A challenging mod attempting to do some things a little differently with enemy and weapon design.

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Good start to a mod, cool to see those new combine models in an interactive environment and the new weapon sounds feel more satisfying. Faster default zombies caught me off guard and makes the mod more unique.

The current environments need improvements as they feel very basic and un-detailed. There should also be difficulty settings as the first maps are very challenging. I'm not a fan of the new crouching system so you should be able to turn it off.

Looking forward to more, keep it up :)

Nice battles, hard but interesting. (sometimes remind me f.e.a.r)
Greater bias in realism that in original hl2 and mods, everything is balanced, good work with nodes of hunters, hard to hide from them.
but idk why removed quick saves. This is not survival horor, this is not old game, this is not strategy, why?
It dont make mod harder, it dont make gameplay more interesting, this dishonestly increases playing time. It makes player replay battle every now and again.


Meki says

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It's spacey so most of the time you spend running around. I didn't like that save game option is removed - so the game forced me to cheat in god mode. The scenery lacks detail, looks like rushed. For the size of the download, I expected much longer playtime...


There is a lot I like about this mod and some things I dislike. I like how the author tried to make the experience much more challenging, but it never gets unfair. He makes sure of that with a few new mechanics, like partially regenerating health (Like in Wolfenstein The New Order), or a inventory for health kits.
Because of that though, the Mod was too easy for me. I love how the enemies are all faster, but also some have less health. That makes it more challenging but also more satisfying.
The atmosphere was also great, although visually the mod is just solid.
My favorite feature is how the Hunter can jump on platforms and down again which makes the fights against them extremely dynamic. Unfortunately there is only one fight where they really utilize that. Also since you can't sprint anymore, it is impossible to dodge Hunter attacks in open space. I'm not a huge fan of that, but the author made sure that the levels always provide enough cover and escape routes to prevent damage. The levels are in general well made and very open, but sometimes there are long walking sections which can become boring.
It was a satisfying experience.


BIWDC says

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Nice mod so far definitely worth a look. :)


Total playtime: 1hour 12minutes

+Changed HL2 enemies behavior to make them more challenging (for example common zombies have now zombines animation so they are moving fast.Besides they are dealing more dmg and Combine soldiers are now releasing manhacks, kicking, generaly acting more aggressively).
+Balanced health regen system .
+New combine models.
+New smg model and sounds.
+Atmospheric location...

-...which lacks of details,bleak environment (you should add more fog, debrises, bodies etc to make it more convincing for abandon town)
-No difficulty levels in options.
-Extremely dificult at the end.
-Autosaves should be more frequent.
-Sometimes it's easy to get lost.
-Auto crouch.
-Standard hev suit hands and hud.
-So far no plot.

In short. Unique mod because it adds some interesting features with changes of enemy AI and tactics to make them more dangerous at the helm but it can get boring and frustating in some places.


Boring and cryptic.


I had a bunch of fun with this. All the gameplay tweaks were cool, though I only died once during the final battle. (Didn't use the right weapons against the Hunters.) I really didn't like much of the level design with all the long empty areas and tons of walking, but the actual combat zones were all surprisingly engaging and dynamic. The weapon and health tweaks all felt good, for as much as I can tell from one playthrough.

The biggest complaint I have is that the crouch is a toggle. Unless you're walking through vents or a similar passageway, no HL game has had crouching as something you do for more than a few seconds at a time. That doesn't make sense to me.


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