Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have a huge interest in Japan, anime, video games and science fiction. I used to mod video games but after I got burnt out I wanted to move onto something else, that then lead me to romhacking and since then I have been translating games with my buddy Kiiri on moddb.

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Yea really sucks that this happened, I came on moddb a few days ago and noticed that my latest news post was deleted. What happened I don't know but I messaged moddb support and they said that an administrator probably deleted it.

Oh yea and I wasn't even notified about this which was the worst part so whoever deleted the article please inform me if anything was wrong with it and if need be I'll remove it myself for whatever it's attached to as when it was deleted it deleted it for everything that it was attached to.

Here's what happens when I tried to access the deleted one. Exactly thanks alot but not all bad since I posted it in my blog also so I only had to copy and paste the info so good. Im am kinda PO about what happened but at least it's all fixed.

I hope that this doesn't happen again but here's that baby pic I used in the previous HOTD news post since there hasn't been any image here.

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