I seek out mods and games(Indies) that catch my interest and try them if I can. Other than that, I have been in the process of creating starships and fighters in the sci fi genre. I can model, but UV mapping is a different story. I've been asking for help with that due to my schedule with college and job searches, if interested, please let me know. I do image editing and some video editing as well, using Paint.net and Sony Vegas 9.0C. I also have a understanding on C#; Java; HTML; Dynamic HTML; CSS; and JavaScript. I'm always friendly and willing to help out if needed, unless otherwise shown.

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Mod review - 3 agree - 2 disagree

NeoTokyo has some very well designed features in the game. Almost each weapon has a silenced version and each of the 3 class types have their own weapons they can use and their own "Visor" mode. Since only the Light Weight and the Medium Weight characters can use cloaks, the Heavies have one overall advantidge, complete view of cloaked and uncloaked targets. Each class has pros and cons, which equals out in the end. Heavies can't run, but they can bring the big guns, the light-weights are faster moving and can see tangos in the dark, and the medium built troopers can see targets in cloak, but only while moving. Similar to Counter Strike, this game has a different feel at the same time. This is basically a combo of Ghost Recon with Counter Strike, given objectives and keeping the enemy surpressed. Course, with a game with high tech gear, your gonna find that your tactics may not count with the unexpected. Cloaked players in this game are actaully hard to see, making it much more of a challenge to find them.

Well detailed maps, a desent variety of weappons to choose from, 3 player builds for the Tank, Soldier, and Scout like, and some mechanics that makes it a whole lot fun, if you want games like this on Steam, give it a Greenlight. Definantly worth a try.



Mod review - 2 disagree

Simply a map and a unexecutable .bsp file.


Nightstalkers Universe Mod

Mod review - 3 disagree

This mod gets a 7 out of 10 for some reasons, some overlooked after being released. First of all, the Jumpholes from the starting system are a one way ticket. This causes some problems for people that want to select a new system. The other issue is that NPCs have overpowered weapons, although you are given 5 million credits at start on the offical server, all the better ships are hundreds of millions of credits. Finally, the last part which got me ****** is that the so called 10 players on it, they're really Bots that are programmed to change profiles after a certain time. To me, if they used only one set or theme, instead of using ships from differenet universes, it might have gone better. It's worse than Discovery at its current state.


Crossfire 2.0

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

The mod, being a template for SWAT Devolpement Team for their latest project, adds some things Discovery Devs did not. They simple thought that players should have IDs and nerf depending on ID, Weapons, and ship. Also Unique ships, only allowed to the creators of those ships are allowed to use them. This is not fair ro those playing, expecting to be able to fly one of these ships. Crossfire adds ships availible for everyone to use, no uniques for just anyone. They pushed the visuals of Freelancer, to a point where it almost looks like a different game. Their latest project uses models from here and another one of their mods, and use it using a new engine for the freelancer universe. Hopefully, it will be made and ready to play. Great ship models, improved graphics, and some new factions and systems, something you'ld expect from a freelancer mod, instead of nerfs and rules that people think make it better.


Discovery Freelancer 2021

Mod review

I give Discovery Mod a 6/10, cause there are some iusses that the game has in the RP and also the restrictions that the team has placed in the new version. The dev team did a great job at creating new ships that stay with in the Freelancer universe. Weapons were toned down, which I bet alot of players complained and were fixed. Iusses that I find is that players pirating are targeting everyone reguardless of cargo. Also, the restrictions that are now in place to keep players from using ships from different factions by forcing them to have IDs, which also cause problems for weapon layouts. Reason this does not work is cause its too similar to a MMO type setup and it doesnt work well since players are either not following the rules and are doing what they please. Now this is the big reason it gets 8, the admins. The admin are unresponcive and unwilling to answer to player at all, some are disobeying their agreements to the administrative rights. I have played on the server and I ahve put my input, but the iusses with the admins is the fact that the game server admins on the forums listen to no one and that it should be reorganize the administrative obligations that they have to help a player that is confused and not leaving it to another group of people that dont have admin powers what-so-ever. Graphiclly is great, new ship are great, but RP-gameplay and the admins cost it 3 of the 10 points for it. But the worst is the fact that some of the models are rehashes, like Jinx's Osprey V2 is nothing more than a copy of the Star Conflict Federation Lion Fighter. Few ships are shining gems, but the rest are badly textured, and for some, needing a replacement. If the developers spent more time on fixing issues and carefully thinking things out, rather than consistently letting 3rd party modelers who are starting to lack in their skills(Not insulting that's that still have originality), then maybe Disco could have been something.



Mod review - 3 agree

I was able to play the Stand-Alone and it was awsome. Although the turret aspect of certain parts in missions and the shortness of the mod, it still had a great deal of thought and programming for each event and objective throughout the game. Personally, a longer story or a "Aftermath" of this mod, which should be longer, would exceed expectations. Gameplay and Cutscenes are alright, the only thing that was a bit on the down side is the length of the mod. The use of the UMP, a custom weapon addition, and the M110 Sniper Rifle, adds some uniqueness to the game itself. I would love to see a longer, more custom weapons, and ideal addition from these guys. Chrjs and the Dev Team, he works with, has very good reputation for making such mods as Rainy Days and Wreakage. I would be even more impressed if they made a lengthy mod with more gameplay time and, like always, a good storyline, which they have that down. All in all, 10/10 for this mod.


Angels Fall First: Planetstorm

Mod review

I don't even know where to start. Everything has been thought of in this game, its not a mod, "ITS A GAME!" Stunning visual effects will have you dropping your jaw when entering a world of AFF. Fleets are thought up very throughly. Ground battles have realistic sence with gunships dropping off tanks and troops. Dog-fights are a little difficult, but the Ship to ship battles requires a crew that can communicate with each other. The one thing I will say that sucks is when your on a starship and it becomes immobilized and you cant get out. Even with a repair tool, you better hope your teammates are dishing out alot of pain so you dont get spaced. Vtol controls are simple and user-friendly, no complicated "Press Shift + W to engage Flight Mode". Hover Tank is hard to control, so are most hover-craft based vehicles. I don't have UT3, but the fact that this game is in the dev stage of being its own, I'll be waiting for it. To make it short, Beautifull enviorments, great combat and vehicle controls, space combat with ships to match makes it a great multiplayer game to have. Its like Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Battlefield became one game. It truely deserves a 10 out of 10!


Athan Seregon : SOURCE

Mod review


Mod review

Poorly thought of, an idea that the company, Valve, made using a refined version of the Source, and otherwise boring. If you want to play a game with zombies, just play Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 instead of this. Waste of time this mod is.


Resistance & Liberation

Mod review - 1 disagree

Although its a well made World War 2 game, if Day of Defeat was used and refined with better graphics and complex controls, would have had a high rating. Unfortunatly, its too similar to another multiplayer game, Insurgency Mod. It also has some of the same faults as Insurgency: Players sniping without a sniper rifle; maps sometimes become one-sided too much; squads: Not good for a WWII game. The weapons in the update might changed, but alot of the weapons are preset. Something like a armory menu after selecting a position and gives the weapons used might provide better. I didnt like Insurgency Mod due to not seeing the enemy and getting shot by them. Same problem exsists here. Seeing no one in sight and suddenly getting headshot from no-where, fustrates players to no end. It should fix this and give snipers with sniper rifles, a greater seeing distance.

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