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FakeFactory Cinematic - The mod that could, but didn't.

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Now i don't regularly write blogs and stuff but this is a special one.Be advised i only know very basic grammar in English, so don't go grammar on me.Now let us start the train wreck that is FakeFactory.
Now this is what FakeFactory Cinematic mod is suppost to be the following

"Imagine, a Hollywood producer got his hands on the game. The result would be similar to what the Cinematic Mod is: a graphics blockbuster, redesigned to the typical game to movie adaption with an orchestral soundtrack and beautiful people everywhere. "

Cinematic mod isn't really what it thinks it is.Cinematic is more like a good idea that decided around its adolescence to go in the way of Drugs, sex and rock n' roll.Sadly only the drug part actually happened.
Don't get me wrong, when Cinematic was very young, it was good.It never did silly thing and change himself all the way to 4096x everywhere.But then he started growing up.He learnt he can be 4096x, but it was dangerous.Around this time cinematic had hit the high mark in his development.He became a pervert.Cinematic wasn't the normal boy he used to be with a few pimples on his face.The drugs got to him and started to destroy his teeth and face.He was being eaten from inside.

The drugs were still fueling him and his weird perverted mind go him.He began to destroy himself.He became shunned.Only a few of his friends who deal him his dosage and his like minded friends follow him around.Banished from all the public places, he made a home for himself in a junk yard.It was abandoned, so he could invite all his friends to share the drugs they had.The abuse was too much, his mind collapsed and he became insane.The fantasies in his mind went to nightmares and all the things he had became waste.
Now lets enter the mind of cinematic.We will study him and see what we can know about him.

Why, who is this ? He is dressed pretty weird.I don't remember him in Half Life 2.Oh, hold on, is this...Barney ? MY GOD ! What have they done to you ?!
Hopefully Alyx is around.I still remember her, she was quite pretty.Especially in the 4th one.That was a very nice touch...Remember ?

Hold on... i think i can hear something.Alyx ? Alyx !? ALYX !

*deep breath*
Okay, calm down, guy.It's okay.Gman will teleport us out of here.
Maybe that bloke over there will know where Gman is.
Excuse me, sir, do you... ? Do you remember me ? ?
No, i must go.Nothing can be done.
*Teleporting out*
Cinematic destroyed himself.He was a young sweet boy with much vision in his eyes but the 4096x drugs and his mind got the best of him.He was still artistic in his ability to build a feel in a sandbox, but his interpretation of the human look was gone.He wasn't what he used to be.As he aged, his metabolism became bigger.He became fat and ugly.Now, almost no one liked him.He had a few guys come around him and express that he should change but he was still ignorant of his ways.
Cinematic still didn't understand himself.He needed to change everything.He changed himself completely every time he got his dose.It was starting to get crazy, but his drug buddies kept agreeing with him and that is what kept him going.He started to sexualize women and men.It wasn't normal, regular Alyx or anyone else.It was plastic men who he colored with paint he found at the junk yard.

Everyone started getting scared.He wasn't going insane, he was insanity.The mind that was so precious to him was now gone.Everything that was done him was awful.Due to him also not being a very social person, he didn't know how a regular person looked.All he knew what his mind was sending him.
While he has survived this long, we don't know when will Cinematic fall.Maybe one day he will be rescued by some stranger or maybe he will just forget to wake up.
But that was the story of Cinematic, the mdo that could, but didn't.
It's wierd how i wanted to make a casual and laid back review of cinematic which turned into a small story of cinematic, the mod that failed to achieve.When i started writing i somehow derailed the review and just made a interesting short story that i based on a story my histroy teacher told us to summarize World War 1.It was quite a funny one, but this one isn't meant to be.
So remember modders, don't be Cinematic, be yourself and don't try to over achieve, you will just destroy yourself.

Gameplay or Graphics.Gameplay DUUH

itsjustguy Blog 7 comments

Gameplay or Graphics. Gameplay DUUH

Nathzee - The n00b Effect (a rant about gameplay over graphics and story.)
By now you probably know what i am talking about.Many mods i've seen have good maps, but there just plain shooters with some dialog and gameplay.No puzzles or anything that challanges the developers/coders.
Lets start with some examples.

Exhibit A : Modular Combat

This game sacrifices amazing models and beutifull maps for what ? Gameplay.This is something VALVe has done for years.But they have amazing graphics also.Why ? They have a massive company with expert coders and level designers.Mod/Idea groups don't have this extra.
Next exhibit.

Exhibit B : Coven

Probably the best sacrifice of models and maps.This mod is probably the best example of new gameplay features never done before.It's one of the best mods i've played.Why ? because it's amazing gameplay with something that "Graphic" mods don't have is this.Fun.
A graphic mod doesn't have the same level of fun as a gameplay mod.If someone has played coven he WILL understand that.(If your gonna play coven get a group of friends.It's an amazing experience.)
Also i would like to talk about HLSS(Half Life Short Stories) Mod.

Mod : Human Error

In this mod it uses the regular mapping but with some amazing gameplay mechanics.Like using a controlable manhack.This leads to some great puzzles to be done.Also driving an APC down the road while shooting rebels is also amazingly fun.And that my friends is a Gameplay mod.Now on to the Graphical mods.

Graphical Mods

Whats obvious about the title.Graphics.The mods that look nice but don't do anything new to create a new kind of gameplay mechanics.Now let's get some exhibits.

Exhibit A : Neotokyo

Why is this a graphical mod ? We'll its simple.It doesn't challenge any gameplay mechanics.
At the end of the day its just a boring mod with some guns, changed running speed and night vision.
Invisiblity isn't challanging, it's something done and done again.The models maybe are beutifull but i got bored of it in 2 days.

Mods with gameplay like Research and Development are one of the best examples of Gameplay mods without beutifull maps.But your thinking about those screenshots.That's just the Orange Box engine in work.

You probably are gonna curse me about that amazing puzzle room.Those orange and blue sparkling things(Forgot there name).That's some scripting and particles.

Exhibit B : Kingdoms Collide

Why ? This is not anything new.It's rather the worst experience i have had with mods.This mod isn't something i'd like to play due to it's repetative combat.It's just a bad balanced mod and a combination of reality boring gameplay mechanics.I haven't had fun playing this mod.Sorry but it's just not that good.

Exhibit C : Golden Eye Source

Why this ? Even thought its a recreation it still doesn't challange any mechanics.I've actuallity don't seen why just not get a emulator and a ROM for Golden Eye 64.It's probably more fun and has a single player experience that is fun.GE:S is repetetive in multiplayer and has little fun.That's why i stopped playing in the first day.It's yet another model with nice engine optimization and pretty models and maps.If someone can tell me why it's fun i will understand unless you rant about my rant.

Closing part and a few extras

I'd just like to give a small shout out to the little gameplay mods that try so much but don't get anyone on them.Start getting these mods.There 50x the fun.
Jailbreak : Source
Some cool gameplay with a fun personality behind it.

A unique concept that proves its point.

Resistance & Liberation
A great mod with great mechanics and some fun teamwork and gunplay.

Half-Life 2: Wars
Probably the standing out mod here.It's a FPS turned into a RTS.Creating a unique game using the Orange Box engine.

And any other mods i haven't meationed that have amazing gameplay mechanics in exchange of graphics.

Wanna know a interesting fact ? I never wanted a cool looking blog. Why ? I made an amazing writing over a cool looking format.Words are more needed then looks.

Additional things that just came into my head.
Have you ever played Team Fortress 2 ? Left 4 Dead 1/2 ? or even Portal ? You will understand what i am saying.Even thought they have great graphics.That's because it's not a mod.A mod has a small development group.Yet those games have a massive team of art directors, level designers and coders.Now that you understand why the small groups must make these choices.
Remember a 3 hour amazing gameplay experience is rather better then a pretty game with the standart.shoot, kill, die, respawn, repeat (S.Ki.Di.R.R).Remember these things.If you ever are gonna want to make a VALVe leveled game.These are the thing you will probably think of.

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