A futuristic map/mod pack This is a soon to be map/mod pack called A.C.E! It takes place in a futuristic corrupt city called Terra. Their are Gangs, Cops, mutants and zombies to kill along with tons of weapons to find including Flare gun, magnum, crossbow, sledge hammer AND MORE! The credits for all the mods and maps used will be announced when the map/pack is finished since I might still add some more mods. Until then, THANKS FOR READING!

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So its time for a weekly update on this map! So for starters, Their are some mods that will defiantly be in the map! Here is a list with links! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for new pictures since I will be adding some later during the week.

Also, their MAY be these mods:

  • Lock and key mod
  • Security craft
  • Mr. Crazyfish Furniture mod
  • Custom records
  • and more may be on the way!

(These mods don't have links since they are still a "maybe" choice for the map)

And now for the PROGRESS!!!

Map: 80%

NPC'S: 20%

Followers: 30%

CUSTOM vehicles: 5%

Tutorial lvl: 10%

Bye the way, The reason why the map is at 80$ and not 100% is because I plan to add to it.

And for those interested in the followers so far!

1: A.C.E (AI. CORE. EFFICIENCY.) The follower you meet right away! He is a robot programmed to kill enemy and serve whoever it is programmed to serve. AKA you!

2. Lark: Lark is a nerdy follower found trying to set up a camera at the museum. He will take down enemy with ninja stars and a limited edition dagger he bought at a comicon he went to. He has jokes worse than A.C.E's that only a scientist or googler would get. Such as, 2 scientists walk into a bar, one says "I'll have H20" the other one says. "I'll have some H20 too" The second scientist dies.

Anyway. That is all for the Weekly update. Be on the lookout for new images and don't miss a map update every 5-6 days! Comment about any question you have!

Have a mod you would like to see in this map!? Them dont be afraid to comment down below!

Mods and map so far

Mods and map so far


A quick view on the mods that may be available with this map

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PLEASE REPORT BUGS! Report bugs such as Spelling errors, Incomplete parkour puzzles, and aything that makes the map buggie. THIS IS EARLY BETA! Any mods...

Supplyse7en - - 1 comments

where do you put it in your .minecraft directory?

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Guest - - 696,460 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 696,460 comments

when will it be released.

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Jpro Creator
Jpro - - 26 comments

It's still TBA but a weekly update is coming tomorrow.:)

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