When I woke up, a few minutes later, I was alone in what was left of my apartment. In a quick stroke I had just lost the two only people that are important to me...

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ivylemy says

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I genuinely can't believe it took them this long to make this when most of the models are bought and the level design is that bad.

Mod took me ~45 minutes to finish, and is nowhere near 2-4 hours. It feels like they tried to turn half-life 2 into a cover-based shooter and it fails miserably.

Generally, the levels and combat feel incredibly unplaytested - and obviously I don't expect valve level playtesting or anything, but they could have at the very least shown a few friends the mod to see how it played, but seemingly not because 80% of the puzzles are genuinely confusing and not intuitive whatsoever.

Manual save and quicksave is disabled for some reason - another comment here said it was to push the player to the next checkpoint without the need of manual saving - which is really stupid when the combat is so poorly done that if you die in three hits to a CP your checkpoint is 5+ minutes back.

As for the story... I never expect much, but the ending was incredibly unsatisfying - seeing the boat made me excited that something new was going to happen, but it just ended on an dull note.

Overall the mod was hard to play at times and I wouldn't recommend spending time on it. It does it's fair share of good things, and some of the levels look pretty, but the gameplay drags it down so far that it's unbearable. If you decide to play it - I wish you good luck.

I want to give this mod a higher rating, I really do. The quality of mapping from a scale and detail point of view puts it at a 10/10, it's nearly everything else that drags it down.

For starters, having no sprint in itself isn't a bad thing... However when you have large sections of the mod focus on platforming, it is. Platforming in Source is already quite basic and a bit cumbersome, take away the sprint and it's just plain painful and un-fun.

Secondly, player direction is quite abysmal. I've been playing games for most of my life, and HL2 mods for over a decade, and I often got incredibly tired and frustrated simply trying to figure out what I need to do and where to go next. I did find out that I got stuck due to a bug in one area, where certain control pads wouldn't be activated until all the enemies in the area are dead, and one enemy must have somehow gotten stuck where they couldn't reach the player. One particular area where I got lost is in the garbage compactor area, which highlighted both the terrible focus on the wonky "parkour", as well as the lack of a clear path for the player to follow.

Now for the nit picky stuff. The subtitles aren't written very well, with numerous mistakes in many lines, and there is often dialogue that is said quite awkwardly, and clearly not written by a native English speaker. Why the voice actors didn't just fix it themselves when recording, I don't know, when most, if not all the voice actors seem to be native speakers.

In summary. Beautiful maps to look at, with mostly sub-par level design from a gameplay perspective, lot of player direction issues.


Where to begin. The story? Well, it's not the most original story, but at least it is fine enough to keep you interested and play until the end. The voice acting wasn't the best part of the mod, especially the protagonist. Some of the dialogue felt very over-acted. I liked how the rebels at the later levels are voiced though.

The gameplay features. I like the inclusion of the ammo-check feature, but it should have been just a HUD notification, hearing the same voice line over and over can get very annoying. Another fun addition was the fact that you lose bullets if you don't empty the mag before reloading. The iron sights implementation is very weak, though. The iron sights toggle is very unresponsive (that even killed me a couple times). Other issue is that while moving around with iron sights on, you still have the "viewmodel bobbing", which makes aiming down the sights impossible (my guess is that it's intentional, because it would make sense if you will lose accuracy while moving). The lack of a HEV suit is a nice touch and I like how it's played out by the narrative part of the mod, but there are some moments that need to be worked out. At the very beginning you are told that you can't use normal combine medkits (small health vials) and health stations, but in the later levels there will be moments where metrocops will drop the same medkits on death and player will be able to use them (this is probably overlooked by developer). This could be easily fixed if in Hammer you set a flag on NPC, that prevents it from spawning a medkit on death.

The level design. It's good for the most part, the maps are nicely detailed with all the props, brushwork, textures, post processing and what not. On the other hand there were moments where I got bored. The prison level wasn't fun to navigate at all. The "trash compactor" level was much more fun with all the vertical movement. The city streets were okay, but not amazing. The city levels felt more like it's more like Ravenholm than City 17, especially with the amount of zombies around. Some areas didn't make any sense at all. The attempts to tie the mod's locations (the prison in particular) to the HL2's locations just look weird and don't really work.

The difficulty. At first the combat with metropolice and combine soldiers can be difficult, but you will get used to it. The amount of enemies is fair enough, given that you don't have a crosshair and gotta use the clunky iron sights, the damage feels to be higher than usual, which can be annoying if you prefer to rush instead of sitting in the cover and take enemies one by one, thankfully they don't charge at you like in vanilla HL2.


This is a very well made mod that has a very unique mechanic that i haven't seen in any other Half life mod, where you have to check the magazine to see how many bulets you have left, usually the main character Adam would either say that it's full ,halfway and almost empty, andi found that to be really cool, the voice acting is also good in my opinion and so is the gameplay, but somewhere halfway trought the game it becomes a lot more focused on the platforming and here's where i had a problem with this mod, you can't sprint at all, and that made the platforming a lot more difficult than it needed to be, so that's why i lowered the score, also the mod is really short it will take you around an hour depending on how good are you at half life games, and the ending just kinda comes out of nowhere, it just shows the credits and then ti says Logistique Act 1 which it never mentions act 1 on the moddb page. With all that in mind this is a very well made half life 2 modification with some fresh new ideas and an unique mechanic that's why i give this mod a 7/10, i definitely reccomend anyone who is looking for a new mod for Half-Life.


Let's talk about the map visual this was most quality design map can compare to other best mod, from the combat environments and atmosphere all was good.

Now the cons for this mod is the no sprint when you have play in large sections like citadel's are lot platform jumping and when lack at sprint the player must do crouch jump everytime from that is quite hard challenge and un-fun. Other thing some area this mod are look like a dead end when first time i play i got stuck in several time in garbage compactor area, which the most frustrating part of the experience of jumping thing.

In summary. The maps design beautiful to look at, good flashback and combat as well, weapon are bit slow at ADS, gameplay need work [I know you guys had 11 years to works] but i hope the act 2 wouldn't be 11 years 8/10


corvovd says

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-Quality map design
-Voice acting (though sometimes pretty wobbly)
-No Hud and the fact that you have to constantly check your ammo and mags
-The citadel jumping around sequence was tedious
-The battery puzzle; even the protagonist is complaining

NB: At the very end when meeting the rebels; the character that's speaking to you mentions the wife even though the protagonist never told anyone about her which sorta put me off at the very end of Act 1.

Nevertheless it was quite the experience and I really enjoyed it 8/10

The level design is brilliant visually however its not very intutive to navigate the lack of sprint is just annoying particularly due to there featuring a lot of platform jumping that you can only just make with the crouch jump. Also the time to switch to iron sights is far too slow making the fast zombie not a good enemy choice for this game among other improvements that could be made such as a lean function. In short Gameplay wise it needs alot of work. Visuals and Atmosphere wise its good some areas even match hl2 or better than. Some kind of a run function would improve things alot though doesn't have to be the really fast hl2 sprint but running would improve the slugish pace and jumping most of which was the most frustrating part of the experience for me.


Great mod, have potentials. But the level design is a bit wacky at the beginning. I don't think that new, normal players would've got past that kind of puzzle. But thanks for the mod, it has a lot of details put into it.

But please, overhaul the first 4 puzzles or players will going to ragequit at this. Also make the gun stay 'idle'(i mean, don't move at all), and do not sway when ADS. Thank you.


Mapping both gameplay and aesthetic wise are okay, I've seen better and seen worse. The story, which is interesting, drives the modification, for the gameplay is subpar; Platforming puzzles/gameplay without sprint is absurd. Enemies spawning and shooting at your back in sections which you just cleared is bad design. Looping sections (read fetch the item gameplay) are boring because in the second run no new gameplay elements/environmental changes (except for new headcrabs) are introduced.
Voice acting and new music are good for mod-standards, although the mag-check voice lines get annoying after a few times.
Overall; a generic okay, not good and not bad either.


Сложные непонятные загадки, дизайн и атмосфера лично мне не по вкусу, но качественный маппинг, огромный плюс, что в игру попытались добавить сюжет(что огромная редкость для модов), но, к сожалению, не довели дело до конца, так как мод заканчивается ни на чём и видения ни к чему не приводят, пока 7, но если выйдет продолжение, то, возможно, оценка будет выше.

Complex incomprehensible riddles, design and atmosphere are not to my taste personally, but high-quality mapping, a huge plus is that developers tried to add a plot to the game(which is a huge rarity for mods), but, unfortunately, they did not finish it, since the mod ends with nothing and visions lead nowhere, so for now, the score is 7, but if a continuation is released, the score may be higher.

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Where to begin. The story? Well, it's not the most original story, but at least it is fine enough to keep you interested and play until the end. The voice acting wasn't the best part of the mod, especially the protagonist. Some of the dialogue felt very over-acted. I liked how the rebels at the later levels are voiced though. The gameplay features. I like the inclusion of the ammo-check feature, but it should have been just a HUD notification, hearing the same voice line over and over can get very…

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