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Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Where to begin. The story? Well, it's not the most original story, but at least it is fine enough to keep you interested and play until the end. The voice acting wasn't the best part of the mod, especially the protagonist. Some of the dialogue felt very over-acted. I liked how the rebels at the later levels are voiced though.

The gameplay features. I like the inclusion of the ammo-check feature, but it should have been just a HUD notification, hearing the same voice line over and over can get very annoying. Another fun addition was the fact that you lose bullets if you don't empty the mag before reloading. The iron sights implementation is very weak, though. The iron sights toggle is very unresponsive (that even killed me a couple times). Other issue is that while moving around with iron sights on, you still have the "viewmodel bobbing", which makes aiming down the sights impossible (my guess is that it's intentional, because it would make sense if you will lose accuracy while moving). The lack of a HEV suit is a nice touch and I like how it's played out by the narrative part of the mod, but there are some moments that need to be worked out. At the very beginning you are told that you can't use normal combine medkits (small health vials) and health stations, but in the later levels there will be moments where metrocops will drop the same medkits on death and player will be able to use them (this is probably overlooked by developer). This could be easily fixed if in Hammer you set a flag on NPC, that prevents it from spawning a medkit on death.

The level design. It's good for the most part, the maps are nicely detailed with all the props, brushwork, textures, post processing and what not. On the other hand there were moments where I got bored. The prison level wasn't fun to navigate at all. The "trash compactor" level was much more fun with all the vertical movement. The city streets were okay, but not amazing. The city levels felt more like it's more like Ravenholm than City 17, especially with the amount of zombies around. Some areas didn't make any sense at all. The attempts to tie the mod's locations (the prison in particular) to the HL2's locations just look weird and don't really work.

The difficulty. At first the combat with metropolice and combine soldiers can be difficult, but you will get used to it. The amount of enemies is fair enough, given that you don't have a crosshair and gotta use the clunky iron sights, the damage feels to be higher than usual, which can be annoying if you prefer to rush instead of sitting in the cover and take enemies one by one, thankfully they don't charge at you like in vanilla HL2.


[DRRP] Doom RPG Remake Project

Early access mod review - 1 disagree

A faithful recreation of the original mobile game.

There are some quirks and bugs in this mod, but it's still playable. I have played a couple builds already and I'm looking forward for a finished version with all features and locations restored/reimagined.

For the best experience you better play the original Doom RPG for Java first be it on an actual phone or emulator.


Grand Theft Auto Anderius

Mod review may contain spoilers

There are many little things that made me change my mind after years since I played it for the first time, why this mod is good and bad at the same time.

First, let's talk about the bad and get it out of the way, shall we?

Okay, what's bad? Well, the mod borrows too much content and stuff from other games. Most notably the models, characters, plot pieces and dialogue/voice-overs from Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. It felt very bizarre to me to see all that stuff being cramped together into this mod's storyline. There are many models that were simply ported to San Andreas instead of being made from scratch, which lowers the production quality to me (doesn't deny the amount of effort put into this project though).

So, what's next? The original voice acting for CJ in this mod is atrocious. Why couldn't the developers pick someone who at least sounds like CJ from San Andreas instead of that annoying kiddo who was voicing him in this mod? or at least someone who sounds more like an adult and can act. The rest of the voice acting is okay-ish (the original part that wasn't borrowed from other games).

Okay, we're almost done here, what's next? The thing that cannot be avoided in any mod, the bugs.

Many missions are brilliantly designed to say the least, but they are very buggy and tend to ruin the experience sometimes (didn't ruin it for me, because I am not that easy to give up because of a couple crashes or game softlocking itself after you fail a mission). But I understand how difficult it is to program the missions for GTA games with the tools that modders have on their hands. It's not that easy to debug stuff just like that. After all, we don't have access to debugging tools that Rockstar had when they worked on RenderWare era GTAs.

Now, to the goods. The goods in this mod start right when you see the very first cutscene. The cutscenes may look primitive today, but for what San Andreas offered to modders at the time it was a blast to see the actual cutscenes with scripted animations and voice acting, even with bad voice acting at the times it was pretty fresh experience (there are too many GTA mods where all dialogue is just some lame subtitles).

The amount of custom content is stunning. The new map is amazing and well detailed.

Custom missions, side activities, new features, updated pedestrians, vehicles and weapons, all that just shows that developers knew what they were doing and damn they cared. Many missions have quite interesting designs, like I said earlier.

The secrets is another thing that I liked a lot about this mod.

Many references and humor add to the atmosphere.

It was clear that this mod is something in between of sci-fi adventure and comedy-parody kind of thing.

I enjoyed every bit of it, despite the crappy stuff that is in this mod too.


Resident Evil 1 - Roku's cut

Mod review may contain spoilers

At first I was sceptical about this mod, but after beating the final boss fight I changed my mind. It was a blast. This is a very interesting way to re-tell RE1 story with a piece of Half-Life 2 to go along with it, even though at some moments it looked weird, but I guess that's the point.

There is still room for improvement and extra stuff to be added though.

Overall this is a very good work, a lot of effort has been put into this.


Shadow Walker

Mod review may contain spoilers

Very interesting concept. Reminded me of SCP-106 at some point. The way shadow people travel using these black portals is very well done. Though, custom NPCs could use some custom animations instead of default hl2 citizen ones.



Early access mod review

Very promising. Looking forward for more chapters.


Dark Interval

Early access mod review - 4 agree - 2 disagree

Dark Interval feels like a completely new game. Amazing atmosphere. The attention to the details is top notch.

Compared to initial demo release, the new version has a lot of improvements. The main and biggest improvements are choreographed scenes, proper introduction sequence and some nice gameplay similiar to Valve's style.

What makes this mod stand out is that besides using Valve's scrapped storyline and concepts the rest in Dark Interval is completely new content never seen in other Beta mods before.


Dead Epidemic

Mod review

One of the best zombie mods out there. It has that B Movies feel to it, which adds to the experience.



Mod review - 1 disagree

Finally got time to play this mod and I will say it was worth playing.

What's good:

1. The mapping. The most favorite level was the subway. Also the mansion was pretty good too.

2. The weapon models and new features added to some of them. (My personal favorites are M16, "Lever Action Rifle" and Revolver). These are the only weapons that may come in handy at the final battle imo.

3. I like the characters, they got personality. Not many mods come with well written dialogue and characters.

4. The playtime length. It's short, but ends at the right point so it doesn't get boring.

5. The ending. The final invasion scene was pretty epic. I loved that.

6. The atmosphere of the world being invaded by the aliens. It's very close to the original Half-Life, but is even better because it's not limited by just Black Mesa complex, though the city kinda feels a bit empty, but it's Source. You cannot have too many NPCs on a single level without the engine wetting itself.

What's bad:

1. The technical problems.

Well, that's the thing that I had to deal with during the whole playtime I spent on this mod. My first launch wasn't very nice, but still was okay because I can handle a couple of missing textures and models. First I played the "Crash Course" level and there was already a lot of missing models and materials, most of which were from HL2 Episode Two content base. I had mod installed with all needed patches before playing it so I have no idea why it was like that. I didn't install "Rogue Train" Patch before I reached the final levels. I passed the Mansion level and left the game for a couple of days and then game refused to launch after that. So I installed Rouge Train Patch and it worked again (Episode Two content also got back), but most of the features and weapons now were broken. The fire rate of most weapons went back to HL2 smg1 and iron sights became completely useless...

2. The weapon sound effects (Draw/Handling/Reloading etc). In my opinion this mod could have used a better sounds for weapons. I spent additional time to replace most of the weapon sounds with the ones I made for personal use like a small custom patch.

3. Weakness of some weapons. For me it's very weird why Pistol can't kill headcrab in one shot. It takes 4 bullets to take one down. The mp5 and pistol become useless near to the final levels because you will use m16 and sniper weapons most of the time. The melee weapons also could be better because they are useless aganist fast enemies. I got killed 3 times by a single fast headcrab because I tried to kill it with extremely slow crowbar. But it still is a good weapon aganist other enemies though.

4. The Boss Helicopter!
The most annoying enemy in any game..

On the final note, I want to say that although it was buggy and had annoying moments, I still enjoyed playing it.

Overall it's a good mod worth your attention. Especially if you're Half-Life fan.


Zombie Master

Mod review

Zombie Master is my favorite mod for HL2. Unfortunately it is not so popular as before. Don't let it die. This mod has a very good community although that there are many furries and trolls.

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