Continuation of the adventures of Carl Johnson. But on another planet called Anderius. Absolutely new city (location) - Alien City - Konopolis - Alkolkvin - Los Monstros - Red mutant Town - Little Neksiko - Fun City West Replaced almost all models of pedestrians and vehicles. You will expect more than 60 missions, more than 60 race tracks and more. Modification positioned as funny insane. So do not be surprised stupid walk of pedestrians, a new animation appearing on the streets maniac with a shotgun, opportunities to play basketball at car, play guitar, smokin, and many others game features.

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Awsone but the missions are very hard

I cant pass the second one


Best SA mod for me.


Diet-Coke says

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There are many little things that made me change my mind after years since I played it for the first time, why this mod is good and bad at the same time.

First, let's talk about the bad and get it out of the way, shall we?

Okay, what's bad? Well, the mod borrows too much content and stuff from other games. Most notably the models, characters, plot pieces and dialogue/voice-overs from Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. It felt very bizarre to me to see all that stuff being cramped together into this mod's storyline. There are many models that were simply ported to San Andreas instead of being made from scratch, which lowers the production quality to me (doesn't deny the amount of effort put into this project though).

So, what's next? The original voice acting for CJ in this mod is atrocious. Why couldn't the developers pick someone who at least sounds like CJ from San Andreas instead of that annoying kiddo who was voicing him in this mod? or at least someone who sounds more like an adult and can act. The rest of the voice acting is okay-ish (the original part that wasn't borrowed from other games).

Okay, we're almost done here, what's next? The thing that cannot be avoided in any mod, the bugs.

Many missions are brilliantly designed to say the least, but they are very buggy and tend to ruin the experience sometimes (didn't ruin it for me, because I am not that easy to give up because of a couple crashes or game softlocking itself after you fail a mission). But I understand how difficult it is to program the missions for GTA games with the tools that modders have on their hands. It's not that easy to debug stuff just like that. After all, we don't have access to debugging tools that Rockstar had when they worked on RenderWare era GTAs.

Now, to the goods. The goods in this mod start right when you see the very first cutscene. The cutscenes may look primitive today, but for what San Andreas offered to modders at the time it was a blast to see the actual cutscenes with scripted animations and voice acting, even with bad voice acting at the times it was pretty fresh experience (there are too many GTA mods where all dialogue is just some lame subtitles).

The amount of custom content is stunning. The new map is amazing and well detailed.

Custom missions, side activities, new features, updated pedestrians, vehicles and weapons, all that just shows that developers knew what they were doing and damn they cared. Many missions have quite interesting designs, like I said earlier.

The secrets is another thing that I liked a lot about this mod.

Many references and humor add to the atmosphere.

It was clear that this mod is something in between of sci-fi adventure and comedy-parody kind of thing.

I enjoyed every bit of it, despite the crappy stuff that is in this mod too.

A very creative total conversion with good missions! The only problem is that it needs a good english translation.


Oman07 says

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The lot of effort is done on this modification. I've never seen such grand and super modification of any GTA game before, this modification is obviously amazing!.New map,cars,peds,modification and all other thing makes the game great and grand!

The missions made by the author of GTA Anderius are amazing, the map too. Infact, I enjoy playing GTA Anderius more than the real GTA SA.


I give the lowest rate because of missions , its a Russian mod (if im not wrong) ,so i recommend (to Russians) to drink less amount of vodka or even better stop drinking that **** ...

Best, TC Mod for GTA San Andreas Ever. You need to be apart of RockstarĀ© to do some cool stuff like that.


The mod is a GTA:SA total conversion mod in the truest sense of the term. Every map detail, vehicle, ped, etc, is modelled with such attention to detail, and to the style of the mod. Humor everywhere. On top of all that, the mod is packed with extremely clever mission scripting; honestly the largest, most cleverly scripted world I've ever seen in the GTA modding scene.

An unbelievable mod. 10/10 without doubt.

this mod is let down by the lack of updates

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