack (HarvestMoon) removed both "buy seedbags" and changed both plantings, you now can build 1 Turnip and 1 Potatoe field that are 3x3 in size, after a set period of time Turnip leave green Tiberium and Potatoes blue Tiberium to harvest.
  9. AI changes
    • the 4 Spezial AIs have been improved by a lot! these are: InfantryRush, VehicleSteamroll, AirForce & XXLrandom.
      XXLrandom is now easily the strongest AI, it builds in huge quantities and attacks with armies of 90 Units!
    • All AI’s now build engineers, they are only ordered to capture neutral and hostile techbuildings such as OilDerricks and Hospitals.
    • changes squad (army) sizes of most AI's to get more different challenges for each AIs, you can view the army sizes when you mouseover an X_Faction


Also i can now accounce that the next update, Cameo v1.1, will definitely feature at least 3 new factions, these are: RA2: Allies, Soviet & Yuri.
I will work more closely with Elpollo315 and Natertader2004 to make this as perfect as it can be.
Thanks to both of you for your effort and support! :)

Finally... please leave a positive review, maybe even 10 points, if you dont think the mod earns 10 points, tell me what to improve, tell me how i can earn them, iam open to changes and challenges, like previously to make the "Custom" faction a reality.

last but not least, If you find any bugs please report them in the forum Gl1tch3s/8ugs.

Until next time Commanders!

gl & hf

P.S.: if you have any kind of trouble launching the game with the new standalone version, there is also a NON-STANDALONE version to download where you have to replace your OpenRA "cnc" folder just like in the previous mod versions.

*INFO* Next Release on Mod’s first Birthday on 18. August & new URL with 12. August

*INFO* Next Release on Mod’s first Birthday on 18. August & new URL with 12. August


New Mod Name, changed URL on 12.08 and New Mod Release on 18.08

*RELEASE* Zeruel87 Mod v0.5.1 for 20190314

*RELEASE* Zeruel87 Mod v0.5.1 for 20190314


Update for OpenRA release 20190314 with new content for mappers.

Zeruel87 Mod v0.6 and OpenRA 20190314

Zeruel87 Mod v0.6 and OpenRA 20190314

News 3 comments

A Short Information on what will happen next......

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5


v0.5 is out with 2 New Game Options, 2 new Factions, 2 new X_Factions, 9 new Maps.

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Cameo v1.0

Cameo v1.0

Full Version 26 comments

Cameo v1.0 is now Standalone - no more downloading OpenRA CnC and replacing the folder, just start the "launch-game.cmd"



Full Version 1 comment

for those who have trouble to launch the Cameo v1.0 standalone. just repleace the cnc folder located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenRA\mods" and Launch...

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5.1 for 20190314

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5.1 for 20190314

Full Version 5 comments

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5.1 for 20190314 - many mapping updates

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5

Zeruel87 Mod v0.5

Full Version 3 comments

2 New Game Options, 2 new Factions, 2 new X_Factions, 9 new Maps

Zeruel87 Mod v0.4

Zeruel87 Mod v0.4

Full Version 2 comments

MapPack with 20 custom made Map, Scripted SimCity AI & many balancing changes.

Zeruel87 Mod v0.3

Zeruel87 Mod v0.3

Full Version 2 comments

v0.3 is out with the new playable Faction "SimCity"

Comments  (0 - 10 of 70)

Not gonna like, since I ain't much of a fan of Starcraft, I honestly didn't knew what Protos were, so I was like, Protogens? Please, don't kill me for that!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zeruel87 Creator

hehe, no problem.
also new content will come with factions you probably care more about.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is it possible to add protoss or zerg in the future? It would be amazing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zeruel87 Creator

there you have it :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes

OMG it's great gift for me
You are THE BEST!
Your mod always pleases me a lot :) THx

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You a the GREAT!!! You "just must" ADD DUNE2000 Factions as is! This MOD is GREAT idea to make good playable nostalgic mashup classic game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Zeruel87 Creator

Thanks! :)
i want to add Dune, Problem is there are no ordinary saved files form Dune that we can edit, export and import in CnC.
So we have to be creative and find other ways to make Dune work, but we will find some.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I can help around Adding/move Dune Factions from Dune 2000 mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Great to see the news! Im enjoying this mod a lot and looking forward to the update! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Could you teach me how to change the build queue on OpenRA? Can't find any help on that, I noticed that If I make so by example the vehiclesteamroll AI to only build 2100scavs while having x_infantry they barely build 5 or 6 and stop...

Tried this once on base OpenRA and was the same thing a year ago. :p This mod is the best to play with friends btw.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zeruel87 Creator

i think what you want to do and need is in the ai.yaml below:
there is:
2100scav: 65
which means the Army of a Bot Playing Scavenger shall always consist of 65% 2100scav.
you can increase that number, then the bot shall build more of those, but any more precise work than this is not possible with the .yaml files

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Zeruel87 Creator

first of i LOVE to hear "This mod is the best to play with friends btw." because that was my Goal :)

with build queue you mean the queue of Bot player? so what and how much of a unit a bot should build?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I didn't knew how OpenRA ai builds vehicles, didn't knew that it was a % the value in there. I will try out doing what you said there and see if everything works like it should.

If I were to change the Vehiclesteamroll one, to use with the X_Infantry, is it the same way as well? If I were by example, to make so they spam Scavengers only, do I just reduce the other values and increase scavs, or remove the others?

(Kinda want to do a Wave thing for myself with multiple AI's that only spams scavs)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zeruel87 Creator

Well, the AI is not that intelligent.
You tell him with the percentages how many of wich unit he has to have in the army at the current time.

A Rough example would be: 50(%) Scavenger Infantry and 50(%) Flame tanks.
The AI starts to build anything it can, if the AI now Builds 1 Scavenger Infantry it will not build a second one because 100% of its current army is this unit, so the next unit is has to build, even if it is in another building queue in that case the Vehicle-Queue is the flame tank.

now the 50 50 are met, technically the AI wont build any more units, but a normal faction consists of more then 2 units :)
i hope the example was somehow understandable.

What i will do on the next release, i will rework the Special AIs such as the InfantryRush and i do it like this:

i tell that AI that there are UnitLimits, it is only allowed to build a certain amount of each unit and in the Scavenger Infantry? well, theses guys dont get a limit, so the AI is forced to Build many Scavs and only a max of one of heach vehicle available.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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