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SWEET HALF-LIFE : Like several other mods, this one deals with random guy, this time the warehouse manager, during the BM incident fighting his way through every threat sent on this place and even more, finishing the game, with no paradoxes, on top of the "time to choose" to tram and even crossing path with a Shepard after his stasis...

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF SHL : from HL1 beginning to HL1 ending.
Addendum : My guess is that our poor hero didn't manage to catch Gman and Gordon and as a result disappeared in the "space between spaces"...

LIFE'S END : Random guy during BM blablabla... even with the spacetime travelling, nothing paradoxical occurs, and in the end our poor Luther gets put outside of space and time itself, with some other people.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF L'SE : HL1 timeline, finishing before the nuke of BM, and ending in some whatever the place is (a prison acting as an afterlife?).
OPERATION NOVA : Like Cleaner's Adventure (and until the release of Yellow Shift), another janitor during Black Mesa.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF NOVA : From the HECU arrival on HL1 to shortly after the rocket launch by Freeman.

Despite the best efforts, some very good mods with strong story simply can't fit with the HLverse...

TODESANGST : Completly awkward. Takes places "after" HL1 with Gordon chasing an evil doctor in a still-here Black Mesa (!!!) allied with Gman who now has a name, Mr. Blackstone (!!!). Despite being good, it simply doesn't fit.

SPACETIME CONTINNUM OF TODESANGST (1 and 2) : A "what if..?" universe where Gordon chooses "f*ck you" to the Gman's choice in HL ending and then blows the hell out of him when he duplicates and transforms himself in 4 half-Gman half-Xenian monsters... No Shepard, No nukes, no HL2 in this world.

POKE646 + POKE646 VENDETTA : set 13 months after Black Mesa being "shut down" (what?), in a world free of aliens (what?) knowing nothing about the BM incident (uh???), a complex story with a secret anti-alien service, with twists and betrayal along the way...

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF POKE646 : In a world where modders didn't know there was an Opposing Force and an HL2... Too bad.

GUNMAN CHRONICLES : The mod that being so good became a retail game and seen as a "spiritual successor of Half Life" with his story of interstellar human soldiers going on many planets fighting XEN-omorphs with a recurring bad guy, former friend gone wrong... Strangely, it can be seen as a "what if?" story.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF GUNMAN : Several years in the future after the Combine war, Gordon Freeman shaved his beard and his head and became part of the Gunman Corps.


To be continued...

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