G-Man zombies are on the building!. Wake up, take your suit and get out of this hell!. - By Kamil Janda.

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I cannot fathom how Red Mesa managed to inspire a sequel, but here it is. Sitting neatly alongside the original in their own special layer of mod hell, Red Mesa 2 manages to increase the difficulty curve while becoming one of the most annoying experiences of my life.

First off, the sound effects. Right from the off the 2 enemies filling the first few levels, zombies and headcrabs, have had their sounds replaced by some pretty annoying vocals, and while I didn't understand what they were saying it was rather pleasant to shut them up... or not as it seems. On Hard mode there simply is not enough ammunition to take them all on and you have to run by most threads, their hideous garbling never out of earshot. Urgh.

The maps are no better than before, with horrendous architecture, no real design work put into them at all. You go from what I believe to be city streets, to caves, to a gman factory, all of them just huge open hallways with bad lighting. Well, at least it HAS lighting this time.

I think I finished it. 2 killboxes full of grunts and grenadiers with 35HP remaining throughout, before getting kicked to the menu. Also, a lack of autosaves meant I had to play through from the start after dying. That was unforgivable.


Let's just summarize right from the start: If you haven't played this, please don't. Save your brain cells, you might need them later.

I don't see how you could possibly make a sequel to Red Mesa, it was just that bad. It's mostly the same as the first one, but it got worse. Maps don't even make sense, one loading screen in particular went from a large concrete building to something that I seem to remember as vaguely aquatic-looking. Headcrabs and zombies have new sound, those of a foreign 11-year-old saying random things in his native language.

Overall: Inconceivably bad. 0/10. (If that were possible).

Kamil Janda must have a brain ulcer or something, because the idea of creating a sequel to Red Mesa is simply mad.

And here it is, just as bad as it's predecessor. Just go outside and count sand, it's more fun and productive then playing this.


What the hell?


Okay i will admit that this was a minor improvement over it's predecessor. But by minor i mean minor. The maps were abysmal and awfully random once again. Also modelling was shiz once again. But i am totally aggravated with the stupid-*** sounds for the zombies and headcrabs. I mean damn, the developer must have been high on crack. Overall, Red Mesa 2 still crappy but it is better than Red Mesa i'll tell you that!!!


Broken weapon reskins, annoying voices, 5 second long maps, and unbalanced difficulty.

the only good thing about this sequel is the included lighting.

Worst Half-life mod ever!


Worst mod ever 1/10

I'll give you 10/10 this time.

You should make your work better like some mods here.

If you want to make a thr--.

Do you know how to count 1-10?

If you will make a Red Mesa 2 Episode 1.

You should make it clean and perfect.

So that you will get good rating.

Trust me dude it will work.

If Red Mesa Thr---. I mean 2 Episode 1 looks dirty. I will give you 1/10. :) or just don't!

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