Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have a huge interest in Japan, anime, video games and science fiction. I used to mod video games but after I got burnt out I wanted to move onto something else, that then lead me to romhacking and since then I have been translating games with my buddy Kiiri on moddb.

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Gundam Seed Homeworld 2 Mod English Translation 1.0

xPearse Blog 4 comments

Though while I actually forgot to post this on the blog system here on Moddb when I released it many months ago, I can't exactly add the mod itself since I don't own it nor didn't create it. Also, I doubt much people even know this mod exists. That said, this little post should do. I'll link the download for the mod, the translation of it that I did, a link to my original release post, and the Relic Forums topic which most discussion on the mod is located. Enjoy! There are three complete factions to play from and they are ORB, ZAFT and the Earth Alliance. There are mecha, Gundams, mobile suits, mobile armor, warships and nearly everything you could want.

  • Credits
    • Translation - xPearse
    • Original Mod - 9ccn

There seems to be lag in this mod, and that’s mostly due to the animations that play for the mechas and such. Sucks, I know.

Moving on from Modding

xPearse Blog

Forgot to post that here on my profile as well but it's here now so please read, a few months ago I got burnt out while modding and became very tired doing it. I wanted to then move on to something new and wanted to play the Magic Knight Rayearth video games but sadly most of the aren't in English, I then headed over to ROMHacking and after weeks of learning with help from Scio I actually made some progress. Fast forward months and I have almost finished translating one game and I am currently working my way through another.

If you are interested in where I am heading then just check out or follow my blog, thanks.

Internet Reviewers Sucks Blog

xPearse Blog

This is what I do sometimes in my spare time, one on Spoony One and one on the cinema snob. I have become angry at Spoony for no putting up proper video's and not uploading enough as we wait weeks and more for a good quality video.

Cinema snob lately has been putting out bad unfunny reviews and you can just read on my blog why. He has had two good video's this year which are far better than the trash he put up nearing the end of 2012. Here are links so check them out for more information.

Article Being Deleted Without Notice

xPearse Blog

Yea really sucks that this happened, I came on moddb a few days ago and noticed that my latest news post was deleted. What happened I don't know but I messaged moddb support and they said that an administrator probably deleted it.

Oh yea and I wasn't even notified about this which was the worst part so whoever deleted the article please inform me if anything was wrong with it and if need be I'll remove it myself for whatever it's attached to as when it was deleted it deleted it for everything that it was attached to.

Here's what happens when I tried to access the deleted one. Exactly thanks alot but not all bad since I posted it in my blog also so I only had to copy and paste the info so good. Im am kinda PO about what happened but at least it's all fixed.

I hope that this doesn't happen again but here's that baby pic I used in the previous HOTD news post since there hasn't been any image here.

HOTD: 1 Year on and Looking Back

xPearse Blog

I just wanted to add this to my blog as well so here it is, nothing different though as I don't need to make any changes.

I added this to all the mods I did and anime fans of moddb as this is anime related and I have done others anime mods which people might be interested in so they'll just have to bear with it for now. I hope you have a good read on this article so have fun and tell me what you think.


This mod is based on the anime and manga of the same name High School of The Dead written by Daisuke Satō.

I wanted to do a mod based on HOTD after I watched the show, I really liked it and I decided to do it for a game that I frequently played. That game was as you can see was mount and blade, I started work on it back on july the 3rd 2011 and you can see that by this topic I posted on taleworlds forum.

Back then I was thinking of doing the mod with paint textures to get that anime feel but after months I realised that it didn't turn out so well. When I got around to doing faces it became really akward so then I just decided to not use paint textures and try to do it myself. I really didn't know what I was doing when I started the mod and I really only got geared up around the start of this year as compared to what I did last year was nothing to this year and you can really see that if you look at what I did in those times.

Here is an example of the paint textures, see it doesn't look any good compared to the costume with an actual texture.

By best attempt at clothing texturing

Over the past year it may not have seemed like I have done much with the mod but I have spent a ton of hours on it and it has paid off as I know how to model basically and do many other things so it was time well spent. You wouldn't believe that I spent 3 hours or more on this face texture alone, I went around it pixel by pixel but as I have said before this was around when I really didn't know what I was doing.

Now I have started to do scenes from the anime, proper costumes and in the future much much more. It has just been very hard doing this by myself and I will finish this mod eventually if that be a year or more so wish me luck and thanks for reading this section. Now onto what other mods I have done and what I think. Next up is my Code Geass mod for super Power 2.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

The same with High School of The Dead I wanted to create a mod after I watched the show, I don't think people really noticed this so if you liked the show then you should check it out. I choose super power 2 because it seemed perfect for a mod where you play as one of the factions and fight over the planet and super power 2 is a really good game so check it out.

The mod is based in the world of Code Geass and you can play as any of the major super powers that are present in the show, may that be the Holy Britannian Empire or the Black Knights. The mod also features hero units which are characters from the show in the game and once their dead they can't be replaced so you may like that feature since you may not want to risk them in battle. Also super power 2 has multiplayer so you may want to fight over the worlds as any faction, that would be really fun to do.

Holy Britannian Empire Near Whole

Here is a list of all the factions, check out the mod for more information.

  • Holy Britannian Empire
  • Chinese Federation
  • Area 11
  • Black Knights
  • Euro Universe
  • Pizza Hut
  • Middle East Federation
  • Australia

I finished this in august last year so check it out and tell me what you think.

Dragon Ball Universe

Simply put, a Dragon Ball based mod where you pick your faction and fight over the galaxy. I did this last year around october so if you like dragon ball then check it out. Im guessing that people don't even know that this exists so feel free to try it out and spread the word.

Army Collage 1End Turn Screen

Main Menu MoveSpy Screen

Mobile Suit Gundam G Fighter: When Worlds Collide

I know what people are going to say about this but this mod was really for me to try and see if I could mod mount and blade, to see if I could model, assign textures and set up a module system and whatever. I just based it on something that I recently watched like with the other mods, it doesn't really offer much but I did spend alot of time working on it. I am working on a sequel which will be mentioned below.

When Worlds Collide 2: New Fronts

I am mostly just working on this on the side as it's something I want to do, it will be better than the above as it will actually have scenes and much much more to offcer. In short this mod will be a mash up of when worlds collide, the Kromaggs from Sliders, factions from HOTD, the Rebel Alliance and the Empire from Star Wars on courtesy from Star Wars Conquest. I hope you will like it when it is complete so just keep out a look out it in the future.

Here is a pic of some kromagg faces that I did for the mod, I removed the eyebrows and hair on the faces just like the kromaggs.

Kromagg Faces

Master Of Orion 3 Master Mod

This mod is a mix of other mods for Master of Orion 3 and many stuff I done myself such as putting it all together, new images, unit icons, planet skins, combat and much more so if you like 4X and Master of Orion then check it out.

Still nobody has noticed Tom Servo so shame on you all.

Collage of new images

Also check out the badass russian cover of the game, look amazing huh.

Russian Cover Art

Star Wars New Rebellion HW1

Since this wasn't on moddb I decided to add this to the site so I didn't create this but anyhow it's still a really great mod and you shoud thank the creators for making it. I put this up back in 2008 so that was a long time ago, the link for the mod may be broken in the news post but just google it and you should find what your looking for.

Fighters Attack FrigatesImperial Frigate Damage

Well what do you know, an entire hour has passed by while I was getting this news post together. Have fun reading the article and I hope you enjoyed it so thanks for listening and I hope you wish me good luck.

Im also creating a paypal account and I know that some of you may be thinking that I want donations or being an ass but im really just putting it up encase people would want to give me something for what I have done. People also make not take kindly to me doing this but it will help me out and I would greatly appreciate it.

Want to Recruit me/Help you out

xPearse Blog

This is just encase people have seen what I have done and possibly want me to help them out in whatever they are working on. If you need to see what im capable of then check of my main mod for mount and blade HOTD which is based on the anime and manga of the same name.

At the moment I am using wings 3d to model the buildings for HOTD, I am familar with wings 3d so if I wanted to change program I would find it hard to do so as I tried out blender and couldn't get used to the interface so I just went back to wings 3d.

I did a video showing off the buildings of HOTD that I did for the mod so check that out, im not the best at all this modelling and texturing but you could find my skills or what I have done useful so just check me out and tell me what you think.

There was also the large flat show off which was a massive strain of my skills and I really didn't know if I could pull it off but eventually after nearly a months work on it, of course I wasn't just working on the large flat as I was doing other stuff related to the mod and I didn't work on it every day as at time I did something else for a couple of days and such but in the end it was all worth it. That included the uvmapping and texturing of the large flat as that took ages to complete.

Ok if you want to recruit me to join a mod or help you out or even show you how I did my stuff then just send me a private message and we'll talk. Im always open to talk even though I don't get much of it here on moddb so please take notice of what I have done and feel free to message me and I'l see what I can do.

Here are those video's I was talking about so feel free to check them out. Thanks for reading this and I hope you take notice so comment and tell me what you think.

H.O.T.D. Buildings Show Off

H.O.T.D. Large Flat Show Off

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