I seek out mods and games(Indies) that catch my interest and try them if I can. Other than that, I have been in the process of creating starships and fighters in the sci fi genre. I can model, but UV mapping is a different story. I've been asking for help with that due to my schedule with college and job searches, if interested, please let me know. I do image editing and some video editing as well, using Paint.net and Sony Vegas 9.0C. I also have a understanding on C#; Java; HTML; Dynamic HTML; CSS; and JavaScript. I'm always friendly and willing to help out if needed, unless otherwise shown.

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This blog is to address certain things I liked and hate about the Destiny 2 Beta, some of us have to admit there are serious issues that this presents. So let’s get into the nitty gritty and talk about the game in sections, starting with:

Overall Gameplay

Now, I am no stranger to gameplay that makes it different in comparison to other titles, like Warframe has their movement system, Titanfall series has pilotable mechs rather than kill streaks, and Battlefield series having Commanders for each team. Destiny 2 has its own and feels really nice when it comes to moving and getting around. Each class has its own skills and abilities, making it easy for people to find their playstyle somewhere in the game. Over all, I have played the Beta for about 5-6 hours and it’s fun to play. However the beta is very limited, only one 3-man raid and Competitive Multiplayer, there is the Social but I couldn’t Preorder cause lack of funds, but I think it doesn’t matter. For a lack of a better term, although fun, it got very bland and boring cause you know what’s coming next in the Raid and the 4v4 doesn’t offer much except the usual. And the loot doesn’t feel rewarding when none of it exceeds 200 damage for weapons and gear that is just like the one you had. Only difference between gear pieces is perks they each have, giving faster health regen or added damage. To be fair, The Division had a better Open Beta when they launched it and had a lot more to offer than what Destiny 2’s Beta has currently. But it’s fun, controls can be very easy and quick to get use to, and has some challenge at certain points through the game, which are fun regardless. And the Intro is actually really nice and I would love to play a bit of the campaign just a little bit from the taste they gave in the Beta. Now comes the next part of this that I might get flak for, so let’s begin on the part that shines on the not-so-good:

The "Beta" and the Content

Now, although it’s a really great game and I had a really good experience, I do have to say that it was lacking quite a bit in contend. We got the Intro to the game, which was a nice breath of fresh air, but afterwards started leaving a bland taste after playing the Strike mission in the Beta. Which I would loosely use for this as it’s more of a demo and let’s be honest, Massive’s The Division Beta had a lot more to offer to players checking out the game, no denying it there. It feels more of a Demo rather than an actual Beta, cause there’s very little content and players can’t surpass weapons with damage of 200 on the stats and only really having perks for each weapon and gear piece. Also the fact it’s only a Strike Mission that’s the PvE and the other two are PvP oriented, kind of makes me want to stop after playing for a bit. Also they said it’s a 2 day Beta, but it was dropped around 12:00pm on the 29th, which in doesn’t make sense since most Open Betas that happen usually have it out like early in the morning for U.S.A so people have a chance to play the game for about 2 days. It’s nit-picking, but safe to say that about only 36 hours and towards the end of it, a “Social Area”. Really? Feels less of a Beta and more of an attempt to get people to simply Preorder the game, which I know many would, but Betas are supposed to give a good spectrum of what the game is about, how it plays, and the fact that this is the only Destiny game that launched on all 3 platforms, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, I would have expected more since PC gamers, like myself, who don’t own a console, never got to experience the first game. A little bit extra content would have been great, like a Raid or some bit of the Open World, not a lot, just enough. Then it would have been a lot more enjoyable and a positive way of getting more copies sold. But they didn’t so it what we have to work with.

In all, Destiny 2 is an amazing game, beautiful graphics and great design on characters, excellent music, and challenging enemies. But lacks in content to get the player more invested into the real game, thought for some, it’s enough. In the future, I hope game Developers have Betas that are way more than 2 days with varied content.

Mxthe and his team has done it again, in the FPS Horror shooter that will have your head spinning. the First Underhell that was released, was a challenging experience for those FPS players. The game could be taken the traditional route of HL2 Based games, but Underhell gave options for that. For once, seen in a mod, silenced weapons actually gave the feeling of stealth and able to slip by if you don't want to be seen. The house was one of the other features of the game, that still sends chills down my spine, especially that attic segment. Not only was it a intense FPS shooter, but also a bone chilling horror in the house. And that was all in the first part of the game, "The Prologue". For a little backstory, you play as Jake Hawkfield, a member of S.W.A.T, who's wife had died with the overhanging mystery of how she died. Now Jake must live on, in the very house she died in, with what you don't expect to happen in a house.

In Chapter 1, your placed in a underground prison from something that no one knows exactly. After awhile, you find that things begin to deteriorate, when a virus suddenly takes hold of almost everyone in the complex. Now you have to escape this nightmarish prison to reach the surface and escape completely from the diseased prison. If you haven't played Underhell, play it, it has emotion, thrills, scares, and mystery with plot-twists like you wouldn't believe. Check em out, if you dare!

I have had an Idea for a long time, but I never got around to creating anything that was substantial. I am starting to get into doing UV mapping. I have been doing a lot of model making:

User Posted Image

I am wanting to take the Freelancer base code and expand on it. What I want to do is make a F2P Space Combat/Trader Simulator RPG. It would be similar to how Freelancer is with some serious changes to the original for a different visual and gameplay experience. I want to create a new engine from a existing one, so it has its own characteristics from others like EVE Online. I'm wanting to get a team together and try a hand at making a new engine from scratch. This isn't some joke, I am being dead serious. Even though Star Citizen might come out at some point, it might no be free2play as they said. Games like Defiance has shown that the F2P tag can be misconstrued, making you buy the game and not pay a monthly fee. Star Citizen is making it's own, however, I want to reuse something that was made and used in that same aspect. I know of someone who could help with this project that can get a sponsor for it, hopefully. Since no real money is involved for now, I'm hoping some of you that read this wouldn't mind doing a project like this. If you want to get into doing this project, send me a Email at freeman156@live.com or give me a Private Message here, on ModDB.com.

UnderHell is one of the best mods and now looking to go standalone. Unlike other HL2 Mods, UnderHell is a mod that is looking to tear away from the Source Engine's constant updates, and release a easier, user friendly version, which allows full customized maps and mods for everyone to use. It is truely one of thee best mods for Half Life 2, and now the dev team is looking for you to give it the Greenlight on Steam. Just goto the Link below and give a vote.

A game that a lot of people were excited about that Sony had developed over the course of at least a year, give a few months. After seeing the release trailer on the day it was released, I immediately went to go download it from the site. Soon found the launcher.exe of PlanetSide2 didn't want to load at all. Then I downloaded the Steam Version, worked fine. You might think, "Why does the title say "not in a good way"? Your making more good points than bad about it." Well, that's the thing, it's not. I know a lot of people go, "Well, then your stupid!", that isn't really a valid argument. PlanetSide2 does have some features that I would like to see in a MMOFPS, but it's the engine that is its fault. Lets do some comparisons with 2 games that I have played, as well as to compare engines of other games.Lets start with comparing PlanetSide2's and Battlefield 3's engines. Although Battlefield 3 may gave a high intensity graphics, Battlefield 3 allows full control over what the graphics are. Planetside2 has great graphics, but unlike more other games. Video settings can be set to low on a PC with a descent VGA card, like a GeForce card, and still PlanetSide2 lags with even 2 other players in view. Even changing the "Rendering Settings", models are still at the same settings from low default and 100% "Rendering Settings". The Frostbite Engine 2 has good graphics and mechanics that doesn't hinder gameplay. DICE understands that although graphics are all well and good, gameplay is the most important part of what makes a game.Crimecraft, a game some have heard of. Its a third person shooter(TPS) and is a MMO FPS/TPS. Crimecraft use to be one of the good kind of TPS games out there, until Mayn took it over. To digress from that, Crimecraft's Engine uses the UT Engine, which generates the modeling of the area and then applies the textures to them. Sony's engine is attempting to generate before the player has entered that area, which can lag if someone in a fighter is flying and suddenly lags out and crashes into the ground.The issue with PlanetSide2 is graphical, which takes it's toll on the gameplay of the game itself. EA and Dice had made a Free to Play Battlefield, so everyone has a chance to get the experience of playing a Battlefield game. Crimecraft has limited encounters of players versus players, so not to over load the game's resources. PlanetSide2 also has the issue of locked gear due to large amounts of ingame cash, just to unlock one piece of gear to use. Sony has their heart in the right place, but they are forgetting that true game developers ensure that it can be used by all matters of PCs, with older specs and newer specs. Gameplay could also use some work, but mostly the ability to actually play without crashing cause of too many players; cause you just got into a cockpit of a aircraft; explosion graphics; etc. Games should be enjoyable, not a hassle when trying to play.

RIAA of the unfair

Teh-Critic Blog

Many agree that the RIAA is doing a service for the companies that create the materials used by people. This statement bares no truth, has no weight, no real reason, nothing more than some attempt to extend the Copyright Laws to where you would have to ask permission to use it. The RIAA is nothing more than a butish organization fighting for the rich and wealthy. I ask this, why would such a organization come into exsistance for people who don't truely care about what people do with what they have made? It is these types of people that have taken away the right to be what they want to be, to express themselves through using what others have made and using it for what they think it should be. DJs are not world-wide musicians! They use the music to create their own using tools that the public is using, yet the RIAA is acting apon these people as a attempt to control the public and what it can do creatively. In a country that was to be the "Home of the Free", is being taken away, left behind in a forgotten corner of the Congress and the Presidency. Once a powerfull nation has been whittled down into nothing, but a nation that once had what it has taken away. What was once a free-world-enterprising country, is now made into a corperate state where power is through currency. The people of the U.S.A now has to make a choice, stand up and fight for their rights, or let the Corperations tell use what we can and cannot have.

I Stand against!

When there are games that have RPing properties, ones where a faction is governed by a player or player group, they tend not to allow random events, which adds some tention when its called for. Having a random RP event that might have dire consequences against a faction, or multiple adds a bit of realism to a game and or RP chat. Discovery forum Communication Channel has such problems. Since I stopped playing, cause of all the bullshit of RPing factions taking conversations out of context, basically turing into a comic book setting, instead of a realistic setting. Anyone that understands that if a random event, with in a reasonable context, can give players a event that needs to be resolved. Most RPing that has Player Governed Factions talking with independent players tend to not be as fulfilling as it should have been.

If we actaully take a minute to look over the possiblities of text RPing, it's difficult to figure out if the player is being serious or joking around, or any sence of what the message feels, such as being condencening and such. If such RPing is to be done, then it should be done as the D'n'D is done, using a dice. This would resolve alot of issues of Text RPing for a game with RP Player Factions.

User Posted Image

Hello, Teh Critic here with some info on Freelancer: Star Wars: Tides of War mod, that is on it's way to be released this year of 2012. I had talked with Sizer, on the ToW Demo server about various aspects of the mod and how expancive it is. The mod is based on the Star Wars universe, but it also expands deeply into the EU(Expanded Universe), so expect to see some ships you never heard of. Unless your a Die-hard Star Wars fan like me, then you will have no problems. Enough of ships, let's get to the Systems of the mod, that will be in the full release. Now, Sizer did say that the Iconic systems will be in the full release, systems like Hoth, Correllia, Kuat, Yavin VI, etc. Most of the basic systems. I was told that later on, in updates, that new systems might be added here and there. Alot of this mainly focuses on the universe that George Lucas created, but not made a attempt to make Episodes 7-9, but who's complaining? In the demo, stations look like basic started bases, complex ones are later. With huge maps for each and every system, putting the game in a perspective that rivals Star Wars: X-wing Alliance Space Flight Combat Simulator. Ships are well thought, controls can be user friendly, and best of all, removal of Jumpgates and Trade Lanes. Your probly saying, "Whats the matter with Jump Gates and Trade Lanes? They're fine!", but truthfully, in custom mods, they sometimes get jammed cause a new ship in the mod won't get it and just sit there. This mod also will make those in pirating to actaully demand the cargo and work togather, unlike in Discovery mod, where all they do is demand money just cause. This is definatly a mod that any Die-hard Star Wars fans and the players wanting a better RP expirence than what they're dealing with, to download and take flight. Simple, easy, and really no hassels, especially on full release.

Teh Critic, signing off.

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Underhell Review

Teh-Critic Blog

Underhell is one of the best source mods. Unique enemies, intence cinematics and storyline, atmosphereic music, and some frightening elements to the house and certain parts of the gameplay. Underhell Prologue gives the eerie feeling while hanging around the house. The dreams pertain to a horror aspect of the game, with blood written numbers and the door at the end adds more to the mystery of what is going on. The mod, dispite there not being as may weapons to use, has a compelling story and a original concept of the FPS. The game also introduces a element that some may want to use. The element I am speeking of is "Sound Levels", like in the Splinter Cell series , where sound can effect your detection. Underhell always has a surprise behind every door, waiting to be opened. The rest of the series of Underhell will no doubt, be just as good or better than the pervious episode.

Mod Rating: 10/10

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