Black Mesa: Hard Course

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Mod represents an entire recreation of Hazard Course After Disaster (2017),based on Hazard Course project,Main feature of Black Mesa: Hard Course is competent addition of new content from the most popular modifications!

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Blue Shift,Azure Sheep and Hazard Course key features on Hazard Course with lots of new extensions,which allows us to create something really special and fantastic for fans and their fantasies!

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BM:HC Appears to be the first step to "Multi-Mod" And we as a team,rely not only on our abilites and ambitions,but on your support as well!!

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New Media Release

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Black Mesa logo documents 1New Media Release!Black Mesa logo documents 1

Today we prepared a new media release on «Black Mesa: Hard Course», you may have watched stream from "Black Box" developers,who showed and talked about the project in detail, but for those who have not yet done so, we hasten to present new screenshots and short answers to important questions about the project.

So, the first thing we want to draw your attention to, is that in the new episode our hero will get into portals that will send him to different locations. The logical connection of the plot is that G-Man using the energy of the complex to bypass the border world of Xen will move our hero around the complex in fact using it for his own purposes. An example of this energy zone is the Decay sector, it will also be a buffer zone for movement until the reactor is shut down in the Azure Sheep storyline.


In our work we also strive for diversity, so the places we will be able to get together with you will be not only interesting but also nostalgically pleasant. So, for example, we have recreated parts of Blue Shift locations to give free rein to our imagination and show the places after the disaster. What future places we will visit will depend only on your imagination, so we will follow your feedback and suggestions carefully.


Our work on the project has a dynamic nature, after the release of the demo we took into account the criticism and tried to improve the maps developing the second episode. We will do the same when working on the third episode, when we will add improvements to the maps we release at that time, taking into account your feedback and wishes as well as the ability of our team.

HC 1

HC 2

And finally we would like to say that we do not depart from the concept of the old project "After Disaster (2017)", so we will try to release all the locations from modification Hazard Course, but unlike its predecessor, it is important to us that it would all be connected to the plot. Therefore, in the future we will try to introduce new characters and small storylines in each of the moments when our hero will be led by G-Man.


You could say that the story of Black Mesa Hard Course is about a character who co-exists in many parallel stories happening at that moment. The player should feel that such projects as AS/BS/BM are happening at this very moment together with his story. Our team will try with this project as a thread to connect all the individual stories in our favorite game Black Mesa.

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Our motto: From fans for fans.

Thank you for your attention!

Black Mesa: Hard Course Demo Releases on 24.04.23

Black Mesa: Hard Course Demo Releases on 24.04.23


We apologize for not giving any information in past few months,but it was done on purpose,since we all wanted to enter the world of Modding not with basic...

Black Mesa: Hard Course goes on MODDB

Black Mesa: Hard Course goes on MODDB

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Black Mesa: Hard Course modification and what is it about..

Black Mesa: Hard Course Demo Release!

Black Mesa: Hard Course Demo Release!


Black Mesa: Hard Course Demo finally Releases today!

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Black Mesa Hard Course Demo

Black Mesa Hard Course Demo

Demo 11 comments

Black Mesa: Hard Course Singleplayer multi-mode

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andrewГО - - 821 comments

Внимание всем:Black Mesa Hard Course официально отменён,разраб уходит из мододелов...

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MEVAR448 - - 10 comments

Will there be media update sometime soon? Looking forward to the next chapters!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
JeepyGMI - - 97 comments

The demo was cool, looking forward to the future of this mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
M.N.O. - - 1 comments

Very nice mod. I hope in the future will be more interactions with other soldiers (like in Opposing Force). Also area from BM:BS looks very good. Can't wait for second chapter)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AkJackHd - - 4 comments

I absolutely love the expansion to the HR area, just love the overall detail especially on the first map, enjoyed playing around with it in gmod as i mounted it via mount.cfg, enjoyed playing it all too, hope progress is going smoothly, this is truly a project of passion and attention to detail keep it up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
BlackPriest_HECU - - 272 comments

Thank you. I'm not going to leave the project. Now I am helping a novice cartographer to bring his project to release. After that, I want to get back to work on this project with renewed vigor

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
BlackPriest_HECU - - 272 comments

Friends, I am now helping a talented mapper to finish his mod: RTE

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AMM_AG - - 101 comments

How's the progress?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 699,717 comments

Согласен с HerzogAgain, конфликт между командами разработчиков никогда не получает выгодные результаты, не только в смысле межличностних отношени, но и в более широком фанатском сообшестве.

Также желаю обеим командам удачи и, если Бог дает, будущего творческого сотрудничества.

Вы все талантливые ребята со страстью ко Half Life вселенной.

К сожалению, моем и наверно Вашем, не владею очень хорошо русским языком, но всеравно, мне хотелось выразить мысль или две на эту тему.


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BlackPriest_HECU - - 272 comments

Friends, the work continues. We will prepare a new media release by the end of July. I want to say that at this stage, episode 1 has already been expanded and finalized. We also conduct a training level. He will help you get used to the mechanics and tell you a little about the plot

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