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Report RSS How to make HL mods canon : #5 (HL2 mods, part 3)

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And here we go for part 5 :

THE CITIZEN PART 1 AND PART 2 : The fantastic mod about a rebel who has enough of the Combine and decide to join the Resistance. After a first part climaxing when Breen is nearly killed during his recording of Breencast, the second part takes us in rescuing a Rebel leader. We're still waiting for part 3.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF THE CITIZEN : Before HL2 and after 7hourwar and the birth of the Resistance. Show us also how Breen move from "public" appearances to barricading himself in the Citadel. Yeah!

GET A LIFE : A french and ambitious mod mixing FPS and RPG elements, telling us the story of a young boy suffering leukemia and ending in a 7 hour story of zombies and strange experiments.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF GET A LIFE : Sadly, totally non-canon. The ending show us a zombie-infested world. Not headcrab zombies, but "regular" zombies. Undead. and no Combine at all.

DAS ROBOSS : the mod where you play someone (we'll assume : a Rebel) trying to stop a project of a big Combine robot, 10 times the size of a Strider, to be activated. Ends in a giant mechwarrior battle between 2 roboss. Epic.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF DAS ROBOSS : Sometimes during the Combine rule. Maybe during HL2 events, during the Uprising.

MISTAKE OF PYTAGHORAS : Strange and well-known mod all about fighting numbers and geometric-shaped aliens with an epic climax with psychokinetic powers.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF MOP : Non-canon. Rebels and Combine are allies and Breen is still ruler of Earth but is a good guy working with Kleiner!

REBELLION : Space Opera mod.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF REBELLION : Non-canon. Alyx and Breen and Barney and Combine are the "good guys" and are not even called Combine in this universe.

UNION : A rebel working with a Vort to escape Nova Prospekt. End with a great climax against a sniper, and a tragic ending.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF UNION : During the riot of Nova Prospekt in HL2.

OFFSHORE : a 5 hour "what if?" story, "what if" Gordon decided to catch his captured Buggy instead of heading for City 17. In the end the buggy is lost anyways... The story is also lost anyways... LOL.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF OFFSHORE : Alternate timeline "bonus" where the HL2 story gets significantly longer... For nothing ^^

UNEXPECTED CONCLUSION : A long mod about a man searching for his brother captured by the Combine. In the "conclusion", it is rather unexpected yes, because... the story has disappeared, the brother is nowhere, and we leave on a train. What.

SPACETIME CONTINUUM OF UC : Before HL2 and during the Combine rule. Ending in a "meh?" note.

That's it for now. Feel free to add any suggestions (HL1/HL2) mods that I could have forgotten to speak about.

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