A complete remaster of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, bringing it back to life for the last time after 10 years.

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Secretial says

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Here is my review;
First of all - this dude did an INCREDIBLE job here.
I was super surprised when I saw this mod on top of the mod page, even more when I saw it was released on the same day.
+ New textures look very good, especially with parallax effect and high-
+ Lighting is better than original in most of cases (something is in negatives,
+ Great job with see-through windows.
+ Great usage of halos and billboards.
+ Great usage of particle effects, improvements with fog, too.
+ Reflective floor is amazing.
- Game can be laggy on occasions, unless you have high-end gaming PC.
- Lighting is not always that great, especially spotlights - elevator lamps are
broken, due to those ugly shadows below.
- You broke the window rays, well, some of them unfortunately.
That is pretty much it, and overall, I am rating this 9/10 - it would be 10 if there were no those lighting problems. Masterpiece, thanks for making this! :)


GatewaySnake says

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Definitely the best TDD remaster venture out there.

While the upgrades look great, the mod sometimes takes too much liberty in changing certain things.


- Upscaling pretty much the entire game, of course. It is fantastic to play this and not see a blurry mess each time I get close to anything.

- As far as I know, no drastic changes to the game asides from visuals and some new details. Which is great because there have been multiple "remasterening" mods out there which put their crappy contributions in the main game.

- Good job with the outside scenes for the see-through windows; they could probably use some more detail, but are more than serviceable anyway

- I'm legit impressed that you went through the effort of making more cubemaps for reflections, as well as managing to make the glass reflections look good.

- Other very tasteful improvements and touch-ups, such as making the cockroaches not neon-orange, carpet wrinkles, making broken entities not dissolve and shader improvements


- The reworked lighting can miss the mark by a big margin. Some rooms are ridiculously brighter than in the original. Shadow casting from lamps is nice, but some of them look way worse now. For example, the hanging lantern - it has a ring of light with a huge, rough shadow in the middle, actively making some scenes worse (pic: Media.moddb.com). Asides from adding a SpotLight, I'd leave the PointLight underneath it for a more natural and less jarring look.

- Some new bugs (e.g. I had lamps pop through the floor in the first map, and I was playing on a clean Steam install - pic: Media.moddb.com), including ones I have never seen before (pic: Media.moddb.com). I also had some bizarre crashes when trying to turn down the settings.


- The performance takes a really heavy hit. This is not entirely your fault, because the engine is badly optimized in itself, so pushing it to its limits will end badly even on good computers, and I guess it is to be expected.

- The completely new textures which replace some old ones look very nice, but some of them can feel out of place. Also they can feel a bit too clean from time to time. E.g. the marble in castlebase has both of these issues. Most of them look great though (e.g. the floor tiles in castlebase).

- The upscaled fonts look fantastically crisp when large (pause menu, inventory, journal), but they look worse when used as tiny text (e.g. in the settings menu). Maybe use the small ones for the menus, although I don't remember if it's possible.

- The sheer size of this mod makes the install process a bit cumbersome (unpacking the archive almost froze my PC, lol)

To summarize, this is a really fantastic mod, you did some incredible job here. I low-key wish I was interested in replaying the main game now to see what else you did. Would be a 10 from me if not for some questionable lighting changes and a few technical inconveniences.

PS. I'd suggest moving the donation link a bit lower and making the description a bit less condescending, it's kinda off-putting and I almost didn't give this mod a fair chance because of that - and I can already see others having a similar (if not worse) reaction


devilhood says

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I've been waiting for a mod like this for a while. Thank you for restoring life back to this golden standard horror and giving me yet another reason to poo myself. You've put in an amazing effort and the results are glorious!


RetroTreeStudios says

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This mod is just incredible, what it does is amazing considering the age of the HPL Engine. The main problems come from lag and loading times. The lag doesn't bother me personally, but the loading times are definitely an issue most of the time. Other than that, this mod is amazing. I think other Amnesia modders will benefit from this in the future.


Phantasm42 says

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WARNING: the longest review I've done. Worst case scenario is you're gonna have a "TL;DR" coming right in your mind.


This fan-made re-imagining is awesome! It runs *kind of* well on my GTX 1050 Ti rig.

I didn't want to re-install the game (because of my Internet connection-- it's crappy) so I made a copy of my installation folder, removed custom things and installed the mod.

Here's my pros, neutrals, and cons of this mod.



+2 • High-quality upscaled textures makes the game look like a complete masterpiece, not gonna lie. The AMFP shader also gives off an 1800's "vintage" kind of vibe.

+2 • The extra ambience sounds for entities, static objects and other things makes the game immersive, and they've given me a little spook while testing this. I should also note the reverb effects for the rock-floor material, and some longer versions of music files taken from what I believe is the soundtrack of the original game.

+2 • The mod's lighting looks much better than the original's and plays a role in the immersiveness.

+2 • Boxes now break instead of being solid unbreakables. Thankfully you can pick up broken pieces without them fading away to nothingness!

+2 • Things look reflective. Floors, windows, whatever, making them look pretty.



+0 • The download size took a bit long. It almost went into a "Download failed" error as I predicted, but it's just my crappy internet connection. Thankfully it fully downloaded.

+0 • The filesize of the mod would flood smaller hard disks the size of 25-30 gigabytes even though the mod's only 10 or 11 gigabytes.

+0 • The looks of the lantern hasn't changed yet. But I still like it though-- maybe a few improvements would make it look much better like the "Improved Lantern" mod.

+0 • Lights look brighter than the original, maybe try darkening them?

+0 • Due to the limits of the HPL2 engine it runs kind of choppy in some cases.

+0 • Fonts are kind of squished in menus, but for now I'll try dealing with them.


-1 • Some "added" spotlights look a bit worse, which, as GatewaySnake said, forms "a huge, rough shadow" underneath hanging lanterns, making the Archives level a first offender of this issue.

-1 • Crafting the mod into an FC makes the game freeze during the intro segment.



I am super obliged to replay the improved Amnesia campaign as I had before back in the day! I'll stream some day playing this mod and other stuff.

For most people, use Large Address Aware, even if the game takes half a gig or more. That way it won't run out of the 2 gigabyte memory limit when playing memory-intensive mods.

Anyways, this mod receives an eight out of ten score because of it's redeeming qualities, but this also suffers from a few bugs which kind of breaks the immersion. It is a must-have for people who have gaming PC's that do not fall under the GTX 1050 card requirement.




moongrim says

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