Doom Slayer Chronicles is the most beautiful and technologically advanced mappack for Doom2 singleplayer. Doom Slayer Chronicles (DSC) compatible with all known gameplay mods for Doom2. The DSC takes advantage of the newest features of gzdoom, such as hardware shaders, full-screen post-processing, PBR textures (normals and specular maps, also often called "bump mapping"), high-resolution textures, and of course dynamic lighting.

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The visuals are brilliant - no doubt about it - but it brings down my powerful machine when I play it on ultra. I wonder what specs do you need to make it work well?

The looks of the mod are simply top-notch, but I was expecting a different and more entertaining gameplay to be honest. After playing it for about 20 minutes, it feels like a good looking "Invasion" mode with less entertaining aspects.

Damn, this was disappointing.

The map design is actually really good, so no complaints there. What I didn't expect, however, were three things, in ascending order of annoyance:

- Bad english. Like, really bad.

- The same repetitive and mediocre battle music seems to play everywhere.

- All the combat is in *annoying waves.* There's no battle without having to pick up a "mystic skull" that then announces THE NEXT WAVE IS COMING!, after which a ridiculous number of monsters spawns in a tiny area. There's a reason that most games shy away of including this kind of wave-based combat in their main games and only have it as an optional minigame or multiplayer mode; it's annoying and repetitive as hell to use as a main game mechanic.

This is a waste of good map-design.

4 points for the visuals.
1 point for basic gameplay.

You know the saying: "Gameplay matters the most".

The mod relies heavily on Arena Wave based gameplay, making it feel very repetitive, and the grammar and english errors, man you should have brought someone to help you with translating stuff.

Pros: Visually appealing and takes advantage of the more impressive tech behind GZDoom

Cons: Repetitive, unoptimized, not consistent, mod compatibility is spotty and may break the game, broken scripted sequences and invisible walls galore.

Until this gets fixed, I can not recommend this mod at its current state.

The gameplay is repetitive, the optimization is terrible, the materials are miserable, but the PR is grandiose ...


TBH it's graphics and atmosphere is the only good thing in this mod (though it could be improved with models usage, those high-res sprites really make everything worse). The gameplay takes the DOOM 2016 arenas concept, which is by itself pretty bad, and makes it even worse by breaking all the immersion. Maybe in future the gameplay changes, but I have no wish to continue playing this after that beginning. If you are looking for fun gameplay that's probably not your choice. It's all about enjoying the atmosphere of it. Maybe it's made for true DOOM 2016 lovers. BTW it has some technical problems, like the default bind for "I" button not working for me. And you need a really good PC to run it, though good performance is not guaranteed because of the engine's limitations.

Good visuals, mediocre gameplay. Will give a 6 for the effort.

-Mod compatibility
-Great visual fidelity

-Story elements, give or take. Read if you want.

-Has bugs! Not all are squashed with version 1.1 IIRC.
-Wave based gameplay, may not appeal to some Doom players.
-Optimization issues.
-Users of Brutal Doom and Project Brutality may find this much harder to play with.

nice graphics
bad gameplay


Definitely has some pros and cons to it, but it's an interesting idea.

- Detailed map design
- Interesting map layouts
- Good atmosphere/sounds

- Poor optimization, doesn't run very well even with lowres settings.
- Suffers from what Doom 4 did, by feeling kind of bland moving from arena to arena. The maps look nice, but they're still just small arenas, not a true map.
- Enemy spawns are kind of rough; some maps have a good variety, others have either too low or too high of spawns in tight quarters that isn't fun to deal with.

Overall I'm kind of disappointed, but I wasn't expecting much since I'm not a fan of Doom 4's level design either. Needs work, but there's potential.

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Gameplay mods compatibility - Yes

Good graphic - Yes

Optimisation - Maybe??

Location - Not bad but buggy

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