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Xtal @ Nexuiz Classic

Mod rocks in that classic sort of way, pure old school deathmatch. Models are well.. not really important to me (so much as the gameplay is) And the gameplay is solid. Maps are too. nuff said.

Excellent work.

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Xtal @ Bob Page Augmented

If you look to the left of the image underneath Bob's name you will see that the skin and model are both in an 'Alpha' state, meaning that they are far from complete.

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Xtal @ Apocalypse News

His eyes are too small, but everthing else looks great.

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Xtal @ General feeling of the mod

Also some ideas I would like to see: (note that these are very general and basic and are not well thought out and I'm just flowing them out as I type this.. ENJOY! :P :eek:)

:idea: Multiplayer (I know, pretty obvious choice but really I think with a project dealing with the Firefly Uni you can pull off something fresh and fun for multi player gaming.
Maybe having your own crew, in a way similar to your basic class based game(TFC etc), you logon to a server and would select your class: Pilot, First Mate, Gunner, obviously Captain and so on.
What do you do with said crew? there are the obvious Team Deathmatch possibilities but let's be honest Deathmatch is OLD! IMHO. What about something similar to Unreal Tournament Objective Maps? So say... Map X: navigate your crew to point A and salvage certain parts from decaying ship (ala episode #1)to complete the map. Opposing force (Reavers? Alliance?) Capture (cannibalize) Crew to complete map.
You'll want to incorporate story elements in all that to do the series justice (How? Got me, I'm not a writer ;( )

:idea: Single Player
I would love to see Firefly realized in the game play stylings of Knights of the Old Republic mixed with a Homeworld 2 or Freelancer. This can follow the series exactly or preferably add more to it.

So Just a few blurbs I felt like sharing with you.
Goodluck with everything. :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:
- Xtal

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Xtal @ General feeling of the mod

If you're asking for help on the mod I think you might find more success literally asking for help in specific areas (Coding, Modeling, Sound/Music and such..) While providing A solid overview of the development of the mod.. Concept, Story, Gameplay and so on. You won't find too many MODders willing to jump on a project on a whim or a very basic idea of the MOD

Here are some good reads on being a MOD lead and MOD development in general:

General_Sun's Excellent Mod Managment Guide
Discussing What makes mods and other internet-based projects succeed/fail @ Relic Forums
Coordinating and Leading a Mod
Massive amount of resources @ 3d Buzz
General HL2 MOD tuts

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Xtal @ Pro Thunderball

Great concept you got there, and the images.... *shudder*


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Xtal @ Divinia Chronicles: Relics of Gan-Ti

Well this is certainly turning out amazingly good looking, keep it up, please.

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Xtal @ Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II

Everything looks like it's coming together nicely, keep up the good work.

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Xtal @ Dystopia

The concept of you "Cyberspace" reminds me of Shadowrun for the SNES, which is good because I freakin' loved that game.

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Xtal @ Blue Autumn

Cool Concept, hope this mod see the light of day.

Good luck.

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Xtal @ Troopers: Dawn of Destiny

These screentshots look Delicious. Nice **** boys.

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Xtal @ Half-Life: Nightwatch

Maps are looking top-notch.

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Xtal @ Bushido

I believe it is a good descision to port this to HL2, should make the mod that much more intresting.

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Xtal @ Gundam Universe

Everything looks spectacular. Good work so far, I can not wait to play this.

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Xtal @ Last Great War

But one thing is really bothering me, that is the name of your mod. "The last <i>Great</i> war" I mean, It's war, it'a not Great, infact war is horrible.

"The Last <i>World</i> War" Perhaps?

Just a thought.

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