When I woke up, a few minutes later, I was alone in what was left of my apartment. In a quick stroke I had just lost the two only people that are important to me..

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nice puzzle,nice atmosphere,i hope the rest of the story

This was the most beautiful demo i have ever played, although the gameplay was short, the environments were detailed and matched the atmosphere, the custom textures were cool, i like the new HUD and the menu as well, and the few combat moments we had were totally worth it, the PPK (i think is that the name) was a nice idea and implementing a secondary aim system to it was even better, the puzzles were reasonable and those bland flashbacks were actually immersive and work fine as an introduction to the plot line, my only suggestion is to do something about the flashlight, it is cute the way it is but once you get close to an object it messes up with the light's geometry.


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I have just played the demo and loved it. The puzzles were great and the little combat I have played was very good and difficult.

I really don't like it. It is like running from 7382457896534289672345 striders with 1 HP. I died so soon!

The demo itself was rather short and unlike some people here, I rather liked the musical touches in the mod as well as the puzzles.

While there wasn't any explanation for what I was doing in the mod, I liked the atmosphere and the level design was intricately detailed.

It is unlikely that the whole mod will be released, but the demo is not bad at all :)


Design was good, the puzzles were okay I guess, but there was no in-game explaination of anything. The default controls were terrible. I didn't like the new music much, and it was short. I still had no idea what was going on. But it's just a demo so whatever. :/


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