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Moving along : New Half-Life wiki

sarevokh Blog

So, being sick of only just a blog, I've decided to create this wonderful project called the HLEU for Half Life Extended Universe, check it out, mod lovers.
And feel free to add whatever you want or find relevant.

Boe min mebi
Boe min bango

List of final bosses in FPS (version 2)

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The FPS is all about shooting with more and more powerful weapons, more and more powerful enemies, mean, bad, with evil intentions... What's interesting, as always, is... who is the number one? Who is the baddest of the baddest, the one behind it all, the madman/mass murderer???
Check it out : Wolfenstein 3D - General Fettgesicht : high-ranking german officer with dual chainguns. Underling of Hitler (chronologically the "true" final boss). Gunned down to bloody pulp.Spear of Destiny - Angel of Death : a demon associated with the spear of Longinus. Exploded.Doom - Spider Mastermind : A giant brain on four robotic legs. final demon of Hell. Gunned down to bloody pulp.System Shock - SHODAN : Evil female A.I. Survives the game.Doom 2 : Hell on Earth - Baphomet/Icon of Sin : giant demon head spawning monsters. "true" overlord of Hell. Exploded and his bits destroyed Hell's surface.Heretic - D'Sparil (Serpent Rider 1) : Evil humanoid sorcerer, and tyrant. Exploded.Star Wars : Dark Forces - General Mohc : high-ranking Imperial Officer with a power armor. gunned down.Killing Time - (none) : actually a final cut-scene with a fight between the 2 main antagonists.Duke Nukem 3D - Cycloid Emperor : giant one-eyed alien, leader of the alien invasion. Eye gougged out.Hexen : Beyond Heretic : Korax (Serpent Rider 2) : humanoid six-armed reptilian, and tyrant. Exploded and lost his souls.Quake - Shub-Niggurath : giant immobile alien looking like the game's logo, mother of all the demons. Invincible but telefragged. Disruptor - The President of United Earth : evil double-crossing politician. Exploded.Outlaws - Bob Graham : evil Western businessman. Gunned down.Redneck Rampage - AlienShadow Warrior - Zilla : giant gray monster, and tyrant.Turok - The Campaigner : cybernetic humanoid tyrant. Exploded.Blood - Tchernobog (the XVIth) : evil god looking like a cyborg two-legged decaying bull, and leader of the cult called Cabal. Absorbed by Caleb (the hero).Goldeneye - Alec Trevelyan : former agent 006, old friend of 007. leader of terrorist group Janus. Gunned down and fall to his death.Hexen 2 - Eidolon (Serpent Rider 3) : giant red demon, tyrant and eldest Serpent Rider. Exploded.Jedi Knight - Jerec : dark Jedi, and killer of the hero's father. Struck down by lightsaber.Quake 2 - Makron : a brain inside a robot with dual BFG. Supreme leader of the Strogg. Cut in half and exploded in his base.Mysteries of the Sith - (Dark) Kyle Katarn : Jedi fallen to the dark side. Returned to the light side.Spec Ops (series) - (none) but usually one final mission with nuclear threat...Delta Force (series) - (none) but usually one final mission with nuclear threat...Rainbow Six - John Brightling : evil CEO and eco-terrorist. Planned to wipe out the human race. Captured.Unreal - Skaarj Queen : insectoid two-legged alien, spawning monsters. Mother of the race. Gunned down.Shogo : MAD - Ryo OR Gabriel (Toshiro).Trespasser - Alpha Raptors (X 2) : dinosaurs. Gunned down. Blood 2 - The Ancient One : giant one-eyed red Lovecraftian creature, leaving in another dimension.
Gunned down and fell back into his lake.SiN - Thrall Sinclaire : giant monster and former father of SiN's nemesis Elexis (who survives by teleporting away). Gunned down.Half-Life - Nihilanth : giant baby-like alien. De facto leader of the Xen aliens. Exploded.Thief - Trickster/Constantine : old pagan god disguised as a noble man. looks like a satyre. Planned to plunge the worlk in eternal darkness. Killed by explosion.Turok 2 - Primagen : powerful giant alien, insectoid-like. Interstellar conquerant. Disintegrated.Klingon Honor Guard - Korek : a Klingon power-hungry. Gunned down.Requiem : Avenging Angel - Lucifer : the Fallen angel. looks like... an angel. Exploded.Alien vs Predator - Alien Queen OR Predator. ejected in space or self-destruct.Kingpin - Kingpin : fat and bald crime lord. Gunned down.System Shock 2 - SHODAN : survives (again) the game.HL Opposing Force - Geneworm : giant alien with tentacles and spawning monsters. Teleported back in his homeworld.Quake 3 - Xaero : cyborg looking like a bald monk. Tournament leader. Turned to stone.Mortyr - Giant mechanical spiders. Destroyed.Unreal Tournament - Xan Kriegor : human in a full robotic armor. Tournament leader. Defeated.Thief 2 - Karras : leader of the Mechanists, planned to wipe out all vegetation on Earth. Died from giant toxic explosion.Soldier of Fortune - Sergei Dekker : leader of the terrorist group The Order, in a full armor from head to toes. Planned to create a nuclear global war. Cut in half.Perfect Dark - Skydar Priest. Daikatana - Mikiko : former japanese ally turned villain in the end. Wanted the Daikatana for herself, and her family's pride. Gunned down.Deus Ex - Bob Page : megalomaniac CEO, wanted to become God. Destroyed or left to rot.Turok 3 - Oblivion + Joshua : evil cosmic parasitic alien, infesting finally the previous protagonist.Gunman Chronicles - the General : former commander of interstellar marines, wanted to rule the humanity with an army of aliens. Eaten alive by giant alien.Project IGI - Ekk : female terrorist leader. Gunned down.No One Lives Forever - Tom Goodman : double agent.Star Trek Elite Force - Vorsorth : giant immobile octopus-looking alien, collector of powerful species. Gunned down and destroyed with his base self-destruction.Undying - Undying King : old giant demon worm-looking god. Sent back to hell.Serious Sam - Ugh-Zan 3 : giant four-armed bull-faced alien, conqueror of the Earth. Gunned down and vaporized.Red Faction - Masako : commander of the mercenaries, to wipe out the revolution against evil corporations. Gunned down.Alien Vs Predator 2 - Alien Queen OR Rykov (marine).

Ghost Recon - (none) random ultranationalists.Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Heinrich I : undead German tyrant. Blown to bits.Medal of Honor AA - (none)Serious Sam Second Encounter - Mordekai : alien magician, spawning monsters. Exploded.C&C : Renegade - Elena Petrova : Scientist of the Nod. Gunned down.Jedi Outcast - Desann : Dark Jedi. Struck down by lightsaber.Soldier of Fortune 2 Double Helix - Aaron Wilson (V22 Osprey) : second-in-command of the Shop (hero's employers), motivated by money. Exploded in his ship.Gore - OptikBoss : evil computer virus, looking like a cyberdemon. Gunned down.NOLF 2 - Super Soldier. Gunned down and self-destructed.Red Faction 2 - Molov : former genetically-altered soldier turned rebel then turned self-proclaimed tyrant. Gunned down and crushed into the falling statue.Unreal 2 - Tosc (+ Hawkins) : peaceful alien race turned into giant hulk monsters with black hole guns. And the traitor human. Gunned down and sent into the sun.IGI 2 - Wu Xing : Chinese megalomaniac general. Gunned down.Delta Force Black Hawk Down - Mustafa Aidid : Somalian president. Gunned down.Vietcong - none.Will Rock - Zeus : King of Olympian Gods. Gunned down and disappeared.Elite Force 2 - Archeopendra : flying worm-looking alien. Gunned down and fell into lava.Jedi Academy - Marka Ragnos : Old resurrected dark Jedi. Ghost sent back into his tomb.Call of Duty - none.XIII - Mangouste : Hitman of the number I (leader of a neo-nazi conspiracy). Fell into water.Deus Ex 2 - JC Denton OR other leaders.Far Cry - Krieger and Doyle : evil scientist turned hulk humanoid on steroids, and "in-joke" twisted enemy virtually inoffensive. Died from his injuries (K) and head shot (D).Painkiller - Lucifer : The fallen angel (again), looking like a humanoid mass of fire. Gunned down and disappeared.Thief 3 - Gamall/Hag : The boogeyman of the Thief universe. Stripped of her powers.Doom 3 - Cyberdemon : giant cyborg demon of Hell. Gunned down.Half-Life 2 - Dr. Breen : former scientist and (puppet) ruler of Earth.Bet On Soldier - Max Balding.Serious Sam 2 - Mental Institution : the HQ of the alien overlord. Destroyed.F.E.A.R - Alma Wade : a vengeful spirit with psychic powers. Survives.Quake 4 - Makron/Nexus : Commander of the Strogg forces, and the Communication center of Strogg forces, in fact a giant brain. Exploded (both) to pulp.Call of Duty 2 - none.Condemned - The Hate (Ori) : humanoid decayed creature with psychic powers. Beaten down and jaw ripped open.Prey - The Mother : ancient human ruling an alien mechanic ship known as the Sphere. Destroyed.Jericho - The Firstborn : first tentative of God to make a human. Looks like a child speaking 100 different voices. Sent back into oblivion.Modern Warfare - Imran Zakhaev : terrorist one-armed Russian leader. Gunned down.Crysis - Giant Alien Ship. Destroyed.Soldier of Fortune Payback - Ethan Wall : terrorist leader. Gunned down.Bioshock - Franck Fontaine : a cunny individual starting from contraband turned into a massive "special" drug dealer to a criminal mastermind to a false hero, finally transforming into a massive drug-induced hulking monster. Died from drug weaning.Turok (new) - T-Rex : the king of dinos. Gunned down.Condemned 2 - Agent Dorland : an Ori (humanoid with destructive voice powers) looking like a punk pierced everywhere. some sort of Illuminati. Fell from a skycraper to his death.Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Gabriel Nowak : former Rainbow Six turned terrorist because of some business jealousy. Gunned down.S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - None/C-Consciousness : actually, you fight nobody, but C-consciousness is a real asshole because of the choices you have to do to get the different bad endings.Far Cry 2 - None : the main antagonist The Jackal brainwashes the player into thinking war is bad (lol), and in the end both the player and the jackal die by blowing themselves up OR shooting themselves in the head OR dying of malaria. In the end, Epic Fail.F.E.A.R. 2 - Sergeant Keegan : soldier turned psycho because of twisted love for ghost Alma. Gunned down.Killzone 2 - Colonel Mael Radec : a Helghast officer. Shot himself in the head.Wolfenstein (new) - Hans Grosse : german soldier right-hand man of the evil scientist. Gunned down.PainKiller Resurrection - Alastor : Lucifer's right-hand man. Gunned down.Modern Warfare 2 - General Shepard : US army general with megalomaniac dreams. Knifed through the right eye.BioShock 2 - Alpha Big Daddy. Gunned down.Singularity - Demichev : russian scientist turned ruler of the world because of time-travelling device. Gunned down.Duke Nukem Forever - Cycloid Emperor : AGAIN. Lost his eye and Duke pissed through it.Crisys 2 - Ceph Litho-Ship (sort of) : mothership of alien invaders. Destroyed from the inside.Killzone 3 - Jorhan Stahl : Helghast arms dealer. Obliterated by a super-nuke.Rage - none : actually, the Visionary/Martin Cross don't even make an appearance : until Rage 2?Battlefield 3 - Solomon : undercover US secret agent in Muslim terrorist cells, turned psychotic nuclear bomber. Head beaten to death with a brick.Modern Warfare 3 - Vladimir Makarov : Russian terrorist leader, launched World War III. Hanged.F.E.A.R. 3 - The Creep : giant monster, manifestation of Alma's father. Gunned down and fade away.Serious Sam 3 BFE - Ugh-Zan 4 : son of Ugh Zan 3, giant alien, Earth invader. Dies from his injuries.

How to make HL mods canon : #5 (HL2 mods, part 3)

sarevokh Blog

And here we go for part 5 :

THE CITIZEN PART 1 AND PART 2 : The fantastic mod about a rebel who has enough of the Combine and decide to join the Resistance. After a first part climaxing when Breen is nearly killed during his recording of Breencast, the second part takes us in rescuing a Rebel leader. We're still waiting for part 3.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF THE CITIZEN : Before HL2 and after 7hourwar and the birth of the Resistance. Show us also how Breen move from "public" appearances to barricading himself in the Citadel. Yeah!

GET A LIFE : A french and ambitious mod mixing FPS and RPG elements, telling us the story of a young boy suffering leukemia and ending in a 7 hour story of zombies and strange experiments.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF GET A LIFE : Sadly, totally non-canon. The ending show us a zombie-infested world. Not headcrab zombies, but "regular" zombies. Undead. and no Combine at all.

DAS ROBOSS : the mod where you play someone (we'll assume : a Rebel) trying to stop a project of a big Combine robot, 10 times the size of a Strider, to be activated. Ends in a giant mechwarrior battle between 2 roboss. Epic.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF DAS ROBOSS : Sometimes during the Combine rule. Maybe during HL2 events, during the Uprising.

MISTAKE OF PYTAGHORAS : Strange and well-known mod all about fighting numbers and geometric-shaped aliens with an epic climax with psychokinetic powers.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF MOP : Non-canon. Rebels and Combine are allies and Breen is still ruler of Earth but is a good guy working with Kleiner!

REBELLION : Space Opera mod.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF REBELLION : Non-canon. Alyx and Breen and Barney and Combine are the "good guys" and are not even called Combine in this universe.

UNION : A rebel working with a Vort to escape Nova Prospekt. End with a great climax against a sniper, and a tragic ending.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF UNION : During the riot of Nova Prospekt in HL2.

OFFSHORE : a 5 hour "what if?" story, "what if" Gordon decided to catch his captured Buggy instead of heading for City 17. In the end the buggy is lost anyways... The story is also lost anyways... LOL.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF OFFSHORE : Alternate timeline "bonus" where the HL2 story gets significantly longer... For nothing ^^

UNEXPECTED CONCLUSION : A long mod about a man searching for his brother captured by the Combine. In the "conclusion", it is rather unexpected yes, because... the story has disappeared, the brother is nowhere, and we leave on a train. What.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF UC : Before HL2 and during the Combine rule. Ending in a "meh?" note.

That's it for now. Feel free to add any suggestions (HL1/HL2) mods that I could have forgotten to speak about.

How to make HL mods canon : #4 (HL2 mods, part 2)

sarevokh Blog

MISSION IMPROBABLE : The wonderful mod made by Magnar Janssen telling the story of Gordon investigating a Combine lighthouse and then helping rebels has unfortunately no place in the official timeline... However...

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF MI : If we consider the alternate timeline of Coastline to Atmosphere and Strider Mountain, it can fit well after both of them. It can be trusted since no major characters appear in MI.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT : The "best HL2 mod of all time" telling us the story of some guy with no weapons in a combine and zombie infested experimental base called "NERDZ" can fit in the timeline with some explanations.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF R AND D : Sometimes during the gap between HL1 and HL2. I guess some weird looneys (the so called "nerdz") created a base to make strange games for their own personal amusements, capturing Combine so they can fight some poor "players".

DANGEROUS WORLD : The infamous mod about a rebel starting just after the Dark reactor's destruction to the Citadel fits well in the official timeline, going so far as being paralleled with moments of Episode 1.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF DW : Can be considered canon and in the same time as Episode 1.

EYE OF THE STORM : The sadly unfinished mod of Lord, in the City 14 with its own administrator, and some Ravenholm at the moment of its fall.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF EOTS : Before HL2 because started with the "Ravenholm" mod not yet Zombified then going into another City ruled by Combine. Sadly, it ended in part 2 in an unfinished note.

HUMAN ERROR : A "play as combine" mod where you start with an intro during the Portal Storm then you're put as a Metrocop exploding Vorts and Rebels.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF HE : As some Xenians are still presents on Earth and the Rebels are crushed, surely before HL2. So : Intro just before the 7 hour war and then before HL2.

COMBINE DESTINY : Another "play as combine" mod where you blow the hell out of Rebels and zombies.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF CD : After the 7 hour war and before HL2.

COMBINE COMBAT : Another "play as combine" mod, sadly unfinished, where you play a Metrocop tasked to kill Gordon Freeman. Cool mod, besides.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF CC : During HL2 and after "A red letter gone wrong".

: A mod where you are ordered to guide a Rebel train to a Combine structure to blow it up. Good mod ending with a TWIST ---->

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF CALAMITY : As revealed in the climax, an "alternate timeline" set in HL1 when the Spectrometer exploded triggering the resonance cascade and sending temporary Gordon in the future to blow up a not-yet constructed Citadel, before returning back in time in HL1 in "unforeseen consequences".

FORWARD MOTION : A strange mod/mappack starting with some Combine to blow up in City 17 then switching to a mystical land where you have to activate some ancient artifacts, and with that, you have to flee a floating corpse pursuing you with a wall of death...

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF FM : Dunno. Looks like a rebel during HL2 getting teleported on an alternate dimension.

RANDOM QUEST : A strange and interesting mod where a man walking on the streets is teleported to a medieval castle ruled by a Vortigaunt and some humans, then an arena with Antlions Guards, some looneys on a lost land, and ending with a cliffhanger after blowing some other crazy humans.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF RQ : It can fit!!! After the Portal Storms, some guys is caught in a dimensional vortex and ends in a world where some "renegade" Vortigaunts, freed from the Nihilanth, rule this world and some exiled humans either serving the Vort's, or having become crazy.


That's it for today : Next episode : THE CITIZEN, GET A LIFE, ... And others.

How to make HL mods canon : #3 (HL2 mods)

sarevokh Blog

Here we go, I left a little the HL1 mods to consider some bigs HL2 mods, mostly set during the post-HL1 era, and how some of them could be considered "canon" or "alternate timelines" set in motion for some reason.

Now, what will be the big purpose of all of these issues?? In the end, I will make one big post of timeline, setting all of the most "canon" mods on the "official" HL timeline.

Think of it, like a "HLEU" : Half Life Expanded Universe, like the Star Wars Expanded Universe :) Some of you, guys, modders, have developed such wonderful universes that when I play the mod, I can BELIEVE in it, believe in how this can be a side story of the Valve's universe. So that's the main point.

COASTLINE TO ATMOSPHERE : Here we a mod starting just after HL2 not counting the episodes where you pursue Breen who has gone into a space station and where the Gman switch sides with him. After nearly 6 hour of game, everything blows up and you blows the hell out of both Breen and Gman.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF CTA : "what if?" story where we can imagine that Gman stopping time at the end of HL2 causes a temporal paradox where two timelines emerged : the official one with the Episodes, and this one with CTA. True considering that Alyx does not appear in CTA. Barney also dies in CTA. And you don't get to see other characters either.

STRIDER MOUNTAIN : The longest HL2 mod where you have to work with the Resistance trying to destroy the "source" of the Striders.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF SM : "what if?" story by the same dev' of CTA, interestingly we can imagine it's really a sequel to CTA, with Gordon having destroyed Breen and Gman, is now continuing his mission to destroy the Combine. True considering nobody really important besides some rebels appear into SM.

PRECURSOR : Playing a rebel going from City 17 to White Forest.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF PRECURSOR : Canon. Like said in the game, "303 days before the wake of Gordon Freeman".

MINERVA METASTASIS : Set on an isolated island run over by Combine, it's hard to tell, besides being after the Resonance Cascade. Assuming that the Overwatch are made of humans, here is a supposition :

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF MINERVA : In-between the loss of the 7 hour war and the beginning of HL2.

1187 : A human during the 7 hour war...

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF 1187 : Sometimes before and then during the 7 hour war.

RIOT ACT : During Freeman storming Nova Prospekt, ending before the destruction of Nova Prospekt.



How to make HL mods canon : #2

sarevokh Blog

SWEET HALF-LIFE : Like several other mods, this one deals with random guy, this time the warehouse manager, during the BM incident fighting his way through every threat sent on this place and even more, finishing the game, with no paradoxes, on top of the "time to choose" to tram and even crossing path with a Shepard after his stasis...

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF SHL : from HL1 beginning to HL1 ending.
Addendum : My guess is that our poor hero didn't manage to catch Gman and Gordon and as a result disappeared in the "space between spaces"...

LIFE'S END : Random guy during BM blablabla... even with the spacetime travelling, nothing paradoxical occurs, and in the end our poor Luther gets put outside of space and time itself, with some other people.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF L'SE : HL1 timeline, finishing before the nuke of BM, and ending in some whatever the place is (a prison acting as an afterlife?).
OPERATION NOVA : Like Cleaner's Adventure (and until the release of Yellow Shift), another janitor during Black Mesa.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF NOVA : From the HECU arrival on HL1 to shortly after the rocket launch by Freeman.

Despite the best efforts, some very good mods with strong story simply can't fit with the HLverse...

TODESANGST : Completly awkward. Takes places "after" HL1 with Gordon chasing an evil doctor in a still-here Black Mesa (!!!) allied with Gman who now has a name, Mr. Blackstone (!!!). Despite being good, it simply doesn't fit.

SPACETIME CONTINNUM OF TODESANGST (1 and 2) : A "what if..?" universe where Gordon chooses "f*ck you" to the Gman's choice in HL ending and then blows the hell out of him when he duplicates and transforms himself in 4 half-Gman half-Xenian monsters... No Shepard, No nukes, no HL2 in this world.

POKE646 + POKE646 VENDETTA : set 13 months after Black Mesa being "shut down" (what?), in a world free of aliens (what?) knowing nothing about the BM incident (uh???), a complex story with a secret anti-alien service, with twists and betrayal along the way...

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF POKE646 : In a world where modders didn't know there was an Opposing Force and an HL2... Too bad.

GUNMAN CHRONICLES : The mod that being so good became a retail game and seen as a "spiritual successor of Half Life" with his story of interstellar human soldiers going on many planets fighting XEN-omorphs with a recurring bad guy, former friend gone wrong... Strangely, it can be seen as a "what if?" story.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF GUNMAN : Several years in the future after the Combine war, Gordon Freeman shaved his beard and his head and became part of the Gunman Corps.


To be continued...

How to make HL mods canon : #1

sarevokh Blog

This was a recurrent problem in mods, especially good mods we like, we love... we consider it "Valve-like" qualities, and we would like for them to be considered "canon", even if official add-ons such as Blue Shift and Opposing Force aren't considered really canon by Valve themselves.

Through the upcoming parts of this blog, I will try to make explanations on some well-known mods, both HL1 and HL2, on how they fit with the HLverse.

1) THEY HUNGER : We know during the storyline that the zombies where created when Dr. Franklin discovered a strange substance on the waters surrounding the small town.
My guess is that during the Portal Storms following HL1 and a little before the Seven Hour War (admitting that it happens some months/years after the BM incident), some alien organism infected these waters, a specific organism allowing the dead to come back to life.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF THEY HUNGER : Shortly after HL1 events, on an isolated American town. Maybe a town not touched by the 7 hour war, cut from the rest of the world, in a sense.

2) AFRAID OF MONSTERS : Nothing special. Some addict in a town without nothing specific on the HLverse.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF AOM : Before the Black Mesa Incident since the world wasn't screwed at this time.

3) USS DARKSTAR : Tough one. We can guess that some sort of human-like "aliens" discovered planets full of Xenian Life and then all hell breaks loose.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF USS DARKSTAR : "In a galaxy far far away", before or after the Black Mesa event... Not really important for the time.

4) TIMELINE 1, 2, 3 : An interesting one. Gordon is recruited by the Gman to travel in time and save the world from nazis, but at the end Gman betrays him to work with Hitler and as a result Gordon destroys the crystal of time, and every event is erased to go back in time just at the HL1 beginning.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF TIMELINE : Alternate timelines from HL1 ending to during some years, then everything is erased as nothing happened.

5) ABSOLUTE REDEMPTION : Gordon being reactived between HL1 and HL2 to do some things on Xen and on an Earth not yet "enslaved". No special "temporal paradox".

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF ABSOLUTE REDEMPTION : Gordon out of stasis before the 7 hour war, on Earth and Xen for a short time before being re-put back on stasis by G-Man.

6) BLACK OPS : Nothing special, Declan Walker fits well in the timeline.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF BLACK OPS : Shortly before HL1, then during HL1 and OpFor, and ending shortly before Black Mesa being nuked.

7) ZOMBIE EDITION : Again, nothing special, just a nameless zombie doing some stuff during the Black Mesa event.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF ZE : During HL1 events, after Resonance Cascade and ending when the nuke explodes.

8) POINT OF VIEW AND AZURE SHEEP : 2 great mods taking place during HL1 events with no problems with the timeline.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF POV AND AS : After Resonance Cascade and ending before the nuke.

9) CLEANERS ADVENTURE : a mod with an HL1 janitor. I can't really understand the ending (since it's russian) but I assume the hero is either dead or taken in Gman's custody.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF CA : During HL1 events, before Resonance Cascade and ending before the nuke.

10) CASE CLOSED : a mod with a poor lawyer visiting Black Mesa at the wrong time. Again (and again..), some random guy lost in the giant complex and fighting his lot of aliens and grunts.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF CC : During HL1 events, same as Cleaner's adventure.


And so that's it for the first part!!! check out the sequel(s)!!!

The "HL2 Episode 3" mod by SPY!!!!

sarevokh Blog

There's many controversies about Leon Brinkmann aka "SPY", one of the "mapping machines" of Half life and mods.

He is responsible of Leon Mappack, the 6 hour-long Coastline to Atmosphere (a sequel to HL2 not considering Ep 1 and Ep 2), and the infamous Strider Mountain, arguably the longest HL2 mod of all time : you can count more than 12 hours to go through all the levels and collect all datas to open the secret level and true ending.
He said that Final Project Diary would be his last but he was wrong : he is nowadays developing a mod which started as a competition for planetphillip (rooftop ville) and it then goes into a mod called RooftopRetreat... Finally becoming "HL2 Episode 3 The closure".

What is amazing with his mods, and so popular or unpopular, is that he creates massive maps using simple gameplay things, mainly with massive waves of enemies, to pass a point/open a door/etc... So much that during the buggy/car parts, it would be faster on feet than on car!!!

Anyway, here it is :

Prepare yourself to fight 10,000 Overwatch soldiers, 50,000 Antlions, 100,000 Manhacks, and probably 1,000,000 headcrabs!!! Surely you'll die of exhaustion before the end, but... you know it, Leon's style :) !!!

The CUBE mod

sarevokh Blog

I think this mod which seems very promising hasn't gained enough publicity and so I'm going viral about it :

-it is part of an incredible HLverse (see The other projects of The team).
-it has a release date, in exactly 90 days.
-it has Many custom contents.
-it has a great story.

So... Check this out.

I have no mouth and I must scream

sarevokh Blog

For those who saw me as a regular member of moddb, I'm still but unfortunately, since the BMS moddb page debacle, the high commander Henley supressed my rights to post.

Feel Free to send him PM to change this sad situation.

I can post reviews, still. Recently I suggest you to Play TITAN XCIX and to track CUBE mod.

And still no news of BMS... Ugh............………

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