The Battles of the Third Age (BOTTA) mod is a mod for The Battle for Middle Earth - The Rise of the Witch King. This mod tends to follow the lore of books and films along with bringing the realism in the gameplay, and generally concentrates of the happenings in the Third age of Middle Earth

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one of the best mod ever !

This mod is very good

Just epic. Exactly the way I dreamed the middle-earth world to be. Recommended to everyone.


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There exists NO mod to this date that feels as complete, right down to sound effects etc. The game plays without a hitch, loads of effort has been put into individualising heroes (i.e. voices, relevant special powers, etc), a massive factor in making a seamless mod that is more often than not neglected (i.e. every hero from every faction that has a bow in many mods is manages to be JUST like Faramir in every way)

Factions all have their own advantages so no one is ridiculous in relation to another faction. Everything looks, plays, flows much better than pretty much any mod I've played for either of the 2.5 BFME games, and the only small criticism I have is the appearance of the Army of the Dead, but that goes for every version of the game that has ever had them.

10/10, and ridiculously thorough for a one man effort, hail!



I have to give you the highest evaluation, because although you are on it alone, you are doing an amazing job.
Primarily movie characters, nice models, interesting concepts, even not so buggy game, overall - great potential and I suppose that upcoming version will be masterpiece.
Yes, there are OP and non conceptual heroes/units, but at least, there is more fun with them. :o))
By the way - Middle - earth is not realistic, why Botta should be? ;o)


And they call it a Mod!
BotTa is by far the best mod I've ever seen for ROTWK. Why?
-Every faction has new units, heroes, and a new gameplay. Factions like Mordor or Mysty Mountains will have to make alliances with other servants of the eye, in order to get their maximum power. Other factions like the elves and the Dwarves will call their allyes (mini-factions) to fight off the Shadow.
-Every unit has high-res textures, includinh heroes.
-Every faction as a hero or two, like Aragorn or Gandalf which as they level-up, they'll change. For example, Aragorn will start as Strider and end up as Elessar. Besides most heroes have a power which uses dialogues from the movie, as Aragorn's Hour of Wolves.
-One of the things I love the most, is the new AI. Now you can play against the PC without having to worry about being atacked with a huge army in the first 5 minutes.
-I could name a few other things but the list will become VERY large.
It's one of those MUST-HAVE mods, that every one will enjoy playing. Dowload it and see it by yourself
The most important thing about the mod. It has leader wich listens to every fan opinion or problem.
Thanks MorgulLord for this Awesome Mod!

Excellent mod! Awesome balance and tons of reskins, models, news untis and heroes! I love the news sounds and particles effects, the gamepley mechanics are well rounded it is really one of the most polished mods so far I've ever found.

I also appreciate the mini faction system it adds to the realism and immersion to the game and force the player to spare money rather then rushing.

Finally a really good balance between Evil and Good factions, no advantages or ridiculous buffs to some factions, with somelimited batallions it is worth playing it and it makes the game more exciting than ever!

In a word, your mod is the way BFME2 should have been with more attention and time. Congrats to you because you are alone. There are whole teams who failed by trying to create more factions in the same time.

Love the mod since I started playing it. I once tested this mod (First to play it actually) before it was here on ModDB, and I just LOVE the progress. The fact that MorguLord was able to remove more than 90% of the bugs from the beginning is amazing. It was sort of an English Edain back then, but now it's an Edain + BoG + WotE + RJ which in my honest opinion, is pretty badass.

10/10 would develop the mod again


Excellent and awesome mod

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one of the best mod ever !

Apr 10 2013 by KingDain