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A modern day masterpiece and a mod of the year. Thank you for letting us play through your vision of Black Mesa incident through a different perspective. Perfectly crafted, directed and executed, seeing that someone utilizes the engine to this extent just warms my heart and reminds me of how truly awesome half-life community is. It was a huge, indescribable pleasure to play through this, and we're all as a community can't thank you enough for all your effort and time you put into this awesome project.

Valve should take notes, because this is a true work of passion and art made for the fans, and they seem to have forgotten what that is. Kudos.


Prepare yourself for the real masterpiece in Half-Life universe! This game gives you great Black Mesa feeling - vast highly detailed space, full of deadly surprises. You have to Run, Think, Shoot, Live again to make your way through this horror and danger. Be aware of monsters and be sure to explore surroundings - it's your chance to find vital supplies and secrets (the greatest thing is that you'll have to play the mod more than once to be sure that you found most of its secrets, it makes the game interesting even on repeated playing). Be faster and smarter than your enemies, because there are a lot of them and everyone wants to put you down ;) Top notch mapping, living environment, chilling athmosphere, nerve-bending moments await you!


Add " -num_edicts 2048" without the quotes to your command line for hl.exe. Command line means launch parameters, which you can add into "Target" field in a shortcut's properties for hl.exe. Or it can be a string in *.bat/*.cmd file (if you know how they work).

Something like:
hl.exe -game echoes -num_edicts 2048

If your path to hl.exe in your shortcut is something like:
"C:\Bla-bla-bla and other things\hl.exe"
then add parameters AFTER quotes:
"C:\Bla-bla-bla and other things\hl.exe" -game echoes -num_edicts 2048

Alternatively, you can set the parameter in Half-Life launch options (in Steam). Just add "-num_edicts 2048" there (without quotes).

For Xash3D quit the game once and find gameinfo.txt in "echoes" folder. Open it, set "max_edicts" value to 2048, save changes, start the mod again.

P. S. If 2048 value doesn't fix the crash for you, try 4096. Or try to load the saved game or autosave from previous map and continue from there again.

The mod overall is great but it has those darn cheap headcrab spawns.

After much consideration. I decided to re-write my review, due to how much I talked and praised the mod without going into detail. This review will talk about the positives and negatives, about Half-Life: Echoes.


First off, the mod really shows the power of what the Goldsource engine can accomplish.

Secondly, the whole game is filled with Npcs that have unique scripted sequences that are filled all over the place, which makes the game feel really alive in most places, along with the tragic events that happens throughout the mod.

Speaking about tragic events, the whole game starts with a worrying feeling that makes the player feel like something wrong will happen, then BAM, it all goes to ****. The music also is a key advantage with setting the mood in areas of the mod. Loud screaming, Horrified scientists and aggressive soldiers that have no feelings towards the Black mesa personnel.

Third and finally, the scenery. Oh boy, do I have to say something about the scenery in this modification. This game is filled with unique lighting, great placement of horror, action, mystery and sadness. There is this one part in the game where you must get a security guard to open a door, and by going there, you see a bridge with amazing outdoor areas, and ofcourse, the H.E.C.U, going across the bridge look badass while doing so. Then, once you have a security guard, and if you have a scientist aswell, you will see the soldiers set up on the bridge, ready for anything. Then really later, you see them, in the same area, running away from an incoming Gargantua, and hearing them saying "FIRE! FIRE!" along with the world around you turning to hell, which is by far really fantastic.


Well, in all honesty, this mod will NOT be sugar coated. I'm sorry, I really love this mod, but it is required that you must look and seek for the bad in order to show that this mod is, and will never be perfect, just like every other mod before it.

First, let me start off with the framerate problem. For me, it was a real ball buster just trying to get through the game with out suffering from huge drops in the framerate, everything from the beginning to the end, was just having problems running at a smooth fps. The game looks amazing, but maybe TOO amazing for the engine that it's running on.

Enemy spawn locations. GOOD LORD, is this a problem! Headcrabs just hitting me from any angle possible. It was really annoying around the part where you had to eliminate the Alien grunt with the shield, ever since I was on low health due to the onslaught of enemies from the parking lot. And so, A LOT of deaths were common through out.

Little positive: Even though I died plenty of times due to that, it was just a small area of the game that didn't stop me from playing it, and this part really shows that you must think, run, shoot and survive (Just like the original Half-Life)

This is all I have to say for the positives and negatives of Half-Life: Echoes.


This Modification for Half-Life is really fa-nominal, and shows how much this mod can become a great and fun experience all around. There are Classic Half-Life mods, and Modern Half-Life mods. This mod is THE Best modern age Half-Life mod of the recent years. I started around 3:07, all the way to 5:30, not really long, but good enough so that it was top-notch and not a really long and empty mod. People here say that you should get a job a valve. I say no, and honest, yet friendly no, you belong in the community, with people that respect you and salute to you. Valve seems like a great place to work at, but really, going to Valve and leaving all of the community behind? I know you won't, but I'm just sharing what I think about the statement.

This has been my review of Half-Life: Echoes.

This is ThePersonFromMars
Signing out.


A-Shift says

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Story and scenes - 8/10
Well-made, mostly imaginative, but there's little to no interactivity aside from walking around and hitting scene triggers - you don't get anything like blowing up microwaves and messing with alarms, only watch things happen. Story of "yet another person surviving through Black Mesa and being considered by Gman for hire" didn't seem to tie with HL2 references which made them feel like fanservice. I liked the scene after a certain crystal in a dark room, but Epistle3 thing at the end was jarring to me.

Levels and atmosphere - 7/10
Maps didn't look like HL1's Black Mesa to me, but that is more of a positive. Scale is huge, and mod tries to impress with sheer size of maps that you have to walk and walk through, but it causes the effect to lose it's impact slowly, certain areas were confusing to navigate (like part with ladders in elevator shaft). Lighting mostly consists of primary colors, and can get monotonous, contrast of green and red light feels overused, player guiding was unsubtle in some places. Backtracking and seeing gradual changes in same locations was convincing.
One little thing I really liked for some reason is heavy boxes making loud sounds when dropping to floor.

Gameplay - 5/10
Headcrabs after every corner (quite literally at some places) and zombies spawning behind your back were not fun. Luring zombies and other npcs under barnacles was way more fun, fighting alien grunts with only shotgun and pistol was not fun again. Soldier fights were much better because by that time you have hivehand and explosives. Other than that it was standard, if only harder than usual (I played on medium), puzzles were just fine, and big locations helped with NPC followers not getting stuck on every corner. Certain parts in final battle, like garg in tunnel and gluon, felt unintuitive.
Seeing working suit chargers, but not being able to use them was distracting.

I used a version of steam HL that still has D3D support and had no performance issues at all, but I did have to further increase num_edicts because of crashes.
Overall, as a first release, it's great and worth playing.


Most certainly a mod to remember.
Beginning with it's climatic introduction all the way up to the mapping & texture choices.

I believe this to be the master grown jewel in regards of detail love. While I can think of several masterfully created Gold Source Hl1 SP mods none of them were so detailed such as Echoes is.

Without wanting to spoil to much. Expect brilliant script sequences. (The Facility feels alive) A thrilling story plot that seems to portray the Events back at Black Mesa while being told to you during a post hl2 ep2 timeline. That at least was my impression.

What are you waiting for. Go and play it right now. You won't be disappointed.

The "Black Mesa" of the GoldSrc engine.

I've been playing HL1 mods pretty much my whole life, and this is one of the best I've ever played. The fact that someone can make such a phenomenal mod for a twenty year old game amazes me. The fantastic level design, graphics, and especially the cinematic scripted moments are going to leave an impact on me. Never before has a scripted sequence in the GoldSrc engine left my mouth hanging open like this mod's sequences.


Gameplay: 10/10
Mapping: 1000/10
Storyline: 10/10
Models: 9/10

The Mod is the most impressive thing i ever seen, its Mapping and Lightning is like HL² you would not believe its just Goldsource, it has a good load of puzzles and a good load of funny moments like /SPOILER/ at the end when a alien steals the baby of the gman /SPOILER/

just 9/10 for the models as the Standrd Weapon Models were used :(


Half-life Opposing Force
Half-life Blue Shift
and then Half-life Echoes

What a gold old times games ! This is perfect for the 20 years of Half Life.

Thank you.

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A modern day masterpiece and a mod of the year. Thank you for letting us play through your vision of Black Mesa incident through a different perspective. Perfectly crafted, directed and executed, seeing that someone utilizes the engine to this extent just warms my heart and reminds me of how truly awesome half-life community is. It was a huge, indescribable pleasure to play through this, and we're all as a community can't thank you enough for all your effort and time you put into this awesome project…

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