You take the role of a 3-person-stron mercenary team. Their missions involve highly dangerous tasks for people ranging from underworld bosses to high-status polititions.


The Space Crusades:

The Space Crusades conflict has lasted only several years and is considered a minor issue to the Galactic War.

The Space Crusades war began when Christian fleets heard that the Islamic space explorations descovered "Sanctus Locus" (the Holy Planet). Christians moved to take the Holy Planet, but it was defended by Muslim armies. This resulted in a war breaking out, named the "Space Crusades". Sanctus Locus is a planet located very near the center of the galaxy and is considered a life giving planet due to the fact illnesses are miraculously cured.

The Galactic War:

The Galactic War is one that has claimed many lives and wasted many years on conflict. It must be stopped. The long list of fallen soldiers grows rapidly, all fallen on the battlefields and starfields between 2012 and 2043. On Earth, the ancient Aztecs predicted the world would end 2012... They were right.

The Galactic War had began when the Galactic Colonisation Forces space forces had raided the Solar System United Armed Forces crator bases on Mercury and supply bases on Titan, a moon of Saturn. The SSUAF quickly responded and pushed the GCF further out into the Terranu System, but the Terranu Empire declared war on both sides for failing to leave their controlled sector. It's now 2043, 31 years since the war started, yet it is no closer to ending, or so we thought.


LuckyCapo (Me): Concept Art/Storyline/Team LeaderCONCEPT ART IS BEING SCANNED... TO BE UPLOADED ASAP.

Outline Of The Situation:

A few things I would like to say here. I would firstly like to get a team of people ready to work on this mod, whatever you can do, we need people from all walks of life. Secondly, this is to the mappers/modellers/etc: if you could, donate or contribute one thing or make us one model in your spare time, it would be most appreciated. This will be, hopefully, a community project. I want to try to get nearly everyone invovled with this to make it an ultimate mod. So don't be afraid. Get in touch and we'll all get ready to go.

Many thanks, Lucky Capo.

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Hello everyone!

Two things to share/ask of you all today...

Firstly, I am advertising the multiple positions to work on After The Darkness. If you can do anything that you think will help, please contact me. Thanks.

Lastly, we, the creators of After The Darkness are calling on the Community of ModDB to come together and make a grand mod, and not all work full time, little models and maps combined with the team's efforts will help greatly. Little contributions or donations of models/maps would help greatly and may benifit little known talent from around, from all over. It would be a brilliant thing to watch all the greatest talent come together and create a grand masterpiece. Any suggestions for the mod are also welcomed and we thank you all for reading this.

Many thanks,

The A.T.D Team.


this looks like a good mod, keep up the good work, im tracking.

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