You take the role as Lee Hawkins, a young man from Cyprus who goes on a trip to Gothfair Village in hope to solve the mysterious events that has occurred in and around the village.

Lee, just like his grandfather, believe the events may have something to do with the remains of the Crusaders influence. Little does he know that this trip will reveal more than he could ever imagine.

This story is based on all my previous work and stories by various authors. What happened to the characters in Alma, Brutal lies and Cursed souls will be explained in this story.


This is a regular story, NOT a full conversion! And you need Machine for pigs patch to play this story.

Also please notice that this mod, while it has scary moments, focus a lot on the story line and puzzles. If you like long mods with a unique story, this is the right one for you.

If you only want simple puzzles and don't care about the story line at all, then this is not the right mod for you.

The story is long and will take hours to complete.


- The latest version of the game, V 1.3 as the mod use a few new scripts and Justine entities (notice that if you use steam, the patch should install automaticly)

- Windows platform (It might work on Mac, although this story does not support it)

- A legal version of the game (It should be obvious, but to a lot of pirates it isn't)


- Several chapters (the story will take hours to complete)

- Detailed levels and a lot of different enviroments

- Bars, stores, hotels, night/daytime, eastereggs and money

- Custom items, monsters and music

- A lot of voice acting

- Unique story line
- NPC's (You're not the only one alive in this story)
- Morality system


Chapter 1 Checking in:
Notice that a lot of the maps for chapter 1 will be back in other chapters

- Intro 100%
- Village, forest, chapel day/night 100%

- Hotel day/night 100%

- Library/school 100%
- Store 100%

- Barn/warehouse 100%
- Tunnel system 100%

Chapter 2 Brutal discovery:

- Milestone mansion 100%
- Milestone prison, sewer 100%

Chapter 3 Unexpected turns:

- Jefferson mansion 100%
- Jefferson outside 100%

Chapter 4 Burried deep:

- Tomb 100%
- Landlords mansion 100%
- Tunnel system underfloor 100%

Chapter 5 Defective:
- Laboat 100%
- Silverbay 100%
- Silverbay house 100%
- Haunted mine 100%
- Dark warehouse 100%
- The ward 100%

Chapter 6 Countdown:
- Morgue 100%
- Temple part 1 100%
- Temple part 2 100%
- Temple part 3 100%
- Temple part 4 100%

Chapter 7 The settlement:
- Le finalo 100%
- Aftermatch 100%
- Epilogue 100%

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RSS Articles

Remaster/Redux in progress


Hello Final Revleations fans. I decided to remaster/redux (what ever word you prefer to use, some say it's a remaster, some say redux) the mod. Not many people still playing the game, and this is by far my best mod, but I got some new ideas, tried them out and, well I'm having fun with it, so why not :p.

The things I will change in the new version:

- Improved grammar. The extra_english file is huge, but fuck it, I will do a grammar check anyway

- Better shopping system. The bar will remain the same, but shops such as Alma's store will now let you pick what you want, instead of giving you random items

- More life in the village. A new merchant and a guard (with voice acting) will be in the village now, including more details and objects to make the village look less empty

- One of the voice actors will re-do his lines to make them better

- More details and better lightning in all chapters, if needed. I got better and better the more I progressed with this mod, but a few things here and there will be changed

- Changes with the morality system. New ways of getting a few points will be added, and the minimum requirement to get the best ending may be reduced slightly, since very few people were able to get the best ending

- Added a missing item to the entities (very minor and not important item, but still)

- Minor glitches fixed. After 3 updates, I thankfully don't have a lot of bugs to fix, but there are always new glitches and bugs showing up, so

- And probably more to come

When will it come out? No idea. I will take my time on it and try to make it perfect :).

Final Revelation celebration

Final Revelation celebration

News 8 comments

Final Revelations is over 2 years old now! Time flies by doesn't it.




Youtubers that made walkthroughs/playthroughs of my story and finished it.

Easter eggs and secrets

Easter eggs and secrets


My story, Final Revelations for Amnesia contains a lot of easter eggs and secrets.

News and youtubers

News and youtubers

News 1 comment

A new blog entry for my Amnesia custom story "Final Revelations".

RSS Files
Final Revelations v.3

Final Revelations v.3

Full Version 7 comments

Version 3 fixes: - Added 3 new custom soundtracks to the story - It should no longer be possible to make the story glitch out if you use an older waxroll...

Final Revelations Good Ending Guide

Final Revelations Good Ending Guide

Guides 1 comment

A guide for those that wants to know how to get the best ending for the story.

Final Revelations v.2 (Outdated)

Final Revelations v.2 (Outdated)

Full Version 2 comments

Full version of Final Revelations with a lot of things changed and fixed.

Final Revelations v.1.1 (Outdated)

Final Revelations v.1.1 (Outdated)

Full Version 2 comments

The full 1.1 version of Final Revelations. I have tested it 3 times, fixed more errors than you could imagine. Hopefully now it will work fine for everyone...

Final Revelations Demo

Final Revelations Demo

Demo 5 comments

IMPORTANT: Windows is the only supported platform, so playing on Windows is highly recommended WITH Justine DLC installed. It should be working fine but...

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At the end you got banned how you deserve. Multiple accounts, slurs, hateful, bad friends and trolls. Looks good on you, little hater.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

well all know you're Reminiscity, so shut up

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have a strong intuition about who this guest is. Enjoy your little piece of **** mod getting molested.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Why making such accusations? Could also be someone else lol. :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Who did he accuse, and how? He just said he has a strong intuition who that guest is.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

"Strong intuition" -> A guess. Strong -> very likely.
Almost sure.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This mode is HUGE and it's not really good thing because locations are big and empty, walking long distances is boring. Village looks totally dead. All puzzles have no unique touch. It took me to complete 8.5 hours on steam. It has it moments but overall pretty cheap quality, especially voice acting.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KrustiClawn Creator

I don't fully agree with you, especially about the puzzle part and the overall cheap quality. However, I can agree with you that the village looks kinda dead. Some NPC's can be found from time to time, but it could be better. Voice acting as well.

A remaster version is coming out in the future which will make some of the empty areas (including the village) less empty and more alive. Some voice actors will improve their lines as well (see full list of fixes above).

Thanks for taking your time to try it out though.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Hey man, in a video of Dolan studios i see cursed souls remastered? i dont know if i am crazy or what.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Amnesia: Final Revelations lässt sich nicht starten.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KrustiClawn Creator

I do not know your language so I can only help you in english. Translated, I think it means "Final Revelations can not be started".

If you scroll up to the mod description and click on "Read more" you can find a list of all requirements in order to get the mod to work. You must have version 1.3 for Amnesia, a non-pirated version of the game and preferably play it on Windows.

The moddb version for this mod is only a regular custom story. If you put it in the right folder, your game is legit and not pirated and your version for amnesia is up to date and it still don't work, could you perhaps give me some kind of error log? Because I don't know why the custom story version wouldn't work otherwise.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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Wow this was you're best mod easily, I loved Dark Case and this one prove's it you really worked hard on this mod. All the original and new ideas, make's this mod one of the uniquest I ever played and experienced. I love the town, bar, my room where I can sleep and do stuff. Everything is executed perfectly! Story was really intriguing and so interesting I lost track of time how long I have been playing this, everything is well done with story wise and how plot thickens and all those twists are…

May 2 2015 by HumiliatoR

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