A Source 2013 mod with a focus on gunplay over puzzles or story. Weapons feel better, enemies are a lot tougher, and the player can no longer quick save to try and cheese their way through situations. Play this if you're looking for a mod that actually makes some changes to the game rather than just a pack of maps set in the Half Life universe, but be sure to expect a challenge!

The mod is basically 100% focused on combat and is in some ways more of a proof of concept than a full game. So in other words there isn't really a story to speak of and it ends a bit abruptly. That being said more content is in development and everything I'm developing in this will be put to use in future work so look forward to that.

I'm currently very open to any assistance from experienced developers. I have very specific goals in mind so if you're looking for a project that isn't going to wander into the unrealistic territory that kills a lot of mods, this is it.

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What is this mod?

H.E.V. Mark VI is a mod of HL2 using the Source Engine 2013 code base that seeks to add new gameplay elements and tweaks to Half-Life rather than simply provide some new levels in the Half-Life universe. I have already implemented changes just about anywhere you can imagine, from enemy ai to gun feel, even to the HEV suit itself. This is a mod centered around moving a lot and shooting a lot, in some ways closer to the original Half-Life than HL2.

The mod will feature brand new music done from my great friend Teran. You can check his work out here: Soundcloud.com

Full disclosure before I get into the details of this project, the content you see here is all a work in progress and subject to change. I am also using various free to use models and sounds whose creators have made them open for mod use. I'll put up a full list of all the exact things I'm using in the near future but for now I will link to the major source of almost all of these changes, which would be work from 586 Studios and DP Films: Gamebanana.com


New weapon recoil/features

To put a bigger emphasis on moving constantly, I have removed limitations on sprinting and made the base default movespeed a good amount faster than the default walk but not quite as quick as HL2's sprint. On top of this the new suit in my mod is capable of carrying medkits which the player can use with a button press, and has regenerating armor which protects the player completely from bullet damage. I made these specific changes because I felt that hitscan damage is inherently just a bit "unfair" in the sense that if the player became too hurt with no medkits around they really did not stand a good chance at surviving in a lot of situations. You really can't dodge bullets, especially if your enemies are at the end of a hall with no side entrances, so you'd basically be doomed. Now the player has a small buffer and the chance to heal himself if he's managed to hold on to his health kits, giving them at least a small chance to make a comeback in a bad situation.

However, the shield will not enable you to camp all day whenever you're hurt. Non hitscan damage will still damage you permanently and I have made many tweaks to enemy ai to make them more aggressive and given them brand new tools to force you to keep moving.

Manhack Grenades!

On top of this I am interested in adding my own enemies to join the fray, one of which is already close to being finished:

Vortigaunt Slave Enemy

The Vortigaunt Slave is a new enemy based partially on code from the original vortigaunt, but with brand new schedules and an entirely different attack. I always felt like Vortigaunts made for a cool enemy idea and I thought it would be interesting to see the slave concept used in conjunction with the Combine, however I figured if the soldiers use hitscan weapons their Vort companions should have something the player can dodge. I'm very happy with where they are at this point and they're pretty much close to being totally finished barring any bugs I may run into.

Help needed!

Before I get into details on what kind of help I'm looking for in this project, I'll say a bit about myself so you know I'm not just an "idea guy." I am not a totally inexperienced dev, with about 2-3 years of experience teaching myself how to map and program for the source engine. I do not consider myself extremely skilled but I certainly know how to work with the engine and I've already made a number of changes to the code I am very happy with. I am extremely committed to seeing my own game ideas come to life in this project and I firmly believe they are not too ambitious. I am looking to enter into full time indie game development one day and I'd like to use this project as a chance to get good experience with working on a game with a team,.

I have a previous mod release which I am building off of here. It's a bit on the janky side and I've spent the majority of my time recently working on improving my ability to code, ie removing that jank, but if you'd like to give it a look feel free: Moddb.com

That all being said I cannot do this whole thing alone, which is where you can come in. Anyone interested in helping can contact me here directly or email me at darbtoliver@gmail.com. Multiple examples of high quality work is the best way to get yourself signed on!

In order to add a new enemy, I need a skilled character animator

The enemy I'm specifically needing help with is the cremator, using a redone model from Deviant Pictures Films.

In the past I have tried rigging the model up myself with its old animations, which worked to an extent, but it had clipping issues with its legs and just looked janky to me. So now I'm looking for someone who can do a much better job than I ever could and do some custom animation work as well. This is the one big thing I really cannot do by myself so I am willing to pay commission (my budget right now is around 300-400 dollars) for help if that's the motivation you need. However I will need to see a portfolio of your work to know you're up to the task if money is put on the table.

The model in question can be found here: Facepunch.com

I could use help programming

I have been teaching myself to program for a while now, mostly just through modding the game, and I've gotten to a point where I've been able to do the grand majority of changes I wanted to make. I'm even confident enough to be able to do my own ai work for the most part, however there are some bits I don't totally understand, stuff that seems simple but just seems to elude me like changing how the Hunter's charge attack works. If you're a good programmer and interested in helping, contact me and I'll give you a list of various odd issues I've had.

My levels could use improvement

I've been working with hammer for a couple years now, enough to where I feel fairly comfortable working with it and I can generally get a look out of an area that I want. That being said I am definitely not exceptionally skilled at it yet and I'd love to get some help with my levels, mostly visual although I am open to hearing criticisms of the level design itself from anyone working on the level. I will need to see examples of your work if I'm going to take you on due to the fact that I am looking for mappers that are a good deal more experienced than me.

Other small bits that could help

As I go through making all these changes to the game, small visual additions are going to be needed. I can mess around with particle effects if I must but I would greatly appreciate help from someone more skilled with that system. I don't exactly have a giant list of specifics at the moment but there most certainly will be as I make progress. On top of this I'd like some some improvements to ui to reflect the changes I've made, like some kind of Halo like bar to reflect the armor's status, and a better crosshair as well. I'm also always open to anyone who wants to submit new props that would match HL2's style.

Final Words

Now after reading all of that you can see that I have a decent level of ambition for this project. I'm not aiming for anything crazy like a dramatic 6 hour long story with lots of voice acting, but this is definitely a project that has eaten up a lot of my time. Up til now I've been able to work on it basically like a full time job, but soon I will have to at the least start working part time to pay bills. I am strongly considering starting a patreon campaign after I have a good deal of content to show off in a big reveal, but before I do that I'd like to hear what anyone following this thinks of that, good or bad. Ideas for backer rewards, what to not do, etc. Any feedback on that idea is useful!

Thanks a lot to anyone who actually bothered to read any of this, I hope my passion for what I'm doing has come through here. No matter what I am dedicated to producing something of significant quality out of this and I look forward to giving you guys a real solid look at the game in the future.

New UI updates, plans, and an audio interview

New UI updates, plans, and an audio interview

News 2 comments

I had the pleasure of doing an interview about my mod work at RunThinkShootLive.com.

Chapter's 1 and 2 have been released!

Chapter's 1 and 2 have been released!

News 8 comments

Abandon is finally playable and it's exactly what you needed in your life. Or not I mean whatever it's not like I'm your therapist, man.

The First Release!

The First Release!

News 3 comments

A big update on what's in the current release as well as what will be coming after.

Some info on new additions to the mod

Some info on new additions to the mod

News 2 comments

AI additions, new enemy models, new levels, and new music are on the way.

RSS Files
Abandon 1.1 fixes (Stand alone download)

Abandon 1.1 fixes (Stand alone download)

Patch 8 comments

No gameplay changes, just a myriad of bug fixes such as barriers to stop players from getting hit out of bounds, fix to music so the music volume slider...

Abandon Chapters 1 and 2 (outdated)

Abandon Chapters 1 and 2 (outdated)

Full Version 2 comments

The first 2 chapters of this project I've put a pretty big chunk of time into. Instructions: Make sure you have Source SDK 2013 Singleplayer installed...

Demo v2

Demo v2

Demo 1 comment

A new version of the demo to replace the old one, most likely the last one I'm uploading. Do note that to use health kits you have to bring out your crowbar...

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doitall - - 478 comments

Here is a complete playthrough of the version 1.1 of this mod, feel free to use the footage for whatever!

Note: I feel like this mod is really misunderstood, it is very much a hardcore mod that puts an emphasis on the abilities of a player rather than the ability to quick save or run from a fight. The enemies are far tougher in this version, your character has been nerfed, and it makes for one of the most difficult modding experiences I've ever played. But man, is it rewarding! I definitely recommend giving this a playthrough!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TrhlaSlecna - - 8 comments

Feels like it's more designed to be played with other mods, as the gameplay changes are amazing, but the level design is 7/10 at best and 0/10 at worst, confusing, contradicitive, misleading, and in one part straight up unfair
, the part on specific is the "final boss" of the mod so far, and because the SMG's accuraccy buff, enemies are scarily accurrate as well, but the problem with that is that due to the size of maps in certain parts you cant even see the enemies firing at you because of fog, many frustrating retries were caused by that, but in the end, It's not bad at all-6.5/10

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
filthy_beast - - 62 comments

I'm not seeing how to use the health kits. My health seems to have topped out at 80. I read that the player can pick up and carry health kits; how do you access them, assuming I am actually carrying some? I checked the keyboard options, but I do not see a key assignment for anything like that. I am standing in front of one on a shelf, but it stays there and I can't pick it up or take it, and I see no counter icon that would tell me how many I already have. I am also NOT a fan of losing the HUD to select weapons.
Edit: Lost some health, so I went back to the health kit on the shelf. I can't use it or pick it up. How is this supposed to work?

2nd edit: Screw it, if you can't pick up a health kit to restore health when it's low, how can you get through this? It was working for the guy who did the walkthrough, obviously, but it's not working for me. Too bad, this looked promising.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Twitcherus - - 239 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Werwolf_Mk9 - - 54 comments

This is acctually very good! I loved the way it's challenging. Many mods are way more esier than this! Thumbz up for ya!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
B_four - - 2 comments

I have got better client and server dlls on 2007 source engine, with full working cremator, combine guard, houndeye, hassassin(HL1), assassin zombie, bullsquid, and many many features: dynamic tracers(HL2DM), new weapons(tau cannon, lasergun, minigun, ak47), gameplay(ironsight, weapon lag, camera bob, weapons smoke effects, body gibs), legs in first person, etc. I cane share if you want.
P.S. Your cremator has no effect for immolating, i know how fix that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
nopushbutton - - 719 comments

I'm not sure what changes to AI you made but I must say, the Combine seem a lot smarter in this mod. I'm sure a lot of it is just good map layout and node work. The battles were hard without necessarily feeling "unfair," which is difficult to accomplish, so nice work.
I did think that there ought to be some sort of HUD indication of when you get to a checkpoint.
The changes to the weapons are really nice so far.
I think it would be nice if there was some way to stun Hunters to interrupt their charges (since there's no gravity gun to do that with, and once you're getting charged there's really no stopping it unless there's cover really nearby).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
OmiBox - - 12 comments

Very, very, impressive work done on this mod! The combine have upped their game and I love the new variants of combines. The AI seems great and keeps their spacing very nicely, was the planned group attack part of the new AI? (The one where one of the combines countdown and then charge in all together). If you need help on retexturing, re-rigging, mdl compilation / decompilation, or sounds, hit me up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
ComfortJones Creator
ComfortJones - - 95 comments

I'll be sure to message you with some questions in the near future.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
homelessbro - - 3 comments

I can't launch it. when i try to launch game will crashes!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ComfortJones Creator
ComfortJones - - 95 comments

Did you follow the instructions and switch Source 2013 to the upcoming version?

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guest - - 699,717 comments

I have the same problem. Could you point me to the instructions as I can't seem to be able to find them.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ComfortJones Creator
ComfortJones - - 95 comments

Oh you know what I included the instructions on the post for the original version but not 1.1, making that edit now.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
zwieracz - - 88 comments

WTF? SDK beta?
Are you saying that Valve is actually trying to fix something SDK related?
I can't believe it.
It's probably another SDK fackup by V for sure...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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