I seek out mods and games(Indies) that catch my interest and try them if I can. Other than that, I have been in the process of creating starships and fighters in the sci fi genre. I can model, but UV mapping is a different story. I've been asking for help with that due to my schedule with college and job searches, if interested, please let me know. I do image editing and some video editing as well, using Paint.net and Sony Vegas 9.0C. I also have a understanding on C#; Java; HTML; Dynamic HTML; CSS; and JavaScript. I'm always friendly and willing to help out if needed, unless otherwise shown.

RSS Underhell has done it again!

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Mxthe and his team has done it again, in the FPS Horror shooter that will have your head spinning. the First Underhell that was released, was a challenging experience for those FPS players. The game could be taken the traditional route of HL2 Based games, but Underhell gave options for that. For once, seen in a mod, silenced weapons actually gave the feeling of stealth and able to slip by if you don't want to be seen. The house was one of the other features of the game, that still sends chills down my spine, especially that attic segment. Not only was it a intense FPS shooter, but also a bone chilling horror in the house. And that was all in the first part of the game, "The Prologue". For a little backstory, you play as Jake Hawkfield, a member of S.W.A.T, who's wife had died with the overhanging mystery of how she died. Now Jake must live on, in the very house she died in, with what you don't expect to happen in a house.

In Chapter 1, your placed in a underground prison from something that no one knows exactly. After awhile, you find that things begin to deteriorate, when a virus suddenly takes hold of almost everyone in the complex. Now you have to escape this nightmarish prison to reach the surface and escape completely from the diseased prison. If you haven't played Underhell, play it, it has emotion, thrills, scares, and mystery with plot-twists like you wouldn't believe. Check em out, if you dare!

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