Amnesia The Dark Descent: Remastered

Approved by Frictional Games!



Do other languages other than english still work?
Yes, but because of the new fonts - diacritics are no longer supported.

Can I use assets from this mod in my custom story?
Yes, you can take any texture or any edited entity (like monsters, shadow-casting lamps...) and use them in your mod. But at least credit me. You are NOT allowed to rip textures or models and release them as your own ADDONS/MODS!!

Can I run Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Remastered?
Gtx 1050 build is the minimum required

Will it unnistall my custom stories?

Will it unnistall my save games?

How do I unnistall the mod?
Reinstall the game. It takes a few seconds - the base game is only 2gb

What has changed?
A list is written down below

Does Justine work?
It works(?), it's upscaled, but the maps are the same.

Can I play custom stories?
Yes you can. But windows will be broken in custom stories.

What's the size of the mod?
3 gb in .rar
9 gb exctracted

How do nosteam users install the mod?
Same process, just the directories will be different.
Example steam Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Amnesia The Dark Descent
Example nosteam Program Files (x86)\Amnesia The Dark Descent
or Program Files (x86)\Games\Amnesia The Dark Descent


Long loading times (MOD SPECIFIC)
- This is because of the deleted ".map_cache files".
But they need to be deleted otherwise an old version of the map is loaded.

Game stops responding while loading (ORIGINAL GAME)
- Stop bashing your keyboard or clicking mindlessly while in loading screen

Game gives me an error after entering a map (MOD SPECIFIC)
- You accidentaly deleted ".map" files while deleting ".map_cache" files
To repair this, replace the ".map" files again.

The number 7 is glitched in the notes and diaries (MOD SPECIFIC)
- Known bug, I haven't got around to fixing.
It's not game breaking and really not important.

Taking out the lantern freezes the game for a few seconds (MOD SPECIFIC)
- Caused by the texture size of player's hand and lantern.
Luckily this only happens the first time and the first time only every game session.

- You most likely don't meet the min. requirements.

Stutter when a sound plays (ORIGINAL GAME)
- This problem has been in Amnesia games for a long time.
If devs can't fix it, I wouldn't be able to do so too.

Music is stuttering every second or so (ORIGINAL GAME)
- Only way to fix this is to: Wait until the song stops
Exit & Save and Continue


drag and drop the "Amnesia The Dark Descent" folder into:
Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common (drop it inside "common" folder, and replace all the files)

drag and drop the "main_settings.cfg" file into:
User\Documents\Amnesia\Main (drop it inside "main" folder, and replace the file)

What I've changed:

  • Every single texture upscaled up to 4 times.
    • Remade some textures from scratch
  • Added many PBR materials
  • Added a wide variety of floors and ceilings
  • Redone every single normal, specular and some height maps
    • more objects now use cubemaps
    • more objects now use refraction including windows
  • Updated shaders
  • 3D parallax effect (thanks to Deu Sex & sgi)
  • Updates to some entities including:
    • Fixed the ragdoll pig
    • More entities are now breakable
    • Broken debris now doesn't dissapear and is interactable
    • Added subtle variety to enemies
    • More entities are now interactable
  • Lighting to every TDD map redone or tweaked
  • Every light sources now cast shadows including player's lantern
  • Tweaked and upscaled most of the particle materials, and edited the .ps files
    • Smoke and other particle systems are now affected by light level
  • Small changes to player controls
  • Fixed small number of known map bugs
  • Added more reflection
    • Windows now reflect the interior
    • Water parts are now more reflective
    • Some floors now reflect the interior
  • You can see through windows
  • Fonts are now sharper
  • Some UI elements have been scaled down
  • Cut content
    • Added some diaries
    • Added some sounds
    • Added the original/unused soundtrack
  • Changed some reverb sounds
  • Tweaks to script
    • Add sanity areas to places where they were needed the most
    • Tweaked some monster spawns
    • Other minor tweaks (autowalk, lantern falling off the desk...)


If you've got any spare change, drop it here:
I'll be very thankful.
Total funds received in donations: N/A


One or more textures in this mod have been created with photographs from These photographs may not be redistributed by default; please visit for more information.

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Note that these are my techniques and ways I remastered Amnesia and this isn't a professional guide to remastering a game, I'm not a professional nor do I have any experience in 2D or 3D graphics.

The Textures

Original Amnesia textures aren't bad at all. They actually are as good as they possibly could have been back in 2010, running on older machines. But things have changed.
My first step to remaster Amnesia were the textures. Back then in 2016 when I first got this foolish Idea in my head - there were no ways of upscaling textures available for me. So I hade to improvise:

Photoshop upscale and overlays
This was my earliest technique of "upscaling". Open up a texture (I'll be using from Amnesia). Once opened press Ctrl+Alt+I and change the size from 512 to 1024. This will double it size, but won't add any detail.
To add detail open up any other texture I will be using:
Add it on top of the texture you want to "upscale" and change the blending to "soft light"

Left - Default. Right - Overlayed

LEFT - original. RIGHT - overlayed. You can see this kinda works, and if uspcaling didn't become a thing this would be the way I would do it.

Upscaling using software
This is the go-to way of remastering textures. The texture stays as true to the original as possible and the results are amazing

Left - original Right - Upscale

LEFT - original. RIGHT - upscaled. For this technique I used Topaz Gigapixel AI. When I first saw upscaling software I was mind-blown, and the first thing that came to my mind was to upscale Amnesia.

Remaking textures
Even though, this textures looking great. It wasn't changing the game enough to be called a remaster. If this was Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Upscaled then yes, this would do.
I actually upscaled all the textures before I started to remake some of them. To remake a texture I either used a pre-existing texture, color-correct it, adjusted the levels so it matched the original texture or I used a PBR material.

And I actually replaced this texture in game with a PBR material:

Now I was happy with the end result. Since PBR are real life surfaces, they look more real and by adjusting the color I managed to not deviate from the original feel. This is how it looks in game:

ingame castlebase

The upscaling journey

Ok so now I had to upscale every single texture of every single static object, entity and particle system there is. And when I was done upscaling, I had to make normal, specular and height maps for every single upscaled texture. If you wonder how much work that is: (i won't be counting other textures, only objects)
626 static object textures
1527 entity textures
In total: ‭2 153‬ textures

I suggest you watch 3kliksphilip's video:
he is an upscaling addict.

The shaders

This was something I experimented with a lot.

I've tried sweetfx, which doesn't support OpenGl games like Amnesia.

I've tried reShade, which has an anoying pop up everytime the games is launched

I've also tried using the edited shaders by a member of this community I actually ended up using one texture from that, so thanks Stayd!

But what I ended up doing is actually copying shaders from Machine for Pigs. These shaders don't blow out the whites as the TDD's do.

But the most interesting and most graphics changing is the 3D parallax shader.


So now the textures are done. We have awesome new textures, either upscaled or redone. We also got them looking awesome thanks to the parallax effect.

Reflective floor
There's no such thing as a reflective floor in Amnesia. The only thing able to reflect the surrounding is the water. So how to make reflective floor?

1. Make a white blank texture and port it to Amnesia material editor.

Using these exact settings, you can make an invisible material that reflects everything around it.

2. Choose a place where you want your floor to be reflective

I chose this floor. Now let's make this floor reflect inside the game. To do it - have the floor selected and press Ctrl+D to duplicate it. now just change the material to the reflective one we made above.

Now you should have your floor and a reflective, invisible material on top.

And boom, our floor is now reflecting surrounding areas. It's very demanding, thats why I decided to use it so little on such a small surface. Also use it on floor that make sense, wood for example wouldn't be able to give off such a sharp reflection, but this marble floor works fine.

The enviroments

When I had all the textures done, I still didn't feel it changed the game much. The HD textures are only visible from a close distance.

To make the Brenneburg castle feel more like a place I made the windows seethrough. And how did I do that? I changed the original window texture from a solid material into either translucent material or even better... water.

Using water material as windows allows me to give the window a realistic reflection as well as being translucent.

Now that the windows are translucent, I added an outside scene behind every single window in the game. So you can have a better look at the Prussian forest, but don't get too close otherwise the interior reflection will cover your view.

Blocked off cave-ins
Ever wondered what's behind the blocked off areas? Well I added little gaps in between the rocks, so you can see where the corridors originally lead.

This with the outside areas is a great addition to the game in my opinion. It makes the castle feel like a real place, without deviating from the original game too much.

The lighting
The lighting was already good in Amnesia, but there were improvements i could make. First, the candles and other lightsources cast realtime shadows.

Some lightrays created by windows now pulsate, or slightly change color as time passes.

And the one I like the most. Smoke and dust is now affected by light level.

Now you can only see the smoke and dust if there's light. This wasn't the case in Amnesia. The dust and smoke would just be always visible even in complete darkness. This makes the lighting look more dynamic and important in the levels as well as the particle effects more realistic.

There are a LOT more improvements in the game. Like more breakable objects, more interactable objects etc. But I wanted to showcase the ones that made the most impact and were the most important.

If you like the work I did, you can either donate or rate this mod or write a comment etc. etc.
And of course thank you for your time!


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[UPDATED] Amnesia The Dark Descent - Remastered

[UPDATED] Amnesia The Dark Descent - Remastered

Full Version 5 comments

UPDATED VERSION of Amnesia: The Dark Descent Remaster, fixing the few problems this mod has.

[HOTFIX] Amnesia The Dark Descent - Remastered

[HOTFIX] Amnesia The Dark Descent - Remastered

Patch 6 comments

Patch/Hotfix for Amnesia: The Dark Descent Remastered

Amnesia The Dark Descent - Remastered

Amnesia The Dark Descent - Remastered

Full Version

OLD VERSION of the Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Remaster

Comments  (0 - 10 of 54)

I scribbled up a short tutorial about fixing Amnesia screenshots. You can check it out here:

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florian. Creator

Checked it out. I actually considered upping the exposure but didn't know whether to let it stay true to the original or not. I guess actually being able to see something is more important lmao

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Ok,so I played like half of the game with this, switched to the fixes and the new version for a bit.

Overall the upscaling of textures and the lighting is great, what I liked the most are the small map additions however, the new rooms you can seee through cracks and being able to see the trees outside really adds a lot to the atmosphere.

The thing that I'd really like to see more are small changes like those, maybe even adding small secret areas with more tinderboxes/oil/health potions to freshen the game up a bit more and have more outdoorsy areas with natural lighting. Also maybe you could add some stuff happening outside the windows, like hearing/seeing a grunt walk somewhere in the distance and so on.
I don't know however if that's the intent of the mod or if you want to keep it more strictly as an upscale thing that keeps almost everything as it was in the original game, personally I think adding stuff could improve the experience if done right.

My main issues with the mod however are that chandeliers/lamps cast ugly shdows from their own model, which does't really look that good, I suggest turnning off shadow casting for those meshes if possibly in hpl2. I tried installing the hotfix but apparently it didn't do anything.

I'm not sure if it's because of the mod, but I find that some crates break a bit too easily, and that can get frustrating if you're trying to climb on crates somewhere, especially in the first level of Justine.

Another issue are the reflections, they sometmes kinda kill the framerate on my 1080Ti on 1440p, but it only happens in a few areas and it can be easily toggled from the graphics menu. Also in some places it kinda feels like they're just put there just for the sake of having reflections.

In the first few levels I think that there should also be a particle system for the rain now that you can see outside and hear the rain but not see it.

Some of the more smooth-looking materials look a bit weird, having a greenish blurry specular thing going on, idk if the shaders in hpl2 can be made to look good for materials like that or not, but they are somwehat noticeable.

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florian. Creator

Thanks for the lengthy review. Feedback is always appreciated.
Yes, of course there will be some problems, I should have probably find testers before releasing it.

I was really scared to add the small details like extra secret rooms and stuff like that I didn't want it to feel like a different game.

I understand the shadows under chandeliers don't look good. I would mainly blame the polycount on the original models for that. The models can sometimes be very "blocky" and so will be the shadows. But yea, that would be how the shadows would look like if the candles were to cast shadows.

I love reflections sorry.

Believe it or not, I actually tried it. I just didn't want to make the rain particle system from scratch. There already is a rain particle system but that one covers the whole map, so it would rain in the interior. Also due to the refraction on the windows the rain would not be visible even if were to be there.

Again there are like 2000 textures changed. I WISH I could've spent more time on them.

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All the reviews are fake.
This is a ********.
Changing the gamma for some pictures can be named mod?
I call this shix.

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ShellDown: downloads amnesia REMASTER
also ShellDown: oMg ThIs Is AmNeSiA bUt ReMaStErEd

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Wow, ShellDown! I thought you are better than this! Surprise, I guess.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

******* retarded idiot.

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Thank you for your professional opinion regarding this certain modification.

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florian. Creator


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