Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have a huge interest in Japan, anime, video games and science fiction. I used to mod video games but after I got burnt out I wanted to move onto something else, that then lead me to romhacking and since then I have been translating games with my buddy Kiiri on moddb.

RSS Gundam Seed Homeworld 2 Mod English Translation 1.0

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Though while I actually forgot to post this on the blog system here on Moddb when I released it many months ago, I can't exactly add the mod itself since I don't own it nor didn't create it. Also, I doubt much people even know this mod exists. That said, this little post should do. I'll link the download for the mod, the translation of it that I did, a link to my original release post, and the Relic Forums topic which most discussion on the mod is located. Enjoy! There are three complete factions to play from and they are ORB, ZAFT and the Earth Alliance. There are mecha, Gundams, mobile suits, mobile armor, warships and nearly everything you could want.

  • Credits
    • Translation - xPearse
    • Original Mod - 9ccn

There seems to be lag in this mod, and that’s mostly due to the animations that play for the mechas and such. Sucks, I know.


I have a few problems.
The earth alliance's mirage module appears to be broken. It says it requires destroyer production facilities but when it's built I still can't build it.
I also built every capital ship in the orb faction but was unable to find the "god of fist" or any of the other custom ms. I only knew they were here because the ai managed to get them. I haven't used the zaft yet.
Can you help me?

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xPearse Author

God of Fist is Barry Ho. He spawns as a defensive ai unit around Cagalli as well as a few other MS through upgrades. Anyway, the Chinese team still haven't fixed various bugs so hopefully they'll fix 'em next release. Whenever that'll be. However, I don't know how I can be of more help. Sorry. Though I did test things out and was able to build all EF warships. There's just a bunch of stupid things you have to do if I remember correctly.

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I discovered in order to unlock the mobile suits you have build the trike gundam (3000) I hope they state this in the future so you know to build it and not leave it random chance.

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xPearse Author

Yeah, since inverse all mecha that came after was based on it, so it kinda makes sense if you think about it that way.

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