Arx Neuralis — HD texture pack for Arx Fatalis. All textures are original, so the atmosphere is preserved, upscaled to 16x resolution with neural networks, and then downscaled to 50%. All textures are upscaled, except for FX(magic, fire, etc, problems with transparency) and some interface elements(problems with scaling).

VERSION: v0.9. Needs full playthrough for testing. Please report if you find any bugs.

1. Install Arx Libertatis. Download Arx Libertatis Windows Binaries (Development Snapshot).zip and put its content into your Arx Fatalis game directory and Replace all files.
2.Run the game once to the main menu. Exit.
3.Put all folders from the mod archive into your Arx Fatalis game directory and Replace all files(if prompted).
Example folder structure >C:\Games\Arx Fatalis
Tested on the GOG version of the game.

WARNING:In the latest versions of Arx Libertatis some textures flicker a little on collision. Latest version that has no flicker is Arx Libertatis 2017.12.28, but it's older by 2 years and maybe has other bugs. Unzipped mod size is 4,5 Gb

COMPARISONS: 1 2 3 4 5

RECOMMENDATIONS: If you want to use Reshade hook it to the arx.exe inside \Arx Fatalis\bin\x64 folder. For Arx, I recommend HDR Shader or qUINT_Lightroom if you want more control over shadows\highlights. Depth buffer is not accessible.

Original game creators.
Arx Libertatis team for the texture unpack tools and patch.
GameUpscale community for the wonderful tools and information.

FINAL WORDS: Enjoy the game!

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Arx Neuralis

Arx Neuralis

Full Version 5 comments

Arx Neuralis — HD texture pack for Arx Fatalis. Unzipped size is 4.5 Gb

Comments  (0 - 10 of 12)
cocosusprime - - 2 comments

Great and bad mod at the same time.
It will improve the look of the game but it will dramatically slow down the loading times.
Without it, the loading times are almost instantaneous, but with it, it can take whooping 30+ seconds.
It might not affect the normal gameplay, but it is quite damn annoying when you are transitioning between areas to return to your stash, or doing the lockpick exploit, which you will be VERY MUCH drawn to do :D
It basically undoes the optimization the Arx Libertatis do, and just makes it worse.
Considering that I have a really high spec gaming laptop, it should not be a hardware issue, it is probably a game engine thing where it handles the assets in a weird way.
Even the broken *** overmoded Skyrim loads faster the biggest and most complex maps.

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Guest - - 695,671 comments

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zeekzag - - 11 comments

Man, this looks really good!
The only problem I have is that the game takes ages to load locations now (up to a minute).

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Ztritsval - - 106 comments

Wow. Thanks a lot!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dibdob - - 1,342 comments

Great work ,thanks for posting !

Is it best to download this version now ?
I mean is this the final release or do you have plans to update?
I noticed you've done some bug-fixing already.

I have a bit of a slow download connection so would prefer to wait a bit if another version might be in-coming :)

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Beck1 - - 4 comments

This HD mod is just great. I want to say thanks for the good work to the developers. I think that people should better understand what this mod is doing, and therefore I uploaded screenshots. Before and after. There is one point! After installing the mod, I didn’t have my game saves. I could only start a new game. There were still problems with the interface. The problem is solved very simply. Just do not copy the interface folder to the game. Copy and replace files only from the "levels" and "obj3d" folders. This way you get a game with HD textures, but with the old interface. Also your game saves will work.

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toxic72 - - 14 comments

Tnx man.
Everything is ok but when I enter the city the game starts to hate. The picture is frozen for 5 seconds and so on as soon as I get out of town everything works perfectly.

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Ridiculous_Death Creator
Ridiculous_Death - - 9 comments

I think your VRAM is overloading in the city, check it with afterburner.

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Guest - - 695,671 comments

Hey, does this mod fix any of the texture glitches, like clipping? There's so many texture clipping in my game...

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Ridiculous_Death Creator
Ridiculous_Death - - 9 comments

Sorry, no. As I said in the description "Latest version that has no texture flicker is Arx Libertatis 2017.12.28" So you can choose, no flicker or more bugfixes in newest versions.

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