I seek out mods and games(Indies) that catch my interest and try them if I can. Other than that, I have been in the process of creating starships and fighters in the sci fi genre. I can model, but UV mapping is a different story. I've been asking for help with that due to my schedule with college and job searches, if interested, please let me know. I do image editing and some video editing as well, using Paint.net and Sony Vegas 9.0C. I also have a understanding on C#; Java; HTML; Dynamic HTML; CSS; and JavaScript. I'm always friendly and willing to help out if needed, unless otherwise shown.

RSS Planetside 2, not what I expected, and not in a good way.

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A game that a lot of people were excited about that Sony had developed over the course of at least a year, give a few months. After seeing the release trailer on the day it was released, I immediately went to go download it from the site. Soon found the launcher.exe of PlanetSide2 didn't want to load at all. Then I downloaded the Steam Version, worked fine. You might think, "Why does the title say "not in a good way"? Your making more good points than bad about it." Well, that's the thing, it's not. I know a lot of people go, "Well, then your stupid!", that isn't really a valid argument. PlanetSide2 does have some features that I would like to see in a MMOFPS, but it's the engine that is its fault. Lets do some comparisons with 2 games that I have played, as well as to compare engines of other games.Lets start with comparing PlanetSide2's and Battlefield 3's engines. Although Battlefield 3 may gave a high intensity graphics, Battlefield 3 allows full control over what the graphics are. Planetside2 has great graphics, but unlike more other games. Video settings can be set to low on a PC with a descent VGA card, like a GeForce card, and still PlanetSide2 lags with even 2 other players in view. Even changing the "Rendering Settings", models are still at the same settings from low default and 100% "Rendering Settings". The Frostbite Engine 2 has good graphics and mechanics that doesn't hinder gameplay. DICE understands that although graphics are all well and good, gameplay is the most important part of what makes a game.Crimecraft, a game some have heard of. Its a third person shooter(TPS) and is a MMO FPS/TPS. Crimecraft use to be one of the good kind of TPS games out there, until Mayn took it over. To digress from that, Crimecraft's Engine uses the UT Engine, which generates the modeling of the area and then applies the textures to them. Sony's engine is attempting to generate before the player has entered that area, which can lag if someone in a fighter is flying and suddenly lags out and crashes into the ground.The issue with PlanetSide2 is graphical, which takes it's toll on the gameplay of the game itself. EA and Dice had made a Free to Play Battlefield, so everyone has a chance to get the experience of playing a Battlefield game. Crimecraft has limited encounters of players versus players, so not to over load the game's resources. PlanetSide2 also has the issue of locked gear due to large amounts of ingame cash, just to unlock one piece of gear to use. Sony has their heart in the right place, but they are forgetting that true game developers ensure that it can be used by all matters of PCs, with older specs and newer specs. Gameplay could also use some work, but mostly the ability to actually play without crashing cause of too many players; cause you just got into a cockpit of a aircraft; explosion graphics; etc. Games should be enjoyable, not a hassle when trying to play.

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