PLEASE NOTE: This mod has been modified to run on Alexander; therefore it unfortunately cannot be played without the Alexander expansion.

Allright lads!

This mod began in 2011 as a small series of tweaks to Lusted's Terrae Expugnandae Gold for RTW 1.5. Over time (from v1 to v6) it has expanded into the monster that it is today, evolving into something way beyond the original mod. As of Version 3 it expanded enough to attain its independence!

So without further ado, allow me to present Ab Urbe Condita (from the founding of the City). The overhaul contains many new major changes, some of which are as follows:

  • New graphical improvements, courtesy of the Roma Surrectum III mod; this WILL cause lag on some lower end computers.
  • Incorporation of Mundus Magnus as the campaign map; now the game spans from Ireland to India, with hundreds of new provinces in between.
  • New factions, including the Kingdom of Epirus, the Kingdom of Baktria and the Kingdom of Sabaea (among others). Each faction is fully fleshed out and ready to play! To that end the Roman families have been merged into one faction, to facilitate the addition of others.
  • Hundreds of new units, officers and textures for the various factions ingame. Almost every unit in the game has been re-skinned for the purposes of this mod. Note that the mod is not 100% historically accurate - some units deviate from historical accuracy in their appearances, although (for the most part) the historical descriptions of said units are sound. Moreover, the ridiculous fantasy units (i.e. Wardogs, Flaming Pigs, Arcani etc.) have been removed.
  • New, Custom Wooden Walls for Settlements (base walls courtesy of Redfox); these new walls are much more substantial than the original Tier 2 walls, and will further deter any attackers!
  • An AOR mercenary recruitment system; you can now hire units like Ethiopian swordsmen, Indian elephants, Caledonian tribesmen, Argive hoplites, Campanian cavalry etc. in their respective regions (provided you have the funds of course!).
  • New UI; much attention has been given to improving this over the vanilla game. Now each culture contains their own unique UI (for example, battle advisors, campaign advisors, the UI interface itself etc).
  • New loading screens and images.
  • Many new custom battlemaps.
  • Settlement names can be customised ingame, allowing for an increased roleplaying element.
  • New descr_formations_ai file (based on Sinuhet's original):- the AI has been given double the amount of formations to choose from in battle, so expect to see a greatly improved AI response to your moves, and differing AI tactics on the battlemap.
  • Landbridges have been added to improve AI expansion; expect to see previously dormant factions triumph ingame!
  • A new, customised script has been added to help the AI when it runs out of funds (you should see a much tougher challenge from the AI, as well as allow the traditionally minor factions - Numidia/Thrace/Baktria etc - to expand and present a viable challenge.
  • The Force Diplomacy Script has also been included in the mod, allowing the player to force negotiations to compensate for the Campaign AI's shortcomings (to activate the scripts simply click the "?" icon on the top right then the "Show me how" icon when negotiating with a foreign power).
  • New Buildings and Temples; for example, build a Serapeum in Alexandria, or an Admiralty in Rome.
  • New wall textures for the Roman and Greek city walls.
  • New campaign map models for every culture on the campaign map.
  • Egypt has been largely Hellenized; now they employ a predominantly Macedonian styled army, with some native elements (however much of their UI, interface and names remain as before).
  • Massive AI tweaks and stat rebalancing of faction assets and units in the game; the Seleucid's should not be able to dominate the East as before, the Macedonians should be less likely to dominate Greece etc. Archers have had their lethality tweaked, yet are still secondary in warfare. Pikemen have had their vulnerability increased, with skirmisher/javelin lethality increased (making skirmish warfare more important). Barbarian factions are no longer easy targets; their advanced units will be able to take on the elites of their more "civilised" neighbours!
  • The Marian Reforms have been made tougher to achieve; in order to trigger the reforms for Rome the player must build a Huge City in Rome and at least one other "major" city in the game (i.e. Alexandria, Carthage, Antioch, Syracuse, Camulodunum, Avaricum, Pella, Carthago Nova).

The overarching goal here was to create a mod that catered to players who wanted more from the vanilla game, yet still wanted to retain that "feel" characteristic of the classic game we know and love. I hope that this mod strikes a fine balance between those seeking something new, yet not wanting something too extreme (like the fantastic albeit massive Roma Surrectum/Europa Barbarorum mods). You can see a brief video demonstrating what the mod can offer here.

Ab Urbe Condita is fully modfoldered (so it is perfectly compatible with the vanilla game, and will not interfere with any other mod in your Rome directory)

To Install:

  • Run the installer and direct it to your Creative Assembly/Rome - Total War folder (usually located in C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War).

  • For those of you that use Steam, direct the installer to your RTW Alexander folder (normally this would be C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\RTW Alexander).

To Play:

  • A desktop shortcut should be created for you. Simply run the mod via the shortcut and enjoy!

  • NB: The above method applies to Steam versions of Rome Total War Alexander as well!

Update History:


  • Lusted (For creating Terrae Expugnandae, the mod which started this whole venture)
  • DVK, Tone and the Roma Surrectum team (Thanks lads for the terrain, graphics overhaul and new settlement/port models)
  • DimeBagHo and the XGM team (Unit skins)
  • RedFox (Unit Skins & Logwall template)
  • Tony83, Ahowl11 and the RTR team (Unit skins)
  • Ferres (Roman skins)
  • Davide.Cool (Battlemap water textures, watchtowers, and new Greco-Roman walls)
  • Lt1956 and the SPQR team (Unit skins)
  • Kylan271 (For advice and feedback regarding early bugfixes!
  • The Europa Barbarorum Team (Sabaean units/unit skins)
  • Alin (For his help with permissions)
  • Lanjane (for his UI cards)
  • Darth Vader (For the descr_formations_ai and some units)
  • Julius Caesar Salad (For the fix/installation tip with Steam)
  • Xeofox (For the animated background menu and videos)

Feedback is greatly appreciated; with your feedback I can release better updates that fix any bugs or problems. PM me if you have any questions or problems with the mod!

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Ab Urbe Condita VI

Ab Urbe Condita VI

Full Version 46 comments

Ab Urbe Condita VI is a marked improvement on Platinum, and includes major graphical updates, new scripts for AI funds, brand new log walls, improved...

Ab Urbe Condita VI British General

Ab Urbe Condita VI British General


This file is optional; if installed, it replaces the default British Chariot General with a more suitable Cavalry Bodyguard.

Ab Urbe Condita Platinum (v5.2)

Ab Urbe Condita Platinum (v5.2)

Full Version 3 comments

Final amendments, including polishing off pre-existing features and adding new ones. As of v5.2 I consider the mod to be "complete".

Ab Urbe Condita Platinum (v5)

Ab Urbe Condita Platinum (v5)

Full Version 2 comments

This is the "almost" final version of AUC; contains another major list of changes and improvements over prior versions. The mod now includes a handy installer...

Ab Urbe Condita V4

Ab Urbe Condita V4

Full Version 9 comments

This is the near final version of AUC; changes include bugfixes and reskins.

Ab Urbe Condita (v2)

Ab Urbe Condita (v2)

Full Version 2 comments

This version is a massive improvement on earlier versions, including a new faction and new units.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 182)

hello modder. i wanted to ask why my game campaign is being laggy ? and also it crashes during campaigns , is there any way for me to fix this problem?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello Man, Did i have any chance to play this mod not in Alexander expansion but in Barbarian invasion? Steam ****** me and my copy of Alexander dont work anymore

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I am from Brazil and I am part of an RTW group where there were recent posts about this mod, many people were interested, but most did not try to install because they did not have the Alexander expansion

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zipzopdippidybop Creator

I could try and port it to Barbarian Invasion, but the reason I use Alexander is that I can add more units to the game. If I change it to BI I have to delete a load of units =/

Hope that helps!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi is Praetorian Cohort only trained in Rome?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zipzopdippidybop Creator

Yep! Historically they were always based in Rome, so I stuck to tradition and the Praetorians can only be recruited from there.

If you really want to recruit them anywhere, it can be easily changed if you want to do a bit of file hunting! Let me know if you do and I'll help ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Great mod! similar to both realism mods (ok, with less new buildings)
also some auxiliar units to build in conquered areas - but could be more ;) (like RTRP)
and this mod is very stabile. no crashes.

but one thing.
armored units are totally under-powered. I mean units with an armor or with a non leather or wood shield. these units are only a little bit more protected in defense than barbarian units with not such equipment. beside this, a well disciplined and trained unit is almost every time superior to loose barbarian units. as a result, simple barbarian units are stronger than "civilized" units with armors.

in details:
I play Germanic tribes. the cheapest units of them defeat easily roman armies ?!
may be, I have to play very hard difficult at battles? but the higher leveled units are superior again. or the simple barbarian cavalry kills Equites easily.
I have played medium difficult. Like 1000s of hours in other RTW games - so I can compare ;) . But, so I check it very hard difficult at custom battles?
and it proofs this again. with germanic berserkers and / or in combo with the Black Shields, you kill Roman late legions easily - also strong hoplites (except elite long spear units) or seleucid scythed wagons or cataphracts.

this works also when I give the opponent double as much denaris at very hard difficulty.

on the other hand, I miss 2 hitpoints at generals cavalry. as they have much less warriors per unit than common cavalry. so you have to keep an eye on your generals more than usual

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zipzopdippidybop Creator

Glad you enjoy the mod!

I originally made it for my own interest, and to keep it close to the original Rome "feeling" - ergo, minimalism is key ;)

The Blackshields and such are very strong units, but they have no armour. That way, if they are subject to missiles they'll fall in droves - an armoured unit by comparison would be much better for soaking up the damage.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Great to write with you. However, this mod is better than the most I have tested. No crashes for example.

Sure, it is your thing.
but if you combine the Blackshields with Berserkers...omg...end of all. sometimes the Berserkers do the job alone... I mean this result with very hard difficulty and giving the enemy twice as much money.
tried this with cataphracts or scythed wagons too - or Spartans and Praetorians.
I tried also the other way. played with "very easy" against Berserkers...lost for 90% of all tries.

I just checked this as I was totally surprised to defeat roman troops with their armors very easily.
so when you say, the Blackshields should be protected against ranged weapons, I agree, but the units with an armor fall down as fast too - almost.
so what I mean is, units with an armor (more or less) - or helmet and shield of metal (instead wood) are not as much stronger than a wood shield in this game as it should be.
so to clarify what I mean, the defense of units with armor (metal) is too weak.

the simple barbarian or germanic spear band defeats Hastati, a better equipped, armored and disciplined unit?
the same with simple cheap barbarian cavalry. they defeat the Equites easily.

I played Rome total Realism Platinum last year, also with the germanic people. But, as the Romans attacked me, all my lower or medium units were defeated against armored units

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zipzopdippidybop Creator

I'm very happy to hear its running smoothly (honestly; it's been my biggest worry as a lot of what I've done hasn't been playtested on many rigs other than my own - maybe a friend or two but that's it).

I tested a battle against a German army, with Berserkers and Blackshields there. On a river crossing my forester warbands were able to rip holes in them - I can only imagine what a javelin armed unit could do!

That's strange; I've tried firing ammo on roman units head on; the damage was always negligible - same applies to hoplite units - it's only from the flanks or rear that the damage begins to take its toll.

The shield damage reduction is based on the shields size in game, rather than the material from which it is made. The values of armour (say, against unarmoured) are as follows;

This is the statistics for the German Berserkers:

stat_sec_attr no
stat_pri_armour 2, 10, 0, flesh

...and this is the same for the Galatian Swordsmen/Machiarophoroi Galatikoi;

stat_sec_attr no
stat_pri_armour 8, 6, 4, metal

The 1st number corresponds with the armour value, the 2nd with the defence skill and the 3rd with their shield protection. The berserkers and blackshields have high defence skill, but very low/zero armour (blackshield value for example is 0).

The reason the Berserkers do such high damage (along with the Chosen Axemen) is because they wield armour piercing weapons - they are as a result very effective against armoured troops.

As for the superiority of troop types; I've tried to balance them quite a bit; you WILL see "inferior" troops defeat better ones, depending on many circumstances (i.e. my Equites routed the elite Companion Cavalry of Pyrrhus, even though they were better and had more xp, simply because I charged into them from uphill and the flank simultaneously). Troop numbers also don't help - usually a warband can take on a hastati cohort with 50/50 results; but the warbands break easily, whereas Romans are a tad sturdier.

PS - Experience is EXTREMELY important in my mod. Try a battle with a silver chevron unit against a raw recruited elite unit, and see who wins ;)

PPS - regarding metal vs wood types; remember that the Roman scutum was wooden, with metal rims and a central metal boss. Wooden shields, while reinforced, were probably more effective, or at least rivalled the cumbersome bronze lined hoplons the classical Greeks carried! Not wicker shields though; they're crap ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I will check this ;)
but your tested maps and situations are not common in a campaign. they are rare ;) except you attack nomad horse archer armies.

but it is still a problem for me that the simple units, like the germanic spear band, the barbarian spears or simple barbarian cav defeats disziplined roman units.

to your ps
I have tested this already giving the enemy twice as much money. so the xp was higher.

to pps. ah ok, so the early shields and armors were hard worked leather with some metal elements?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zipzopdippidybop Creator

True, but generally if you can outmanoeuvre your enemy you can shoot them to pieces easily.

I usually go Principes core armies for my Roman conquests; when the Warbands fight me it's usually quite 50/50 (their Warcry increases their attack stats temporarily) but they rout easily; moreover, if their general is killed they break VERY easily.

Pretty much; purely metal shields are heavy - the Roman shield was a mix of reinforced wood with metal rims and a central boss; they could use the rims to bash down on an opponents toes or "punch out" with the central boss, staggering them

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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