Rome 1 was great, but was wildly innacurate and a little unbalanced, so here's my solution to that, filled with some little and not so little changes.

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What is The Madness of Rome:TW?


Total War Forums Page:

Large(r) Changes to:

Spain, Egypt, Thrace, Numidia, Parthia

Small Changes to:

Everyone else except Rome


Hellenic Factions

  • (Greek Cavalry is now Hippeis, and buffed a little)
  • (Peltasts now look like peltasts and are stronger)


  • Hypaspists (jav spearmen)

Greek Cities

  • (Heavy Peltast buff)


  • Hellenic Cataphracts


  • Thracian Peltasts (jav infantry)
  • Thracian Cavalry (jav cav)
  • Thracian Light Horse (medium spear cav)
  • Thracian Nobles (heavy cav)
  • Daco-Thracian Warband (light spear infantry)
  • Thracian Warriors (falx infantry)
  • (Removed phalanx pikemen, militia hoplites, militia cavalry, greek cav)
  • (Changed bodyguards)


  • Ptolemaic Cavalry (heavy cav)
  • Egyptian Pikemen
  • Phalanx Pikemen
  • Ptolemaic Guard Cav (late cav general)
  • Ptolemaic General's Bodyguard (early cav general)
  • Elephants
  • War Elephants
  • Egyptian Cavalry (medium spear cav)
  • Pharaoh's Guards (now pike infantry)
  • (Removed Chariot general, chariot archers, nile spearmen, regular Pharao's Guards)
  • (Get Desert Axemen and Camel Archers sooner)

Eastern Factions

  • (Archer buff)


  • (Peltast buff)
  • (Removed chariot archers)
  • (Fiddled Pontic Light + Heavy Cav)


  • Armenian Cataphracts
  • Armenian General's Bodyguard (early melee general)


  • Sparabara (archer spears)
  • Parthian Cataphracts
  • Parthian Horse Archers
  • (Buffed Persian Cav)
  • Parthian General's Bodyguard (horse archer general)

Barbarian Factions


  • Gallic Light Cavalry (light cav)
  • Gallic Noble Cavalry (heavy cav)
  • Oathsworn (heavy infantry)
  • (Removed barbarian cav, barbarian noble cav, chosen swordsmen)


  • British Chariots (more sensible jav chariots)
  • Heroic Nobles (heavy infantry)
  • Barbarian Noble Cavalry
  • (Removed chosen swordsmen, british light and heavy chariots)


  • (Removed Gothic cav)


  • Scythian Foot Archers
  • Chosen Scythian Foot Archers
  • Scythian Light Horse (light cav)
  • (Removed barbarian cav)
  • (Buffed Scythian Nobles)


  • Getic Cavalry (heavy cav)
  • Daco-Thracian warband (light spear infantry)
  • Getic Swordmasters (heavy infantry)
  • (Removed barbarian noble cav, chosen swordsmen)


  • Cantabrian Cavalry (jav cav)
  • Celtiberian Cavalry (heavy cav)
  • Iberian Warriors (sword infantry)
  • Iberian skirmishers (jav infantry)
  • Iberian Warband (light spear infantry)
  • (Removed Iberian Infantry, Round + Long shield Cav, regular skirmishers, town militia)
  • (Buffed Scutarii)

African Factions


  • (Changed Iberian Infantry to Carthaginian Infantry)


  • Numidian Tribesmen (jav infantry)
  • Numidian Noble Cavalry (heavy jav cav)
  • Camel Lancers (Heavy shock cav)
  • (Removed regular skirmishers)
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Madness of Rome:TW 1.2

Madness of Rome:TW 1.2

Full Version 5 comments

A full release, with some basic changes to correct some of the howling errors from the first upload

Madness of Rome:TW 1.1

Madness of Rome:TW 1.1

Full Version

First (and prossbily only) release of the mod. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 19)

cool you brought balanced from rome II yes? ;P rome II is my favorite but I still gotta get my rome I fixes once in a while for nostalgia.

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CelticCommie222 Creator

I took a few of the better ideas from there ;P. Have fun!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

how can i install this mod after i download it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
CelticCommie222 Creator

Unpack into your Rome Total War folder (your main one)
Go to steam, right click on RTW, and click properties
Select launch options, and enter this in the space provided: -mod:MadnessOfRome1.1 -show_err

Hope this helps!

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I checked it out briefly and have the following comments.
1) I think you should mention that this is a mod-foldered mod.
2) What is the name: Madness of Rome or Real Rome(the name of the mod folder)?
3) I couldn't find how to recruit the elephants or war elephants for the Egyptians.
4) This looks like a mod that could go onto the Total War Center forums.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CelticCommie222 Creator

Ah, right. RealRome is the name of the actual folder, and you're right; I should have said that in the file description.
You should (in theory) be able to recruit elephnts for the egyptians wherever there are elephants (I did add some in either cairo or alexandria regions). That did work for me, but does that mean you can't find any reference to the elephants in the campaign?

I originally uploaded this as an aside: I don't really have any time to play games or mod anymore, I just made this for my own enjoyment, and I play the mod from time to time. Problem is, I don't have time to set up a TWC forum for it at the moment, but when I do have time, I will, and thanks for the suggestion!


Reply Good karma+2 votes

I checked again and found the elephants can be recruited in Memphis and Thebes. I had only checked the recruitment in Alexandria before. I forgot about local recruiting.
I went through every faction and found only one small spelling error in the mod and some small differences between your description and the mod:
1) Iberian Skirishers in the mod should be Iberian Skirmishers. In the description above you have them as Spanish skirmishers.
2) There is a Thracian Light Horse unit in the mod but Thracian Medium Cavalry in the description.
3)Iberian warbands are not mentioned in the description.

It would only require you to open a thread in the
Rome Total War Modifications forum and I hope you find the
time to do so.

Thanks for creating this mod. I have a Total War YouTube channel. I run mod campaigns sometimes and I will probably run a campaign using it unless you object. I would reference and credit this mod post, of course.

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CelticCommie222 Creator

I've made a new version that will be released Friday night UK time, presuming the mods authorise it before then. I think I've caught the errors you mentioned, and more that I've picked up (some absolute howlers).

There seems to be tonnes of hoops to jump through regarding development etc. to get and keep a mod thread on the forums, so I haven't made one, or am I just missing the point?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I wasn't aware of the hoops. Where did you find them?
Did you try to post into this forum after logging in to the site?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CelticCommie222 Creator

Ah, ok. The hoops were described in the "want a forum for your mod?" post, but I'll go ahead and make one once the new version is released/authed (whichever one is later), and see what happens.
Thanks for the help!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I couldn't find the post you mentioned. I need a link for it.
You seem to be obsessed with creating a forum for your mod. The forums are for the big, big mods like Europa Barbarorum or Roma Surrectum which have a lot of discussion.

Try to post into

once you get your revised mod approved here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CelticCommie222 Creator

Yeah, I realised that error on my part last night. Oops. Thanks for being patient with me, and I'll go ahead and do that

Reply Good karma+1 vote
CelticCommie222 Creator

Cheers for the help, I'll sort that out this weekend, and I should (hopefully) have time to create a thread then. I've got no objection to you youtubing the mod at all, and thanks for considering it! Could you send me a link to your channel?
Thanks again

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