Gameplay varies and depends on Mode and sometimes how it is played (1 team or 2 teams). I would describe it maybe like sandbox mini-games Hero map.

This map is roughly based on this map:

For multiplayer I recommend playing Gladiator or Escort modes.



* Activate to play before any major game mode. Played until all Heroes are chosen or time runs out. Ideal for testing spell combos or builds.


Defeat 30 levels of creep waves and 10 bosses mode. Difficulty scales with number of players (fully playable in singleplayer). Creep waves are not only for loot they are a challenge themselves. Quite hard mode.

Waves are randomized but have same overall difficulty.

After each third wave is a boss wave. Some bosses have 2 variations. Having 1-2 abilities different but requiring same overall tactics.

Creeps wander randomly when spawned but after a set period of time they start to use abilities and chase players.

Multiple maps where every map has its own little secret. Choice of map is random unless chosen by host.

Random elements at start. Element shops are obelisks. Obelisks appear at wave 2.

Full health and mana restore is granted after each wave.

Heroes revive after boss kill. Or fast with lower hp and mana when Revives are left.

* Gladiator Hard Mode:
* No (Crystal) return for spell unlearning, elements drop to the floor and can be reused. Harder to combine and craft spells. Challenging.
* Weaker starting potions. No other difficulty changes. Size and strength of attack waves is unchanged.

* Gladiator Mythic Mode:
* The hardest of all gladiator feats. Not recommended to play in single player at all.
* Same rules as Hard Mode but life and mana restoration is granted only before and after boss fight.
* And attack waves spawn sooner so players may end up facing multiple waves at once.
* Very difficult mode. Solo difficulty Dark Souls + or multiplayer difficulty Heroic MMORPG Raids.

Boss hints are now shown in-game in normal mode. (Becoming more and more obscure and irrelevant with increasing Boss Level)

* Survival (mini):
* Just for fun: free-for-all vs. teammates after gladiator or MOBA (AoS) mode ends. Works only in multiplayer.
* Last man standing wins. 1 life. Kill "bad" teammates. (evil grin)


Mission: to escort the Supply to the end of the map. As fast as possible. First team wins!

Most crazy of the gamemodes. Progress is not simply about % of path completed as a small mistake can push Supply back to start. There are Bosses, neutral invasion waves and enemy team can also find a way to invade or hinder your progress.

Supply = shop, fountain (slow regen, respawn).

2 random elements get discount for the duration of the game.

Play alone, with or versus other players. Power of neutral creatures is independent of number of players as one simply level up faster when alone.

Optional Mini objective: mini-boss that unlocks Ancient Book that gives Crystal to the whole team. First team claiming it receives bonus Crystal.

Neutrals are randomized equally for both sides.

Escort modes have AI bots. (easy, normal, insane is the same)

* Short Mode:
* Much faster, no creep invades, middle shop removed allowing invading.
* Supply is always vulnerable with much lower HP. Team Battles require only 2 points with lesser rewards.
* Different difficulty for Heroic and normal.
* Recommended multiplayer mode for 2 teams.

* Heroic Mode:
* Stronger and different creeps and bosses. Heavier penalties for dying.
* Each team Supply is vulnerable. Can be destroyed. This is a defeat condition. Challenging in Single-player.

* Team-Battles:
* After Escort ends, both teams clash in enclosed map. Works only if there are 2 teams. Alternatively: type -skiprace1 as Player 1 (usually host) to win Escort for random team meaning instant Team Battle. First team achieving 5 (2 in Short Mode) points wins. 1 point is for winning Escort itself along with gold reward.

Escort mode continues to Team Battles that continues to AoS (MOBA) that continues to Free For All. Build your Heroes wisely! (works only if there 2 teams present, works with Bots)


Small arenas where Heroes and their mercenaries fight duels for points.

Fights happen simultaneously every round. Winner of an arena takes 1 point. After x rounds, the player with the most points wins.

Spells, abilities and mercenaries can be fully changed during a pause between rounds. Mercenaries do not return 100% of investment back.

Level up and gold rewards are equal for all players with a small bonus for winners. Its expected to win with good tactics.

Double - bot for uneven player numbers or single-player that just mirror the player.


Plays after Arenas (it is something like open world RPG with teams), exactly it is team vs team Dota-like without lanes, most towers, but neutral units spawning in middle/wilderness and players retain their army and rewards from Arenas.


Unique MOBA experience with 2 opposing castles, many possible paths and various line of sight conditions, where massive armies can be summoned (and dispelled), backdoor is possible and jungle creeps may offer interesting loot.

Fight between Celestian themed (humans, elfs) faction and Horde named faction.

Only about 50% of jungle camps respawn. And units can be often dragged or pulled far away from their destination, its intended. Environment (trees) are destroyed permanently.

Each player has its own E-Shop (Elemental E-Shop) that can be accessed from anywhere on map.

* MOBA (Entrenchment):
Bases are heavily fortified having additional towers, bunkers and outposts. Players also gain an opportunity to build Minefields, reinforcing their base perimeters with Mines and Nether Pulse Mines. Exactly the same as MOBA in all other aspects.

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Ability Art (Warcraft 3 Map)
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Gameplay help, commands and ability recipes are in Quests in game.

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