Information It's a comical adventure about a Russian scientist - Ravil Unisovich, who unwittingly unleashes a plague of monsters after an unsuccessful experiment. The story takes place between 1986 - 2007 with lots of new locations to visit and new characters to meet. Features Exciting new adventure gameplay 21 new maps with new textures and models New voice acting and music scores created by Scheidenbach band. English and Russian subtitles.

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A rare situation when the last part of series is the best...

There's an 'old adage' that "Ruskys" make some of the best and most 'original' Half-life mods...

Maybe that's actually a "new adage."

Ispitatel is an extremely hilarious, creative, and original "Rusky" Half-life mod. The music is great, the story is and plot is very, very weird......the textures and setting are original.

Great mod. I rate Ispitatel a 9/10.


* great sound and level design.
* but, it has that annoying in-map music which has very low quality and can be too loud at times.
* contains some funny jokes.
* I liked the fact that you could upgrade your maximum health.
* the translation is good, there will be some mistakes though.
* the overall gameplay was very confusing, but unique.
* takes about 50 minutes to complete.

just a strange mod
(played the WON version)


Orzie says

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Unlike previous parts of the Ispitatel series, this mod is really well-designed. The comedy theme is presented really good, and the mapping is way better than in the first two mods, yet the overall atmosphere is probably too much closer to Russian mentality than anything else, so it's a surprise that the mod is so highly rated by worldwide community. No objections though: as a Russian myself, I enjoyed this mod all the way, and never got tired of any of the game stages.

I must pay special attention to that special level with special textures (oh, you'll know when you see it) - the music there fits perfectly and it was a real fun going through it.

There could be a little more variety with the enemies, or a little more challenge with the puzzles, or more funny effects on the character controls when he is dreaming, or, probably, less borrowed assets from PARANOIA, but regardless, this mod is really worth a look and doesn't have any striking disadvantages.


Love this Mod. one of my Favourite Mods of all Time. Love it. Give this one a Go but be Warned...... it's very weird.


K4NERSS says

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Very nice mod very crazy


Лучший отечественный мод :)


Very, very nice

No gameplay in fact, just very good storyline.

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