So, 359 year B.C. Phillip II has inherited a throne torn apart by a set of his enemies. Reforms made by him in the army will allow to avoid the collaps of the country. In the meantime there is a civil war in Persia that is supported by Sparta and Athenes and lasts for ten years. Other Greek splash out the anger against each other for years. Greece is on a threshold of a new great war. The battle is coming, the battle for Hellas...

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BFH tells about a turning point in the history of ancient Greece, the time of the rise of Macedonia (359-336 BC).Installation - ROME: Total War versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.9.Alexander.exe. is used.
Macedonia. A small country in the north of Greece. By the middle of IV century BC the country was on the verge of collapse. It seemed the name "Macedonia" would disappear from the map of the world forever but something unexpected happened: in 359 BC King Perdiccas III was killed in a battle and instead the army decided to give the Macedonian throne to Philip who was a brother of Perdiccas .... He was an experienced and sophisticated politician who fought all his life with his freedom-loving neighbors like Greeks, Thracians and Illyrians. He fought not for the gain of his kingdom but for the sake of its survival. The victory meant to him increasing his authority in the Balkans and the greatness of Macedonia when defeat meant a threat to the. Valuable incredible efforts the country, which was destined to become the greatest, sprang .... These developments took place while a deep crisis was destroying the Greek world and the largest Persian uprising had broken out in Asia Minor also.But Macedonia is not the coolest faction in the mod. Balance is built in a such way that each faction has a chance for success. Play is a fun for everybody!Battle is coming, the battle for Hellas ...

Features :
A new map - taken from the "300 WARLORDS OF SPARTA» mod

New Factions - 18 states of the ancient world will come together in an all-out war for the West Balkans and Asia Minor!
New units - over 250 unique models that are not found in more than one other fashion!
Philip II and Artaxerxes III: unique models for tactical and strategic map!
A new 2D graphics
Total AOR - all the provinces are divided between 13 AOR regions. Each is assigned a full line of troops, worthy of an entire faction.

Athens Symmachia
Thessalian Symmachia
Aetolian Symmachia
The Union of Illirian Tribes
Chalkidiki union
Achaemenid Empire
Persian revolt satrapies
The Odrysian Kingdom of Thrace

Minor Factions:
Independent Greek colonies
Ionian League

The development team:
Russian_ Alexander – the author of the idea, 3D modeling, 2D graphics, cartography, text files…..etc.
Rutalex - gameplay and historical consultant.

The team would like to thank:

Darius & MaxmuS
Leif Ericsson

Download link!!!

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p8q - - 101 comments

Ok guys, this mod is really really hard to install. I have installed 50 RTW mods, and this one really made me sweat like no other. But finally i made it work!! Custom battles and campaign working.

Listen and follow carefully:

In the next steps, installation software is in russian, in our foreign screens we will see strange text like this "???????&/%$%", etc...

Don't worry, you don't need to read that: there's two buttons (cancel and next), try one button (usually "next" button has an arrow ">" and usually is the button at the left), if you pressed cancel by mistake, now you know which one is "cancel", so try again and press the other button this time.

1) This mod only works when you have installed a previous mod called "Wind of East". Thus, first you have to install that mod. The link is here:

Installing this mod you will not have any problems, except for the weird characters "???????&/%$%", but do as i said previously.

2) As far as i know, that mod "Wind of East" is not modfoldered, be careful. This means that the mod will overwrite some of your files in original RTW. Threrefore, you have to copy-paste the original RTW, rename the folder, and install "Wind of East" mod on that new renamed RTW main folder.

3) After step 2, notice that now you have a folder called "EastWind" inside that new RTW that you copy-pasted in step 2. Later you need to remember this path's folder.

4) Download this mod "Battle for Hellas: Rising of Macedonia". Installing this mod, unlike with the mod "Wind of East" you will have a problem, you get an error "I/O error 123". Don't worry, there's a solution:

During installation, you can see everything is being installed in temporary path, C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME (VARIES FROM COMPUTER TO COMPUTER)\AppData\Local\Temp in the folder "RarSFX0". Go to that folder (you need to show hidden files in windows to find the folder "AppData").

When you see in the installation window that the green bar reaches the end, it has finished installing all files into the folder RarSFX0. At this point, don't continue the installation or this folder will dissapear. Don't close the installation screen window, and go to the path:

C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME (VARIES FROM COMPUTER TO COMPUTER)\AppData\Local\Temp in the folder "RarSFX0"

In the folder RarSFX0, inside you will see:


5) Copy the contents of the folder "BFH" inside the folder "EastWind" that i told you in step 3 to remember its path. Copy bfh.ICO and rtwa.exe inside the new RTW main folder. bfh.ICO is the icon that you can put later in properties of the direct access file (this is optional). And rtwa.exe you will use if you don't have Alexander executable installed in your RTW folder.

If you have RTW gold edition, Alexander executable already comes with your game, in which case you don't need rtwa.exe

6) Rename the folder "EastWind" to "BFH".

After you are finished copying all these files in RarSFX0, you can cancel the installation. You don't need it anymore, because until step 6) you have already taken those files and pasted them in destiny manually.

7) Go to the new RTW folder, and edit the .bat file "WoE09.bat" with Notepad++ or any text editor that you have.

You will see this line
rtwa.exe -mod:EastWind -ShowErr

Change it to:
rtwa.exe -mod:BFH -ShowErr

8) If i didn't forget any step, Congratulations!! by double clicking in "WoE09.bat" you will play this mod "Battle for Hellas: Rising of Macedonia" :)

Now, optionally you can neatly create direct access file from "WoE09.bat" to your desktop, and install the icon bfh.ICO, etc... change the name of your new RTW folder to "Battle for Hellas: Rising of Macedonia", etc.... (Just as you usually do with other mods installations).

If after playing for a while i see that i like this mod enough, i will do english translation. I already did many translations for chinese and russian mods for RTW and M2TW, using google translator (i don't have time to do it manually) and the result is very neat. But i will need modders permission to upload it.

I hope this guide helps, at least it's working perfect for me.

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

p8q - - 101 comments

By the way, the reason the mod "Wind of East" is not modfoldered, is because it overwrites these couple of files:



Maybe if you don't mind, you could just overwrite and live with it. It's not a big change in your main RTW game.

But if you don't care about those extra 4GB in your hardrive and you want your original RTW totally unchanged, then do it as i said in previous installation instructions.

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muhammederbek199666 - - 1 comments

Wassup man Ur mod looks hot and great, I want to install it but if I install it the whole setup Is written with ???? Like i want to press cancel idk which button cancel the setup is because everything is written with ??? And at the end I get a error please fix it I would love it to install also could U add English version please.

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p8q - - 101 comments

I guess you are getting the same error i have:

"I/O ERROR 123"

I don't know how to solve it.

The reason we have it written with ????, is because it's in russian. Anyways, just press the button that looks like it's not cancel. There's only two buttons, doing trial/error is not a problem.

The problem is "I/O ERROR 123". That's a big one.

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NashGray1234 - - 11 comments

How's the progress on the mod? It looks absolutely fantastic and I'd love to play it but the only thing getting in my way is that I do not know Russian. All in all curious about the state of the mod.

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LaceTV - - 172 comments

There will ever be an english version?

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LaceTV - - 172 comments

Waiting for that spicy English version!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,627 comments

What is the language of the game?

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LaceTV - - 172 comments


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