this is my first cs/mod! Recommend playing CS at gamma 1. Backstory:You wake up in an abandon castle. You don't know where you are. You have no choice, but to go deeper and deeper into the castle. comment on my thread on frictional games forum. search: how to make floor break when u go to a certain area. im going to try to work on the cs for 15 minutes each weekends since i want to playing video games too. REQUIRES JUSTINE PATCH but not if u hav amnesia on steam

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CarnivorousJellybean says

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I played through the whole thing and, while I understand you're new to the level editor, "It's my first custom story" is not a valid excuse for the lack of detail, poor lighting, minuscule amounts of atmosphere, predictable jump scares, and pre-solved puzzles (seriously, you spoon-fed the player nearly everything except the hammer puzzle at the end).

A demo should ideally put your CS on display and go "Look at all the amazing things I've done!" Beta-testing is what should be used to point out the flaws and logic-holes in your CS (clipping textures everywhere, rails poking through walls, missing planes, overly tiled textures, inappropriately used textures, grammar and spelling errors, etc).

Overall, the story had way too many plot holes and issues for me, the mapping was below average (not the worst, but definitely not the best), and the puzzles were over-simplified. You are, however, a decent scripter. That was a nice surprise for me (usually, the furthest I see is key-door-monster scripts in first CS's). This isn't the worst custom story I've ever played, but it has a long way to improve.

That said, don't give up! A lot of people don't even release custom stories (lack of motivation, afraid of the criticism, life got in the way), so you're already ahead of the game ;)

I'll update this with a youtube link to the video review I did of your CS (once it's rendered, compressed, and uploaded). I figured a video would be the best way to convey all the feedback to you without forgetting anything or breaking immersion to make sure things weren't forgotten.

Keep doing what you're doing!

The Carnivorous Jellybean



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Story is ok, but nothing new or original. Mapping is not that good and too much empty space. Good scripting. 7/10


VictorDeVandenesse says

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I played the Demo and I really like it, but the mapping was too weak and fast made, there is no stuff, juste rectangular rooms with a few things.

Scripting: 9/10 ! The scripting look perfect, there is no bugs, and it's really nice done !

Mapping: 4/10 The maps are too empty ! There is only a few furnitures and the plane are ugly :(

Story: 6/10 The story look basic, but it deserve you surprises... I like it too. The end will be the end of your custom story or only of the demo ?


SwedishGames says

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I understand the fact that this was your first custom story, but still the cs was pretty linear and empty. Other than some jumpscares here and there (which is very atmosphere-killing) this cs was nothing out of the ordinary.

The ending was sort of interesting though. I know that is the Video Tool Mudbill made (no credits given for it either) but it was still something new.

But thanks to the swear words, poor story and lack of detail in maps, this only deserves a 4/10 to me. I believe you can certainly improve.


Badcat5550 says

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I give this a 5/10. the scripting was perfect, events. use the ornaments carpet if you wanna use carpets cause it looks ugly and unrealistic to make a plane of carpets.

The mapping was too empty but enjoyed it and the ending blowed my mind :)


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