This mod combines the ALL AI mod by Dazgrum, which lets you play with more than 9 players on a galaxy, with the added galaxy types, ages, and density settings from 5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod. The prerequisite mods/DLC are optional; just make sure you don't try to start a game with more races than you have available.

Optional prerequisites:

  • The collector's edition (Terrans) and the Elerian/Gnolam/Trilarian DLC
  • Mike's New Races

If you are using this mod with Mike's New Races, then you must use 5X, UCP, and 5XCPC (available on the 5X page). Your load order must be 5X, UCP, MNR, 5XCPC, ALL AI + 5X Galaxies. Only with this setup and the DLC's can you play a game with 16 races!

Some notes:

  • You can choose up to 16 opponents (except on a few smaller galaxy types), but you should not choose more opponents than you have races unlocked. You need both the collector's edition and the RoA DLC to play with 13 opponents, and you need Mike's New Races to increase that to 16 (Be sure to load MNR between UCP and 5XCPC if you are using this with 5X!). The galaxy will fail to load if you try to play with more races than you have unique races available.
  • Playing with more than 8 opponents was never intended by the devs and causes various bugs and UI issues with diplomacy and may cause the galaxy to fail to generate properly on some galaxy types/sizes, forcing you to quit the game with task manager. It should not fail to generate on the largest galaxy sizes at least. It may also cause issues with Antaran attacks, so I recommend you play with Antaran attacks disabled (using a mod that enables the victory without attacks is fine).
  • I have only tested this mod on the largest galaxies. It may not load successfully on smaller galaxy types. If it does fail to load on some galaxy, try again as it might just be one seed messing it up. If it doesn't load consistently, you might be able to get it to load by disabling minor civilizations.
  • If the loading bar stopped just short of full when generating the galaxy, the game is still working and you should wait. It can take several minutes to generate the largest galaxy sizes. If the loading bar completely fills all the way without starting the game, then galaxy generation has failed.
  • This mod will work with both the original 5X mod and 5X Lite, but you should load this mod after 5X in the mod list. You should not use this mod at the same time as other ALL AI mods.

A version of this mod that disables all wormhole spawns is also available in the files section.

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Install instructions

Installers Tutorial

Installation instructions (Windows): To use this mod, download the latest version, and the unzip the file and move the mod folder to Documents\Master of Orion\Mods. It should then show up in game in the Mods menu as a "Local mod." All other normal MoO mods are installed in the same way.

I'm not sure how to use a mod on the Mac or Linux version, but I think there's a similar Mods folder somewhere you're supposed to move the folder to.

Feedback and suggestions on this mod are welcome. Please realize that the modding system in MoO is very limited. I can't change the user interface, import custom assets, fix bugs in the game that are unrelated to the mod, or in general add anything to the game that is not already coded into the base game.

I hope you enjoy the mod!

RSS Files
ALL AI + 5X Galaxies v1.8

ALL AI + 5X Galaxies v1.8

Full Version 4 comments

This is the main version of the mod including everything.

ALL AI + 5X Galaxies with no wormholes v1.8

ALL AI + 5X Galaxies with no wormholes v1.8

Full Version

This variant of the ALL AI + 5X Galaxies mod doesn't spawn any wormholes on any galaxy types.

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