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RSS Destiny 2 and the 36 hour Beta

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This blog is to address certain things I liked and hate about the Destiny 2 Beta, some of us have to admit there are serious issues that this presents. So let’s get into the nitty gritty and talk about the game in sections, starting with:

Overall Gameplay

Now, I am no stranger to gameplay that makes it different in comparison to other titles, like Warframe has their movement system, Titanfall series has pilotable mechs rather than kill streaks, and Battlefield series having Commanders for each team. Destiny 2 has its own and feels really nice when it comes to moving and getting around. Each class has its own skills and abilities, making it easy for people to find their playstyle somewhere in the game. Over all, I have played the Beta for about 5-6 hours and it’s fun to play. However the beta is very limited, only one 3-man raid and Competitive Multiplayer, there is the Social but I couldn’t Preorder cause lack of funds, but I think it doesn’t matter. For a lack of a better term, although fun, it got very bland and boring cause you know what’s coming next in the Raid and the 4v4 doesn’t offer much except the usual. And the loot doesn’t feel rewarding when none of it exceeds 200 damage for weapons and gear that is just like the one you had. Only difference between gear pieces is perks they each have, giving faster health regen or added damage. To be fair, The Division had a better Open Beta when they launched it and had a lot more to offer than what Destiny 2’s Beta has currently. But it’s fun, controls can be very easy and quick to get use to, and has some challenge at certain points through the game, which are fun regardless. And the Intro is actually really nice and I would love to play a bit of the campaign just a little bit from the taste they gave in the Beta. Now comes the next part of this that I might get flak for, so let’s begin on the part that shines on the not-so-good:

The "Beta" and the Content

Now, although it’s a really great game and I had a really good experience, I do have to say that it was lacking quite a bit in contend. We got the Intro to the game, which was a nice breath of fresh air, but afterwards started leaving a bland taste after playing the Strike mission in the Beta. Which I would loosely use for this as it’s more of a demo and let’s be honest, Massive’s The Division Beta had a lot more to offer to players checking out the game, no denying it there. It feels more of a Demo rather than an actual Beta, cause there’s very little content and players can’t surpass weapons with damage of 200 on the stats and only really having perks for each weapon and gear piece. Also the fact it’s only a Strike Mission that’s the PvE and the other two are PvP oriented, kind of makes me want to stop after playing for a bit. Also they said it’s a 2 day Beta, but it was dropped around 12:00pm on the 29th, which in doesn’t make sense since most Open Betas that happen usually have it out like early in the morning for U.S.A so people have a chance to play the game for about 2 days. It’s nit-picking, but safe to say that about only 36 hours and towards the end of it, a “Social Area”. Really? Feels less of a Beta and more of an attempt to get people to simply Preorder the game, which I know many would, but Betas are supposed to give a good spectrum of what the game is about, how it plays, and the fact that this is the only Destiny game that launched on all 3 platforms, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, I would have expected more since PC gamers, like myself, who don’t own a console, never got to experience the first game. A little bit extra content would have been great, like a Raid or some bit of the Open World, not a lot, just enough. Then it would have been a lot more enjoyable and a positive way of getting more copies sold. But they didn’t so it what we have to work with.

In all, Destiny 2 is an amazing game, beautiful graphics and great design on characters, excellent music, and challenging enemies. But lacks in content to get the player more invested into the real game, thought for some, it’s enough. In the future, I hope game Developers have Betas that are way more than 2 days with varied content.

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