Your name is David Leatherhoff, and you're addicted to a mysterious drug.
Lately you have started to experience hallucinations, nightmares picking at your deepest and darkest fears.
Finally, you've decided to seek help in Markland Hospital and...


You felt that you've been here before.
The pills awaits you in the bathroom exactly where you remember it, but it looks different somehow.
The dreams are the same as last time, as familiar as it is frightening, but their inhabitants now seems altered.

What is happening?

You contemplate taking the pills.


What if?

Remod is a mod for AoMDC that brings :

- Modified models, AoMDC already has HD models, but there's different models now along with the fact that there's no more holster/draw animations for reloading.

- Simple detail texturing for most of the textures, r_detailtextures must be set to 1.
Couldn't replace the actual textures since they're actually included in the BSPs and i still lack knowledge to modify them.

- Slight HUD changes, just the weapon icons to fit the new models, along with the fact that the battery icon now is affected by how many battery juice you have left.

- Modified UI, the main menu background image is made larger (less pixely), loading/pausing now uses custom graphics, and the letterboxing now works for widescreen (though the noise effect is unsalvageable).

- Sound changes, stuff like doors/weapons/items/etc.

- "Saved..." changed to give flickering effects.

This particular Remod does not include AoMDC, so you will need to install that first.

!NC! Furious - GMGeneral mag skin
Ambient.Impact - Various human-based models
Besli - Policeman/Detective model
Blitz - Axe skin
Bullet_Head - Glock model | P228 UV
Chimp - Revolver skin
Cliffton_Vlodhammer - Shotgun animations
Duffman - Revolver model
Ettubrutesbro - GMGeneral base model
Fearfisch - Hammer model
GamingLord - Gib models
Hav0c - Beretta
HoE Team - Addiction's guts skin
HoENE Team - Bullsquid model/skin
Kimono - GMGeneral base skin/Glock skin/Mp5k skin/Revolver skin
LeonelC - Original weapons compile used as base
Liquidator - Dead Male1 model/skin
Meltdown - Hammer skin
Millenia - Desert Eagle skin | Shotgun model/skin
MrCrash407 - Battery skin
NeoShroomish - Kitchen Knife model/skin
Nottingham - Axe model
Paranoia Team - Dead Girl1 body model/skin
Polygon - GMGeneral mag skin
Predaaator - Beretta
QUAD - P228 model
Ra777 - Twitchers model/skin
Romka - Dead Girl1 head model/skin | Dead Girl2 model/skin
Saxon - Twitchers model/skin
Schmung - UZI model
Sean' - GMGeneral UV
Sproily - Controller body model
Stoke - GMGeneral elcan model/skin | Desert Eagle model
Strykerwolf - Pistols/Mp5k animations
SureShot - Battery skin | Beretta
Team Psykskallar - David model/Controller head model/skin | Battery model
Thanez - MP5k skin
Toadie - Revolver animations
Twinke Masta - GMGeneral mag model | Beretta | MP5k model
Wang-chung - UZI skin
IIOPN - UZI animations
Water-Phoenix - Doctors/Dead Male2/Dead Male3 skin
Werewolf - Dead Male1 model/skin
ZikShadow - Remod author
fat_al - Gib models
kot23rus - Beretta
the_tub - P228 skin

- Install Afraid of Monsters DC as you would any other GoldSource based mod.

- Extract the contents of AoMDCRemod inside the "aomdc" mod folder.

- Overwrite everything.

- The mod adds simple detail texturing, if not activated yet, type "r_detailtextures 1" into the console.

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Hurrying Around

News 2 comments

Afraid of Monsters DC - Remod 1.0


And that's it.
End of my Remod streak.
Time for a break as i do whatever task college throws at me, wish me luck everyone!

AoMDC - Remod Screenshots

The original Afraid of Monsters was one of my first travels through Half-Life psychological horror modding, way before Mistake/Cry of Fear/Grey, my memory of it has faded but i did recall sorta liking it, so when the DC version came out, i was as excited as the next guy.

Of course, back then, downloading speeds were extremely low and i didn't have internet (using internet cafes and flash drives to move around data), so i missed the release for a while until i was practically near high school levels of time.

AoMDC - Remod Screenshots

When i did finally got to it, i liked it, the updates were awesome and the custom stuff was really cool.
I was a giant baby back then too, so, a lot of the scares really got to me as well.

The map brushes are really cool looking, with the mod having different endings with branching paths that makes each maps connected to the ending themselves different from each other, from simple different item/monster placements to straight out different maps.

Locations are varied, from the classic hospital setting, a city, a forest, and of all things, a mansion (as short as that part is).
Custom textures are also utilized well, not a lot of extra details put on them, but i can see Goldsource crying if they add all of the brushes to fit the currently flat walls.

AoMDC - Remod Screenshots

Searching for buttons and/or keys is a pretty big thing in this mod, a couple of puzzles did appear, but are either too easy or wasn't really much of a puzzle (while it did took me a while to "destroy the devil" first time, it was then pretty much rendered to a 2 second done when i replayed it today after so long).

Combat however is an entirely different beast altogether, with enemies being unpredictable to melee (some attacks have windup and cooldown, some just strikes you the moment your hitbox meets theirs) and their heads twitching (causing difficulties in executing headshots).

The classic HL monsters still appear however, though are mostly just altered invisible agrunts (with their muzzle-faces being their only appearance) and near-invisible controllers (once again, faces).

AoMDC - Remod Screenshots

A lot of people found quite the complaints with the mod, but a lot of things for me wasn't really troubling (call it having low/different standards or whatever), so even now my time with this mod was pretty good.

The flashlight didn't bother me that much since i've got a pretty good eye (i have like, 92% battery on 3heaven for goodness sake, on Medium, no, i did not modify the configs).
I always do the jump-on-top-of-enemies-whether-possible-and-hack-away so ammo wasn't really much of a concern.
Backtracking was okay since there are changes to the environments (well, extra enemies atleast) and one can appreciate the work done a lil' more.
The scares were either subtle (that first one in the Hospital wasn't really a screamer than it is a popupper), not really that scary (tringlady never did anyway), or was actually unpredictable (that forest lady, goodness gracious me she didn't even have to scream to scare me).

AoMDC - Remod Screenshots

Though if you ask me if i did have gripes with this mod, it would be mostly the mod itself being balanced around Half-Life's mistakes rather than actual balance.

Like i said before, twitchers attack you randomly, i couldn't imagine fighting a twitcher fairly (even with an axe) without losing either 10/20 health or time & patience. Even their spawnings/placements are also complete nonsense, popping up either right next to you or behind you.

Invisible agrunts attack you first, causing immediate damage before you even manage to spot them since they are INVISIBLE (God help you if you have low health facing these guys AT POINT BLANK RANGE), the only way to find them first is by using the flashlight and pointing at a direction you think they are in.

Facing a pack of "houndeyes" without guns is suicide since they don't tell when they are going to do their charge shockwave attack (that you normally can disarm by attacking the charging houndeye).

AoMDC - Remod Screenshots

The endings themselves are kinda awful, not the 4th one, just the first 3 one, mostly because that one ending was actually split into those 3.

So basically one ending wouldn't make a least gosh darn sense without you playing the other ones, and if you so happens to not know where the paths branch, back to the hospital you go you silly cow.

It would be nice if the 3 endings are basically the same thing in which you die, but the circumstances are different, like one could be getting caught and committing suicide like the first one, one could be where you got shot by the SWAT (27 deaths and God-knows injured with the suspect having guns would most likely bring the police full force), and the final could be accidental death where you walk off a cliff in heaven2 (as most hallucinations would probably end you with).

AoMDC - Remod Screenshots

Anyway, i'm pretty much rambling at this point, so i'll leave you guys to your horrors.
Hope ya'll enjoy the remod.
Thanks for reading.

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Afraid of Monsters DC - Remod 1.1

Afraid of Monsters DC - Remod 1.1

Full Version 6 comments

1.1 release for AoMDC - Remod. This Remod does not include the original AoMDC, so you would need to install that first.

AoM: DC Crash Fix

AoM: DC Crash Fix

Texture 1 comment

Fixes the "WARNING: couldn't open aomdc22.wad" fatal error.

Afraid Of Monsters - Reanimation Pack

Afraid Of Monsters - Reanimation Pack

Model Pack 6 comments

Finally it's done..................................................

AoMDC crossplatform v1.0.1

AoMDC crossplatform v1.0.1

Full Version 3 comments

Bugfixed Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut version for Windows, Linux and OS X. Compatible with GoldSource and Xash3D FWGS.

AoMDC Android port v1.1(for Old Engine)

AoMDC Android port v1.1(for Old Engine)

Full Version 13 comments

Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut port. Just copy AoMDC folder to folder where is 'valve' located.

Cry Of Fear Hands For Afraid Of Monsters - DC

Cry Of Fear Hands For Afraid Of Monsters - DC

Weapon Skin 1 comment

I put this here because I have no choice, I can't add addons on Official AomDC page... so this is some another reanimation for AomDC you could say...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 31)
SemiteSlammer - - 16 comments

Yo Zik!

What's the most current PC download for this remod? Is it v1.0.1 crossplatform or 1.0 release that works for steam HL? And what exactly is the "Android port v1.1"?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Derpy.Hooves - - 11 comments

Have bots!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Roger_Waters - - 10 comments


Very poor quality remod. Needlessly "ups" the quality of models, while at the same time removing the indistinct and fuzzy nature of the originals that was designed to create a fear of the unknown. Bunch of textures are randomly blurry and low res as **** while also having high res textures on the same model. Very distracting and not in a good way. David now has the creator's ******* face on his texture. Insulting.

This rambling author tract you've posted clearly shows you have no understanding or consideration for the original creator's intention and you believe you have some kind of authority or greater knowledge of how their mod should work than they do, which is incredibly egotistical and downright insulting to people who actually understand the mod better than you and appreciate it for what it is.

You are being George Lucas with *somebody else's work*. I hope you understand the gravity of how dumb that makes you look.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-16 votes
SweetRamona - - 5,114 comments

Disgusting troll...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ZikShadow Creator
ZikShadow - - 505 comments

I know that my remods aren't exactly everyone's cup of tea, but surely the anger is unnecessary?

By saying the word "needless", I suspect that you just don't like HD models? I actually tried to follow the fear-of-the-unknown thing by manually blurring some of the monsters' models, but I understand if it fails. I'm not perfect, none of my creations are. You could always just remove the monsters' models if it discomforts you, it's an addon after all.

My addons do not attempt to replace the original in any way, you can still get AoMDC and play it the way it always was.

I apologize for my terrible writing if it made you feel like I despised AoMDC, the fact is that I praised it the whole way with the only problems I had being the unfairness when fighting enemies in certain situations along with the unsatisfying bad ending that required you to play the mod 4 times over to understand. How you saw me as this hideously pompous villain who thought he could replace everything and have it be good is most peculiar.

Lastly, the player model is an inside joke. Sorry if it once again made it seem "insulting" or "egotistical". The new David face is not mine (as you can probably deduce from my avatar alone), but it's actually Stig Sydtangen, Simon's voice actor from Cry of Fear.

Reply Good karma+9 votes
DarkOsyris - - 30 comments

David looks like simon XD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
ZikShadow Creator
ZikShadow - - 505 comments

I tried to make it look different, but the main base of David's new model is Simon's.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
ripsl - - 21 comments

This Re mod is awesome,i havent even gotten past the hospital place and i love it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
StixsmasteHD - - 27 comments


I have tried using all these remods on this site for Half-Life.

I unno who is maken them and releasing them cus...

You are ruining great mods.

The truth is you claim you dont need the originels to work but the installs you provide dont include all necessary files for the mods to work.

Most of the Remods will come back with an error related to models. Others complain about missing DLL data or even missing BSP files.

So plz for the love of the mods plz stop trying to remod them only to screw them over completely.

If you cant do it right the 1st time why keep doing it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-6 votes
ZikShadow Creator
ZikShadow - - 505 comments

1. Always read the instructions. Some of my remods do stand alone on their own, but I always manage my installation instructions if a remod is more addon than mod. In fact, this remod has a giant IMPORTANT banner at the description with bold lettering that explicitly says that you need the original AoMDC for this to work.

2. Mac? That might explain some of the oddities. Still though, a lot of times these remods are simply just graphical or sound improvements (with the occasional map replacements on others), to have it all malfunction stumbles even me. A problem others get but I don't always stresses me as I never know what's the real issue and how it can be solved.

3. If you can't do it right the first time, keep doing it until you do. It's how you get good at things.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
StixsmasteHD - - 27 comments

NVM Aparently im in the wrong.

Not this modder.

Im using a mac atm and it would explane my problems.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
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